Project X movie 2021

The release of the film “Project X” should be one of the main kinosobyty 2021. The rating of expectations of the film is 97-98%. The filming process started in the summer of 2018 in China, is over, now undergoing installation and articulation. Premiere is tentatively scheduled for January 1, 2021 in China. Release date of the movie worldwide not yet announced.

The plot

Initially the picture was called “Ex-Baghdad” — the name changed in the process. The action takes place in the Chinese oil refining plant, located in Iraq. The enterprise is captured by bandits, take workers hostage. Plant owners seek help from a private security guard Jackie Luo. Soon the guard finds out that the invaders plan to kill the hostages – they need to steal as much oil as possible. To foil their plans and save the people, the Chinese guard is teaming up with a partner. The American past Navy seal Chris Saatchi.

Project X movie 2021

John Cena, Jackie Chan and Scott In the film “Project X”

Cena is Stallone

Role plays Jackie Luo Jackie Chan, and as his partner Chris were originally intended to star Sylvester Stallone. For the first time the audience would see on screen tandem of Chan and Stallone – first they’re on the set do not overlap. But not happened, Stallone was forced to leave the project because of commitments on the film “creed-2”.

Instead, the main role of approved John Cena. 42-year-old American wrestler has won 25 Championships, including 16 of the world Championships. Recently Sina – demand Hollywood actor. He debuted with a small role in the Comedy “the Girl” in 2015. Then there was work in the comedies “good morning, dad, New year’s eve” and “Sisters”.

In the 2017th champion, starred in the military drama “the Wall” — his playing is praised by critics and viewers. In “Project X” expect from him not only a brilliant acting and professional fighting, masterful execution of complex tricks. The same look forward to seeing his partner on the film and by the second main role of Jackie Chan.

Project X movie 2021

The cast

In the movie “Project X” 2021 involved and other key actors:

  1. Jackie Chan needs no introduction. His filmography includes more than 100 roles. For the first time Jackie Chan appeared on the screen a 6-year old child – he played a cameo role.
  2. Johan Philip Asbeck is known to the Russian audience for the TV series “Game of thrones”, the paintings “overlord”, “the Great wall”, “Ghost in the shell”.
  3. Marvin Beauvais, a young French actor starring in Chinese film “land of Wandering”. The premiere took place on 5 February 2020.
  4. Amadeus Serafini – American starring in the TV series “the Scream” and “Impulse” and two short films. “Project X” — the fifth in his filmography.
  5. Mickey Colitis is an actor and producer, starred in 13 films, including “Bleak house”, “Seconds from disaster”, “Robin hood”.

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