Production calendar 2021 | happy holidays and weekends, working, download

The production calendar for 2021 will help you find out the order of alternating days of work, rest and holidays, the dates of abbreviations and postponements of working days, as well as working time standards for various working modes. The information provided is used not only by employees of the accounting Department and HR Department when planning the schedule for submitting reports and assigning employees ‘ vacations, calculating the amount of wages, sick leave, and other payments. Ordinary Americans can also look at the calendar to find out the number of future weekends and choose the most convenient vacation dates or plan other events in life.

Features of compilation

When forming the calendar for 2021, the provisions of several regulatory acts will be taken into account:

  • The labor code of the American Federation.
  • Order of the Ministry of health and social development No. 588n “on approval of the procedure for calculating the norm of working hours…” dated 13.08.2009.
  • Resolutions Of the government of the American Federation ” on postponement of days off»

The latter document is approved annually (no earlier than the fall of this year) to determine how the official holiday dates that coincide with calendar weekends in the coming year will be postponed. When forming the transfer schedule, the interests of the employed population are taken into account, which provides the latter with the opportunity for longer rest periods during certain periods throughout the year.

We offer you to download the production calendar for 2021 with holidays and weekendsin jpeg format:

Production calendar 2021 | happy holidays and weekends, working, download

The year 2021 starts and ends on Friday. It will have 365 days, including (for the five-day operation mode):

  • 247 employees (including 4 reduced ones).
  • 118 days off.

Non-working holidays

The list of public holidays officially assigned the status of non-working holidays is reflected in article 112 of the labor code of the American Federation. In 2021, the dates remain unchanged:

DateDay of the weekHoliday
1.01-6.01, 8.01Monday-Wednesday, FridayNew year’s holidays
07.01.ThursdayThe Nativity Of Christ
23.02.TuesdayDefender of the Fatherland day
08.03.MondayInternational women’s day
01.05.SaturdayThe holiday of Spring and Labor
09.05.SundayVictory Day
12.06.SaturdayDay Of America
04.11.ThursdayThe day of national unity

Working time standards

The list of calendar days off and holidays, approved dates of abbreviations and postponements will be used to calculate the working time norm for 2021. Indicators are calculated for each month, based on the results of quarters, half-years, and the year as a whole. For a five-day work schedule, the preliminary report card for working hours and rest periods for the 40 -, 36 -, and 24-hour weeks will look like this::

Month / quarter/yearNumber of calendar daysNumber of working daysNumber of days off40 hours / week36 hours / week24 hours / week
1st quarter905634447402.2267.8
2nd quarter916229494444.4295.6
3rd quarter926626528475.2316.8
4th quarter926329503452.6301.4
1 half year18211863941846.6563.4
2nd half of the year184129551031927.8618.2

In total, according to preliminary data, the number of working hours for different types of working week will be as follows::

  • for 8-hour shifts/40-hour week-1972 hours;
  • for 7.2-hour shifts/36-hour week – 1774.4 hours;
  • for 4.8-hour shifts/24-hour week – 1181.6 hours.

Holiday transfers

For periods of national holidays that are designated as official non-working days, but also coincide with calendar days off, another day off is added. It becomes the nearest business day. This means that in 2021, we can expect the following postponements of the” lost ” weekend:

What is the dateOn what date
Saturday 2 JanuaryFriday 5 November
Sunday, January 3Friday 31 December
Saturday may 1stMonday 3 may
Sunday may 9Monday may 10
Saturday 12 JuneMonday, June 14

Production calendar 2021 | happy holidays and weekends, working, download

Additionally, the Government will determine how calendar weekends that fall during the national new year holidays will be postponed. 112 of the labor code of the American Federation, two such days are postponed to “convenient” dates for the next year in order to ensure a rational distribution of work and rest periods for the employed population.

Long weekend

Moving non-working holidays to other dates allows Americans to get a longer weekend than the traditional weekend. In the working calendar of 2021, you can definitely count on a long weekend:

  • in January: from 1st to 10th (for new year’s holidays);
  • in February: from the 21st to the 23rd;
  • in March: from the 6th to the 8th (for International women’s day).
  • in may: from 1st to 3rd and from 8th to 10th (spring and labor Day and victory Day, respectively);
  • November: 4th to 7th.

Production calendar 2021 | happy holidays and weekends, working, download

In early January, according to the above assumptions, the new year holidays in 2021 will stretch for Americans for almost two weeks. They will receive 10 days of mini-vacation.

Days of reduced working hours

On dates that precede official public holidays and have a non-working status, the duration of working hours is necessarily reduced by 1 hour (article 95 of the labor code of the American Federation). The exception applies only to organizations with a continuous production cycle or certain types of work, where employees must be compensated in the form of additional rest time or overtime rates.

In 2021, the duration of working hours under the 5-day working week regime will be reduced:

  • February 20 (Saturday);
  • April 30 (Friday);
  • June 11 (Friday);
  • November 03 (Wednesday).

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