Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

The Internet already has a derived calendar for 2021, according to which Americans can determine public holidays. It reflects all working days, weekends and holidays planned in 2021, which were determined taking into account the norms of the Labor Code of the American Federation. The draft document contains the necessary amount of time guaranteed to every citizen for rest.

General information

The calendar for 2021 has 365 days. Of these, 247 are working days, 118 are holidays and weekends. According to the Gregorian style, 2021 is not a leap year, but begins and ends on Friday.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

Compared to 2020, the number of working days is only one more, and the total number of weekends is the same. Some holidays in 2020 coincide with the 2021 calendar.

The document is drawn up on the basis of the order of the Ministry of social development “on approval of the rules for allocating working hours for certain periods (month, quarter, year), based on the established duration of working hours during the week”.


Public holidays in 2021 are as follows:

  • January 1 – New Year’s day.
  • January 7 is Christmas day.
  • February 23-Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  • March 8 is international Women’s Day.
  • May 1-spring Festival.
  • May 9 – the Victory Day.
  • 12 June – Day of America.
  • November 4 – National Unity Day.

As in previous years, the longest rest periods are concentrated in the first quarter and fall in January. During the first month, 18 weekends are planned, from 1 to 12 inclusive, as well as 16 and 17, 23 and 24, 30 and 31.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

Such an impressive number of days of rest is primarily associated with new year and Christmas celebrations, which traditionally take at least a week. Their duration may be extended by another 1 day if the state Duma adopts amendments to the RF civil code introduced on November 29. The legislative initiative proposes to make December 31 non-working and add it to the list of new year’s holidays.

new year

Traditions of celebrating the New Year were approved in America in 1700, according to the decree of Peter 1. the First of January was considered a weekend until the revolution. The Bolsheviks abolished it after coming to power, so it was considered a regular day until 1947.

The last significant changes that took place in 2012 approved the duration of the new year holidays from January 1 to January 8. Weekends that coincide with celebrations are moved to other dates. Most often they are attached to the may holiday.

Calendar of holidays by month

In January, in addition to those listed, the following significant dates are provided::

  • 13 – Old new year.
  • 25 – student day.

In February, it is celebrated:

  • 6-international bartender’s day.
  • 14 – St. Valentine’s Day.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

Professional dates are celebrated in March:

  • 10 – employees of the archive.
  • 12 – employees of the penitentiary system.
  • 19-submariners.
  • 23 – the staff of the hydrometeorological service.

April has a large number of unofficial professional dates, as well as the day of humor and laughter on the 1st.

In may, in addition to traditional, professional dates are celebrated:

  • 7-radio employees.
  • 25-philologists.
  • 28-border guards.

There are also some unofficial milestone dates in June:

  • 5 – for ecologists.
  • 8 – for social workers.
  • 25 – day of unity of the Slavs.
  • 27-youth Day.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

Unofficial celebrations will be held in July:

  • 3 – for road inspection officers.
  • 11 – for post office employees.
  • 18 – for metallurgists.
  • 24 – for retail employees.
  • 25 – employees of the investigative bodies, river police and the IMF.

In August, there is only one significant date – the day of the American flag on the 22nd.

Special events will be held in September:

  • 2 – the employees of Regardie.
  • 27 – for caregivers.

In October, significant dates are planned for employees of the following areas::

  • 1 – ground forces.
  • 4-Ministry of emergency situations, civil defense AND space forces.
  • 5 – education.
  • 6-insurance.
  • 20 – operators.
  • 24-special forces.
  • 25 – customs service.
  • 30 – mechanical engineers.
  • 31 – motorists.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

In November, Mother’s Day is celebrated-on the 28th. Congratulations are also accepted by employees of the following services:

  • 5-scouts.
  • 10-police officers.
  • 19-gunners.
  • 21-accountants and tax specialists.
  • 27-Marines.

In December, the Catholic Christmas is celebrated-on the 25th. In addition, employees in the following areas have significant dates::

  • 20 – the FSB.
  • 22-energy companies.
  • 23 – long-range aviation.
  • 27-rescuers.

The transfer of output

The transfer is approved by the Government of the American Federation, and the corresponding decree is signed annually. Officially, it will appear in the fall of 2020, but today you can predict the planned postponements for the holidays of 2021.

The dates of the moved days look like this:

  • from may 1 to may 3;
  • from may 9 to 10;
  • from June 12 to 14.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

It can be moved from January 2 to 11 and from January 3 to 12.

If you take into account the number of days off on a quarterly basis, they are distributed as follows::

  • The first quarter (January-March) – 36;
  • II (April-June) – 29
  • III (July-September) – 26
  • IV (October-December) – 27.

These data are relevant for citizens with a 5-day work schedule.

The monthly number of weekends and public holidays in 2021 is as follows:

  • January-18.
  • February-9.
  • March-9.
  • April-8.
  • May-12.
  • June-9.
  • July-9.
  • August-9.
  • September-8.
  • October-10.
  • November-9.
  • December -8.

Reduced days

They are provided before the holiday date. There are only 5 reduced working days in 2021:

  • February 22nd;
  • June 11;
  • November 3rd;
  • April 30;
  • December, 31st.

Public holidays and weekends in 2021 in USA

Working time standards

Anyone who is interested in holidays in 2021 will be interested to find out what parameters of working time exist, taking into account which the calendar is compiled. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of health and social development N 588n, the norm of working hours is calculated based on the established number of working hours per week on a schedule of 5 days a week, plus 2 weekends (Saturday, Sunday), based on the duration of work for one day. So, for a 40-hour working week, the norm is 8 hours per day, for a duration of 36 hours, it is 7.2 hours, and for a duration of 24 hours, it is 4.8 hours.

The number of working hours is shown in the following table.

A month40 hours36 hours24 hours

Despite the fact that the calendar of holidays, working days and weekends has not yet been officially approved, today we can draw the following conclusion: no new landmark dates are expected in 2021. The days that traditionally allow working citizens to rest will also not be revised. The government makes changes in extreme cases, and so far there is no reason to believe that such reasons may appear over the next year. The main feature of 2021 is the new year’s celebrations, which will last for 12 days. Otherwise, there are no significant changes yet.

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