Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021

Following the election of the President of Belarus is scheduled for 2021, as stipulated by the current legislation. During this process, the citizens of the Republic must elect a new Chapter to delegate to him the authority to govern their state. But, despite the fact that the date of the event clearly regulated by law, it is possible that a decision was taken to postpone the election to an earlier date to avoid destabilization and increase of the level of social tension in society.

Time and date

At the moment it is still unknown when residents of the Republic of Belarus will elect their new President, but this must occur not later than August 30, 2021, which is indicated by current legislation. However, the house of representatives is still enough time to make a decision about the date because this should occur at least 5 months before the election that presidential candidates could submit the documents and carry out their electoral campaigns.

An exception is possible only if the incumbent for any reason to prematurely leave the post: under such circumstances the house of representatives will be obliged within 30-70 days to set a date unscheduled elections.

It is important to note that until September 10, 2021 in the country should pass elections in the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus. This fact may contribute to the postponement of the presidential elections, if this will create all the necessary conditions. But to say exactly when will be the will of the citizens, especially in the second half of this year.

Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021

Requirements for candidates

From the point of view of the law, to occupy the presidency any capable citizen who meets the following criteria:

  • age – not less than 35 years at the time of documents submission;
  • place of birth – Republic of Belarus;
  • permanent residence in the country at least 10 years before participation in election campaign;
  • the lack of belonging to any political party. In an extreme case, he will have to suspend the active membership before the end of his presidential term (if elected).

Additionally, before submitting documents, the applicant will have to collect at least 100 thousand signatures of citizens of Belarus, which is a mandatory condition of participation in the presidential race.

Possible contenders for the post

Despite the fact that there is still no accurate information, who will fight for the presidency, based on the current situation in the country, experts agree that to claim participation in the election are the following candidates:

  • Alexander Lukashenko, the incumbent head of state. He has already told the public about his intention to run for another term, but did not specify what will be included in his program. It is expected that he will focus on stable situation in the country, which will be appreciated by the citizens;
  • Oleg Gaydukevich from the liberal democratic party;
  • Yury Hubarevich, the head of the "movement". Despite the conflict with A. Logvina, he has all the chances to compete for the presidency in 2021;
  • Elena Anisim, who is Chairman of the Association "Union of Belarusian language of Francis Skaryna";
  • Anna Konopacka (opposition MP), but it is unclear whether it can collect the required number of signatures for filing.

  • Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021Presidential elections in Belarus in 2021

    At the same time, the postponement can become a reality for quite objective reasons. But in the President’s office promise to inform this decision to the authorities and candidates were able to timely prepare for the start of the election campaign, to prepare the necessary documents and collect the required number of signatures.

    Alternatively, it may be considered a proposal to reduce the presidential or parliamentary period, to the stretch of time these processes. But, according to experts, this should be a good reason and the prerequisites, which are currently not observed. It is possible without any inconvenience to hold elections in 12 months before the deadline with candidates and their voters.


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