Quiz for the New year 2021 with answers: new year’s eve

The new year’s holiday is not only delicious treats and gifts, but also a special mood, bright emotions and fun games. Diversify the scenario of the celebration for the new year 2021 will help the new year’s quiz, interesting tasks for which (with answers) you will find in our article.

To organize the game, you will need to create cards with questions or a presentation with the ability to randomly open slides.

Quiz for the New year 2021 with answers: new year's eve

Quiz for kids

Contests and fun games are an integral part of any children’s holiday. We offer to diversify the leisure time of restless people by asking them to give answers to quiz questions about the New year 2021, its symbol, everyone’s favorite heroes and other characters that are inextricably linked with their favorite holiday.

  1. Who brings gifts in the New Year?(Santa Claus)
  2. Where was the Christmas tree born?(in the forest)
  3. In winter-a star, in spring-water?(snowflake)
  4. The magic wand of Santa Claus?(staff)
  5. Candy that will from the Snow Queen?(icicle)
  6. Who is the most elegant on the new year’s holiday?(Christmas tree)
  7. Favorite dance of the snow Maiden?(round dance)
  8. Soft, fluffy, cold winter “pillows”?(snow drifts)
  9. Does a cat, a dog, or a Christmas tree have it?(paw)
  10. A winter artist who paints patterns on glass?(frost)
  11. How many days are there in December?(31 days)
  12. What month will come after the chimes strike?(January)
  13. Why does Santa Claus give extra gifts?(a rhyme or song)
  14. Where does Santa Claus live?(Veliky Ustyug)
  15. The Queen who lives in the North?(The Snow Queen)
  16. How many winter months are there in a year?(three)
  17. What happened yesterday and will happen tomorrow?(today)
  18. Santa Claus ‘ brother living in Lapland?(Santa Claus)
  19. In which country is Santa Claus is Joulupukki?(in Finland)
  20. A suspicious gray person trotting past a Christmas tree?(the wolf)
  21. A winter sculpture that kids love to make out of snow?(snowman)
  22. Who will be the symbol of 2021 on the Eastern calendar?(bull)
  23. Who was the symbol of the outgoing 2020 Eastern calendar?(rat)
  24. Santa Claus Transport?(three horses)
  25. Santa Claus Transport?(sleigh with reindeer)
  26. Favorite cold treat of Santa Claus and the snow Maiden?(ice cream)
  27. The name of the boy who was stolen by the snow Queen?(Kai)
  28. The name of the girl from the fairy tale “the snow Queen”?(Gerda)
  29. Winter fights?(playing in the snow)
  30. Covers rivers and lakes with the arrival of winter?(ice)

Quiz for the New year 2021 with answers: new year's eve

Another interesting version of an exciting and informative quiz for children for the New Year 2021 is the game “Believe / I don’t believe it.” Children are given two cards each. These can be “Yes” and “no” answers, or “red” and “green” cards. You can also use one image with a “like” image, which the guys will turn over depending on whether they agree with the statement or not.

All questions start with the standard phrase: “Do you agree that for the New Year…»

This can be followed by such interesting facts of the new year’s theme:

  1. … is it customary in Italy to open doors in homes?(Yes)
  2. … is there a tradition in London of bathing in the fountain of Trafalgar square?(Yes)
  3. … is it customary in Denmark to break all the dishes from the new year’s table?(none)
  4. …in Japan, it is understood to go to bed immediately after the bell announces the arrival of the New Year, striking 108 times?(Yes)
  5. … in Austria, they believe that under the chiming clock, you must have time to write a wish on a napkin and eat a piece of it?(none)
  6. … is it customary to congratulate Pets in Belgium?(Yes)
  7. … in Sudan, people go to the river in the hope of seeing a crocodile, which promises happiness for the whole year?(none)
  8. …in Amsterdam, everyone tries to visit the ice rink on December 31, as it promises happiness in the coming year?(Yes)
  9. … is it customary to serve garlic with honey in Hungary?(Yes)
  10. … the Olivier salad is named after the American chef who first served this dish to the king?(no, it was a Frenchman)
  11. … in Spain, Santa Claus is called Tagi Noel?(Yes)
  12. … do all countries celebrate the holiday in winter?(no, for example, it’s summer in Australia at this time of year)
  13. … in Australia, instead of a Christmas tree, they put a metrosideros tree blooming with large red flowers, and in Cuba – a palm tree?(Yes)
  14. … in Nicaragua, houses are decorated with sprigs of the coffee tree?(Yes)

