Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

In the 9th grade, all graduates of 2021 will pass the OGE in American, and we suggest that you get acquainted with the features of the CMA written part and analyze in detail the first task that graduates will meet in the final test – presentation.

Changes in CMMS for the American language

The 2019-2020 season was notable not only for the cancellation of the OGE, but also for the large-scale modernization of control and measurement materials in all GIA-9 subjects. The reform also affected the American language, because the graduates of 2020 studied the subject for all 9 years according to the new standards established by the Federal state educational standard since 2010.

Important! Admission to the OGE in 2021 will be a February interview (a relatively recently introduced oral part of the American language exam).

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

Within the framework of the recent reform, the following changes have taken place in the KIMS themselves::

  • the number of tasks has been reduced to 9 (previously there were 15).);
  • reduced the maximum score to 33 (previously 39).);
  • added tasks for various types of analysis of language material;
  • the “literacy” criterion is highlighted, for which a graduate can get 10 primary points;
  • the genre specifics of the texts that examinees will use to write their essays on the OGE 2021 have been changed.

Thus, task # 1 can now offer any genre, including notes, essays, notes, diaries, or reviews.

Unlike other subjects, the American language exam card consists of 3 parts:

The form of answers №2

At the same time, all examinees will be offered a single audio text for task # 1, but when completing task # 9, graduates will be able to choose one of the 3 topics offered in the Kim.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

The format of the OGE in the American language in 2021 will remain the same:

  • a single date of the event, which can be found in the GIA calendar;
  • the exam duration is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes).);
  • it is allowed to use spelling dictionaries that will be provided to participants by the OGE organizers.

While completing any of Kim’s tasks, 9th graders can use drafts, but their contents are not subject to verification and can not affect the exam result in any way. In other words, if everything was written perfectly in the draft, and the examinee made a mistake while rewriting the presentation or essay in the form, you will not be able to appeal. Conversely, any mistakes made in the draft can not affect the result of evaluating the work.

Writing a statement

In 2021, no changes are expected in the structure and format of the OGE in American, so the task that requires writing a concise summary does not differ in the 2020 and 2021 demos submitted by FIPI.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

Before you start preparing, it is important to understand exactly how you will write your presentation for the OGE in American in 2021. Basic facts:

  • you can listen to the audio text 2 times with a short break between auditions;
  • original text size from 180 to 200 words;
  • the volume of the presentation should be at least 70 words (the optimal size is 80-100 words);
  • the narration in the presentation must be conducted from the same person as in the original text.;
  • the work should be done on a draft and only after completion transfer the text to the answer form #2.

The main task is to retell the text, reducing its volume by almost 2 times using compression techniques, while preserving all the important facts and microtemes. The General algorithm for writing a concise presentation at the OGE in 2021 will be as follows::

  1. Listen to the text for the 1st time.
  2. While listening, identify the main microtemes (usually 3 of them).
  3. In a short break, complete the microthemes by adding the main thoughts to each one.
  4. Listen to the text for the 2nd time.
  5. While listening to each topic, write down a key set of words and expressions to convey the main idea.
  6. Re-read what is available after 2 auditions.
  7. Create a complete text based on the existing records, as well as using basic compression techniques.
  8. Reread the text for errors.
  9. Count the number of words.
  10. After making sure that everything is done correctly, rewrite the statement in the answer form #2.

First listening session

At the OGE in American in 2021, teachers recommend starting to write a presentation already at the first listening to the text.

Important! Don’t try to record the entire text that sounds like it. Most likely, you will not have time to do this, and if you focus on the speed of writing and individual words, you may miss important points and lose the essence of the text.

Your task is to record:

  • subject of the text;
  • three theses (microthemes), which will then be answered by 3 paragraphs;
  • keywords for each thesis.

For more information on how to work during the 1st listening session, see the video:

Second listening session

When listening to the text for the second time, you must:

  • to define the boundaries of the topics heard a short pause;
  • to complement the previously issued key word phrases and sentences for different topics.

After completing the audition, you can write a rough version of the presentation. You should have 3 paragraphs (a total of 80-100 words).

We suggest you look at a detailed analysis of the methodology on a specific example:

Compression techniques

In order to pass the OGE 2021 in American at the end of the 9th grade and write a presentation quickly and competently, you need to know the basic compression techniques.


To reduce the number of words in the text, you can exclude them:

  • introductory words;
  • quotes;
  • repetition of words;
  • similar examples;
  • homogeneous members of the proposals;
  • details that do not affect the author’s train of thought;
  • unnecessary reasoning and descriptions;
  • words and phrases that can be deleted without distorting the meaning.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade


When using the “generalization” technique, replace it with a generalizing word or phrase:

  • facts, events, and phenomena;
  • a number of similar offers;
  • partial offers;
  • multiple parts of a sentence that are connected by a single thought.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

Replacement (simplification)

In order to shorten the text, we recommend replacing:

  • a long direct speech is indirect, preserving the essence;
  • long complex sentences – simple and short;
  • multiple offers – one at a time;
  • part of a sentence with a pronoun;
  • subordinate verbose sentence with an adverbial turn or synonymous definition.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

For more examples of exclusion, generalization, and substitution, see the lesson:

Evaluating your presentation

In 2021, you can get 33 points on the OGE in the American language, of which the presentation will be evaluated with a maximum of 7 points.

Experts will check the text written by the examinee for compliance with three criteria:

The first criterion will be set to ” 0 ” if the examinee adds or omits 2 or more microthemes in the text. In the second case – if no compression techniques are used at all when writing the presentation. On the third – if 2 or more logical errors are detected, or 2 or more cases of violation of the division of the text into paragraphs.

Graduates who will take the OGE in the 2021-2022 academic year put the presentation on the second place in terms of difficulty, while the first traditionally takes the essay, although the final number of points task number 9 does not affect much more.

The total distribution of points for the three parts of the project in 2021 will be as follows::

As you can see, a significant 10 points “for literacy” are calculated based on the results of checking all 9 tasks. According to the established verification criteria, compliance will be taken into account:

  • spelling standards;
  • punctuation standards
  • grammatical norms
  • speech standards
  • accuracy of written speech.

From 0 to 2 points can be awarded for each of the 5 criteria.

Presentation of the OGE in 2021 | final, in the 9th grade

To learn more about the standards for evaluating the presentation and other parts of the OGE 2021 work in American, please refer to the documents posted on the FIPI website. You can also find 155 audio texts of various styles and genres in the section” open Bank of OGE tasks ” for practical development of the skill of writing a summary.

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