Purim in 2021

Religious and secular Jews and those interested in the history of Israel, will celebrate Purim in 2021. This day is especially significant for the Jewish people, as it involves a legend about the salvation of the Jews living in Persia during the reign of king Ahasuerus. Purim is the embodiment of faith in God and justice. It is celebrated by festivities, carnival processions, which are attended by people of all ages.

The official date of the celebration (the year 2021) falls on Tuesday March 10. For those who are far from religious teachings, celebration is associated with food, fireworks, cheerful procession through the city streets, friendly get-togethers. However, for people religious Purim, starts at number 10, March 9, immediately after sunset. At this time I decided to pray, to read the book of Esther.

Purim in 2021

In accordance with the Gregorian calendar date of the celebration shifted every year, so it needs to track in advance. But, according to the Jewish calendar, days, accounting for the celebration, remain unchanged from year to year.

Attention! Purim on the Jewish calendar celebrated every year on 14th and 15th of the month Adar.

For the cities of Shushan and Jerusalem, the feast starts on the 15th of Adar (10 March according to the Gregorian calendar) and is called Shushan Purim. If the 15 Adar falls on Sabbath, the holiday is considered for three days: Friday evening to Sunday. This event is called Purim Meshulash (Triple).

The history of the holiday

The history of the holiday is associated with the heroism of the Jewish girl Esther (Esther). She, being an orphan, was brought up in the house of a relative of Mordechai, who was the spiritual leader of the Jewish immigrants, who lived in ancient times on the territory of the Persian Empire. One day the king Ahasuerus, furious at his wife, decided to find her replacement. An order was issued to bring to the Palace all the beautiful girls, of which Artaxerxes had to choose a new spouse.

Esther, despite the efforts of relatives to hide her from the guards, appeared in the Palace and liked the king of Persia. Mordecai regularly visited the girl, advised her to hide their origin.

Purim in 2021

The painting “Esther before Ahasuerus”,(Nicolas Poussin)

In the reign of Artaxerxes the special power possessed Haman, Prime Minister of the Empire. He was so wealthy and influential that he imagines himself a God and demanded from the public worship. As a spiritual leader of his people, Mordecai could not bow down before man, because Judaism forbids the worship of anyone except God. His refusal to acknowledge Haman’s God, he aroused the hatred of the Prime Minister. Since he was looking for a way to destroy not only Mordecai himself but the whole of his people. So, one day, Haman persuaded the king to sign a decree about the extermination of the Jews. To set the date of the massacre, he cast lots (“PUR”), which fell on the 13th Adar.

Learning of this, Esther, before going to the king with a request for clemency, asking the brethren to fast and pray with her three days. After that, she made a feast for a spouse, in which he promised to fulfill her every wish. Esther asked the king about the salvation of his people. To cancel the original decree was impossible, but he added the permission to the Jews to defend themselves, which helped to save the nation from extinction. Since then, Purim has been celebrated annually as a day to preserve the nation from destruction, as a day of physical survival of the Jewish people.

The customs associated with the holiday

Purim in 2021 will be celebrated traditionally:

  • Nachninaetsya with reading the book of Esther, the Babylonian and the Jerusalem Talmud.
  • After the “spiritual food”, loved ones, neighbors, colleagues buy cakes, sweets.
  • Then will come the time to distribute gifts to the poor, to all those who are in need.
  • Continuing the celebration was the short reading of the Torah.
  • Instruction will end with a cheerful feast, performances, carnival.

Purim in 2021

During Purim it is forbidden to wear mourning, to fasting, to conduct litigation. This time the joy of salvation that you can share not only with those whom you know but also with strangers. It is believed that Purim binding. Treat him with great reverence, always celebrated on large scale.

Attention! During the celebration there is a “moment of silence” when commemorate the souls of relatives who have left this world.

The celebration is accompanied by copious feast, which may last a few days. It is not forbidden to drink wine. On this holiday bake special pies are triangular in shape with the poppy filling. In many communities arrange performances of humorous dress-up, funny masks.

Purim in 2021

Decided to treat the neighbors and those who live far away. For this purpose, they just send delicacies and gastronomic delights couriers. It is believed that such a gesture strengthens friendly relations among people, promotes peace convergence. Poor distribute not only food but also clothes and money. For those who are experiencing financial difficulties, need serious help, organize a fundraiser.

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