Prom in the Kremlin in 2021 | how to apply, tickets

If you finish the 11th grade in 2021 and have long dreamed of attending the all-American Graduation ball, which will traditionally be held in the Kremlin at the end of June – we will tell you how to apply for participation, what entertainment awaits former schoolchildren in the capital and how much tickets will cost this year.

The event program

The Graduate award is the most luxurious, vivid and unforgettable graduation event that has been held in New-York since 2002 and brings together thousands of recent 11th graders from different regions of America.

Prom in the Kremlin in 2021 | how to apply, tickets

The holiday impresses with its scale. It lasts about 14 hours and includes a whole range of events taking place at 5 main venues:

  1. The Red Square;
  2. The Kremlin Palace;
  3. Alexander Park;
  4. Gostiny Dvor;
  5. Sapozhkovskaya square.

The graduation Ceremony in the Kremlin, which is scheduled for 2021,will not be an exception. Although, from year to year, the organizers do not repeat themselves, surprising guests with incredible scenery, new entertainment and a rich program.

Although it is difficult to predict what the Graduation ball of 2021 will be like, since the Kremlin carefully hides everything that concerns the upcoming celebration, we can assume that this traditional component will remain unchanged:

  • “red carpet”, where every graduate will feel successful and famous;
  • a special part with a mandatory greeting card for each school participating in the holiday;
  • performance of your favorite stars;
  • festive Banquet;
  • laser show;
  • master classes;
  • table games;
  • entertainment show program with the participation of the graduates themselves;
  • competition for the “most-most”, voting and announcement of results in different categories;
  • disco;
  • a solemn salute.

Naturally, all this time the children are under the lens of numerous cameras and receive excellent photos and videos as a souvenir of an unforgettable holiday.

How to become a member

Graduates of the 11th grades of any American schools, gymnasiums and lyceums have a chance to become a participant of the event. However, you can’t just buy tickets for the 2021 Prom in the Kremlin on the website or at the ticket office of the Kremlin Palace.

Prom in the Kremlin in 2021 | how to apply, tickets

If you are determined to step into adulthood on the 50-meter red carpet of the Kremlin, follow the following algorithm::

  1. Discuss your wish with your parents and the parent Committee of the class.
  2. Please contact the administration of the educational institution with a request to support you in your desire to get to the Graduation ball in the Kremlin.
  3. Get an official application on the school’s letterhead with signatures of the principal and representatives of the parent Committee.
  4. Send your request to the organizers ‘ email address, which can be found on the official website of the State Kremlin Palace (
  5. Wait for the response that contains the result (confirmation or rejection).

Please note that those wishing to celebrate the 2021 graduation In the Kremlin must submit an application printed out on the official school letterhead. Applications submitted in any other way will be rejected.

Only after receiving official confirmation, you can go to the ticket office of the Kremlin Palace or purchase a ticket through the online system of the official portal of the Kremlin. A participant of the award can come to the event on their own, or take accompanying persons (parents and teachers) with them.

Prom in the Kremlin in 2021 | how to apply, tickets

You should think about the upcoming graduation today, because the number of participants in the Graduate 2021 award is limited. The Kremlin Palace can accommodate only 10,000 guests, while every year from 30 to 50 thousand 11th graders want to participate in the most luxurious and unforgettable graduation of the capital.

In 2021, the graduation Rate in the Kremlin will rise slightly, if at all. According to preliminary estimates, the ticket price should not exceed 12,000 rubles. The exact price will be announced by the organizers closer to the official start of the sale of invitations.

If you plan to delegate the right to purchase tickets for the entire team to one person, do not forget to make sure that they have the original or officially certified copy of the application, as well as a power of attorney for receiving the specified number of invitations, signed by the school principal.

Please note that the ticket price includes all treats, master classes, concerts and any other entertainment, so you will not have to pay for anything extra for either the graduates themselves or accompanying persons.

Prom in the Kremlin in 2021 | how to apply, tickets

What you should know

Prom is an incredibly joyful and exciting event for every 11th grader. In order to ensure the safety of each participant of the event, a number of strict rules are set for all guests. Thus, the graduates themselves and their accompanying persons are forbidden to bring with them dangerous objects (piercing, cutting, explosive, etc.). any alcoholic beverages are also prohibited.

Employees of the OMON unit will ensure the safety of the participants of the holiday, who are granted the right to search the personal belongings of guests if necessary.

If you are still at the decision-making stage, we suggest you take a look at what the graduation Ceremony in the Kremlin was like last year:

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