Promising business in USA in 2021: profitable, new

In order to develop your business, you need a good idea. The business that was profitable and attracted a large number of customers and buyers before may not be so relevant in a couple of years. Here you can find ideas for a promising business that will help you earn good capital in America in 2021.

Private tax collector

This service promises to become very popular. More and more representatives of small and medium-sized businesses want to free up time for marketing activities by assigning a number of important responsibilities to a knowledgeable specialist. These include such cases as registering an enterprise, maintaining and filling out tax returns, and so on.

In order for the activity to be officially registered, and the contractor is guaranteed to receive payment, a private taxman enters into a contract with an entrepreneur or enterprise, which is notarized. It lists all responsibilities, deadlines for their implementation, as well as the cost of services and payment terms. A private taxman may have a lot of such clients, which allows you to get a decent income.

Rental agent

Many businessmen periodically change their location. Huge sums of money are needed to buy permanent premises for production or a store, so the vast majority of business entities are based in rented buildings and premises.

Agents who help tenants and renters find each other are one of the promising areas that are rapidly gaining momentum. It is characteristic that developing facilities become clients on both sides, so the established connections help to strengthen in the market and find new customers. The advantage of such a case is that it requires a minimum of financial investment, but you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, especially at first.

Promising business in USA in 2021: profitable, new


Such a business is becoming more and more promising every year. If earlier corporate parties were the prerogative of large corporations, in recent years they are considered a mandatory attribute of the holiday even for small businesses and the state sphere: animators are attracted to everything from shops to kindergarten groups.

At first, you will need to limit yourself to personal acquaintances and recommendations of acquaintances. The most expensive part will be the purchase of banking details, which will be expanded every month. To prepare scenarios in any area, there are plenty of available options on the Internet, which are easy to adapt to the right conditions.

Cleaning service

Another area where you don’t need a specialized education or a place to run a business to develop. Cleaning workers can work either on their own or open an Agency in the future.

In the conditions of a huge shortage of time for servicing everyday needs of ordinary people, these services are being resorted to more and more often. If earlier cleaning workers found clients mainly in large cities, now the trend is spreading to smaller cities as well. The main cost point is detergents and household chemicals, but buying it in large quantities can save significantly.

Promising business in USA in 2021: profitable, new


Another type of promising business that will bring a quick income in a small town or even a rural area. Previously, trips to the cosmetologist were considered the prerogative of urban women, but everyone wants to feel beautiful, regardless of geography and place of residence.

The biggest expenses will be needed at the initial stage, when you will need to purchase natural cosmetics, cosmetology products and devices for hardware cosmetology. You can even hold a reception at home, this will allow you to get income in the first months without spending on renting a room. In small localities, such startups do not need massive advertising, which “eats” most of the income from their counterparts in megacities.


Hand embroidery can be profitable if you approach the idea creatively. In 2021, a surge in the relevance of gifts such as embroidered portraits is expected. To do this, you need to master the skills of working in a program that translates the uploaded image into an embroidery scheme.

Then it will be enough to get a portrait photo from the customer on the Internet and transform it into a diagram using the program. The cost of the order will depend on the complexity and size of the portrait. The beauty is that you can do this work in any free time, and you can accept orders not only from your city, but also from all regions of America, so that you can then send them by mail.

Promising business in USA in 2021: profitable, new


Eco-trends are becoming more and more relevant, so business in this area is very promising. The production of natural cosmetics at home does not require huge costs, but only if it is mass-produced. That is why many people prefer to buy a finished product, rather than make it themselves.

To sell products, you can interact with beauty salons or hairdressers. The effectiveness of eco-cosmetics is very high, and the shelf life is limited to several months, or even weeks, so customers quickly turn into regular customers.

Ostrich farm

Experts involved in the food industry believe that in a couple of years ostrich farms will replace most of the pig farms, rabbit farms, etc. This is due to the fact that the meat of this bird exceeds the quality characteristics of meat from other birds, but at the same time, growing 1 kg of chicken meat takes almost 4 times less resources than 1 kg of pork.

Plus, ostriches are not susceptible to epidemics, they rarely get sick, so the risks when growing this breed are small. Deaths on ostrich farms are very rare, so such a promising business is suitable even for novice farmers.

Ostrich eggs are another trend. Since they have a dense shell, their transportation is easier, and losses during delivery to the consumer are minimized.

Often this direction is combined with excursions. Such exotic animals are very attractive to people of different ages, while at the same time increasing interest and demand for products.

Promising business in USA in 2021: profitable, new

Tailoring of clothing for dogs

Exclusive outfits for dogs are a promising business, since their quality is much higher than that of analogues produced in China and other countries by mass production in factories. In addition, individual tailoring can take into account the individual parameters of the animal, especially if there are anatomical discrepancies with the breed, etc.

Often they apply for tailoring clothes for pregnant dogs, which increases the girth around the abdomen, but other parameters remain the same. At the initial stage of the business, materials from personal clothing or second-hand stores can be used to reduce the cost.


An interesting cafe format that has just started to appear, but promises to become a trend in 2021. In the summer, people who come to the eco-cafe can choose their own vegetables or herbs for their dish. Sometimes, under the guidance of a waiter, they can pick a vegetable with their own hands. Most often, this applies to dill, parsley, lettuce, spring onions, watercress and other crops that can be grown both in the yard (in summer) and on the Windows in the cafe itself.

This idea is ideal for a family-type cafe, as children are delighted with this offer. The only caveat is that it is necessary to constantly update the crops, and this takes time.

In cafes that have developed in this direction, tomatoes and cucumbers are then planted in open flower beds to prepare summer salads and other dishes with these vegetables. Practice shows that growing such products is more expensive than buying them from a supplier, but it increases the number of visitors several times. The niche of this new business is not yet filled, so novice entrepreneurs should pay attention to it.

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