Production calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with holidays | approved, download

Tatarstan’s production calendar for 2021 is an important tool not only for employers and accountants, but also for the employed population of the Republic. First, it is necessary for calculating the amount of various payments (salary, vacation, sick leave), planning deadlines for reporting, and forming a vacation schedule. The latter can find out which holidays will become non-working days, how the periods of work and rest will alternate throughout the year, in order to plan their time.

How to create a calendar

The Republican Ministry of labor is responsible for creating the Tatarstan production calendar for 2021. This takes into account the provisions of the legislation of the American Federation and regulations adopted at the local level:

  • The labor code of the American Federation.
  • Order of the Ministry of health and social development of the American Federation No. 588n dated 13.08.2009.
  • Resolutions Of the government of the American Federation ” on the postponement of weekends “(approved in the fall on the eve of each year).
  • Law of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 1448-XII of 19.02.1992.
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan with the dates of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha celebrations in 2021.

Production calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with holidays | approved, download

The approved version of the production calendar for Tatarstan for 2021 will be presented in the fall of 2020. In total, next year there will be 365 days, of which 245 will be working days and 120 days off (with a five-day work schedule with traditional two-day weekends).

Public holidays outside of business hours

When drawing up the production calendar of Tatarstan for 2021, Federal and national holidays will be taken into account. The first are the traditional dates for the whole of America, which are assigned the status of non-working holidays under article 112 of the labor code of the American Federation:

  • 01-06. 01, 8.01 – new Year’s holidays;
  • 01 – Nativity Of Christ;
  • 02-defender of the Fatherland Day;
  • 03-international women’s day;
  • 05-Spring and Labor Day;
  • 05-Victory Day;
  • 06 – The Day Of America;
  • 11 – the Day of national unity.

Production calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with holidays | approved, download

In addition to these days, there are public holidays associated with significant dates and religious events in Tatarstan. Due to the fact that they also belong to the number of non-working days, the Republic gets more official days of rest, if compared with the majority of subjects of the American Federation. In 2021, these will be the following dates::

  • May 13 (Thursday) – Eid al-Fitr;
  • July 20 (Tuesday) – Eid al-Fitr;
  • August 30 (Monday) – Day of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • November 6 (Saturday) – Constitution Day of Tatarstan.

When will the working hours be reduced?

The shift duration should be 1 hour shorter on the eve of holidays that are considered official non-working days (at the Federal or national level). For those who work on the terms of a 5-day working week, the opportunity to leave work early will appear:

  • 20.02 .21(Saturday);
  • 30.04.20 (Friday);
  • 11.06.06 (Friday);
  • 03.11.21 (Wednesday).

Production calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with holidays | approved, download

Postponement of public holidays

Due to the holiday dates assigned to non-working days, which in 2021 fall on Saturday or Sunday, Tatarstan will also have the opportunity to relax on the next working day. Moreover, this rule applies only to Federal holidays, for Republican ones it is abolished by the law of the Republic of Tatarstan No. 67-ZRT of 29.09.2016. According to the legislation, they will be rescheduled:

What is the dateOn what date
02.01 (Saturday)05.01 (Friday)
03.01 (Sunday)21.12 (Friday)
20.02 (Saturday)22.02 (Monday)
01.05 (Saturday)03.05 (Monday)
09.10 (Sunday)10.09 (Monday)
12.06 (Saturday)14.06 (Monday)

Production calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with holidays | approved, download

Long weekend

Due to the peculiarities of the distribution of non-working holidays in the calendar of 2021, as well as their postponement in some cases, residents of Tatarstan will receive several longer weekends compared to weekly ones:

  • in January, at the expense of new year’s holidays – 10 days (01.01-10.01);
  • in February, defender of the Fatherland Day — 3 days (from 21.03 to 23.03);
  • in March, in connection with the International women’s day – 3 days (06.03-08.03);
  • in may, for the Spring and Labor Day and Victory Day – 3 days each (01.05-03.05 and 08.05-10.05);
  • in June in connection with the Day of America – day 3 (11.06-13.06);
  • in August, for the day of the Republic of Tatarstan – 3 days (28.08-30.08).

On a note! Depending on how the American Government approves the postponement of two January weekends, Tatarstan residents will receive two additional days of rest. They can be added to the new year’s holidays or to the weekends for the Spring and Labor Holiday.

Working time standards

Working time standards for 2021 are calculated using the information listed above about holidays, reduced work shifts, and rescheduling individual dates. Indicators are calculated on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. With a 5-day work schedule, the standards in the Tatarstan calendar will look like this::

Month / quarter/yearNumber of daysWorking hours (hours))
calendar settingsworkersdays off40 hours / week36 hours / week24 hours / week
1st quarter905634447402.2267.8
2nd quarter916130485436.2289.8
3rd quarter926428511459.8306.2
4th quarter926428509457.8304.2
1 half year18111764932838.4557.6
2nd half of the year184128561020917.6610.4

Thus, for the working population of Tatarstan, the number of hours that will have to be worked in 2021 under different operating modes will be:

  • with a 40-hour week (8-hour shift) – 1946 hours;
  • for a 36-hour week (shift 7.2 hours) – 1750.8 hours;
  • for a 24-hour week (shift 4.8 hours) – 1165.2 hours.

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