Quiz for the New year 2021 with answers: new year's eve

Quiz for adults

No less fun can be a new year’s quiz at a corporate party on the occasion of the meeting of 2021. You can also diversify a party with friends and relatives with such a contest.

  1. Weapons and the size of a 1.5 litre champagne bottle?(Magnum)
  2. A country where the New Year is celebrated in the summer?(Australia)
  3. Who will congratulate the most people on new year’s eve?(President)
  4. What did Winter salt in the tub?(snowflakes)
  5. Who is the song talking about: “I went hunting, forged silver, planted a thin moon in a crystal bucket…”?(Winter)
  6. The main new year’s drink?(Champagne)
  7. Who doesn’t need a “neither winter nor summer” diet?(the Christmas tree, because it “was slender both in winter and summer»)
  8. A piece of furniture that became the first new year’s scene for many children?(stool)
  9. In what movie was the “Fun to celebrate New year’s eve” installation given?(carnival night)
  10. Which Saint became the prototype of the beloved Santa Claus?(St. Nicholas)
  11. Folk choruses that have long been performed during the Yuletide period?(carols)
  12. In which country can you celebrate the New Year 10 or even more times a year?(in India, as each state has its own date of celebration)
  13. What word did Kai collect for the Snow Queen?(forever)
  14. What month has immortalized the memory of Caesar?(July)
  15. Which American composer created the “music calendar”?(Tchaikovsky)
  16. Which country has such month names in its calendar as: “friendship month”, “end of business month”, “change of clothes month”?(in Japan)
  17. How do they call a Cambodian Santa Claus?(Baba Zhara)
  18. What is customary to throw in the new year’s hearth in China to scare away evil spirits?(bamboo, it makes a distinctive hiss)
  19. The Birthplace Of Santa Claus?(Veliky Ustyug)
  20. In what country is Santa Claus depicted with a white beard, but tanned, in swimming trunks and a cap with a pompom?(in Australia)

Quiz for the New year 2021 with answers: new year's eve

Questions about the 2021 Bull symbol

To diversify the scenario for the New Year 2021, as well as interesting to beat the new symbol of the coming year (White Metal Bull) will help fun quiz ” Famous Bulls “( with answers).

By answering questions, guests will be able to learn more about famous people born in the year of the bull (recall that the symbol is repeated every 12 years, which means that they were previously such). 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009).

Questions for the quiz:

  1. A great actor, remembered by everyone for his silent roles and excellent tap dancing.(Charlie Chaplin)
  2. An outstanding American commander, who is most often depicted as one-eyed.(Kutuzov)
  3. The world’s first woman to fly into space.(Valentina Tereshkova)
  4. American fabulist, author of the fable about the crow and cheese.(Krylov)
  5. Author of the children’s favorite fairy tale “Mowgli”.(R. Kipling)
  6. The iron lady.(Marguerite Thatcher)
  7. A film Director from the United States, who created many bright children’s cartoons, gave rise to the creation of a great Corporation and an amusement Park.(Walt Disney)
  8. The actor who played Shurik in the Comedy of the same name by Gaidai.(A. Demyanenko)
  9. The author of such characters as Sylvester, the donkey, the monkey of Anfisa.(E. Uspensky)
  10. A poet who wrote the lyrics to the national anthem, as well as poems about “uncle Styopa”.(S. Mikhalkov)
  11. World-famous American ballerina.(Maya Plisetskaya)
  12. “Prima Donna” of the national stage.(Alla Pugacheva)

You can simplify the task by providing the guests with a list of famous personalities in advance (of course, it should contain at least 5 extra answers).

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