Presentation Exams in 2021

In the written part of the Exam 2021 for the Russian language in the first task required to write a brief account, twice after listening to the audio recording of the original text. Because for many children this task is the second, after composition, we offer a more detailed analysis of the changes announced FIPI, as well as to focus on the rules of writing the presentation and recommendations of teachers, who for many years helping students in the 9th grade to pass the first major outcome trial.

New 2021 Exams on the Russian language

In 2020-2021 school year, all ninth-graders do not expect a very good news – coming large-scale reform of the admission tickets for the Exams that will relate to virtually all disciplines, including mandatory (Russian language and mathematics).

Presentation Exams in 2021

The oral part (interview) is now compulsory for graduates from all regions of the Russian Federation. The exam will be held in mid-February 2021 and will become a admission for graduates of grades 9 2020-2021 school year (as a final essay for 11th graders) for other subjects Examinations (including Russian language in which to write a presentation and essay).

The written part of the Exams, 2021 will be as before to include three components: presentation, test and essay, but promising models KIM, available on the FIPI website, you can see a number of significant changes.

  1. Reduced the number of tasks with ready answers.
  2. Significantly changed the number of jobs (in 2021 there are only 9, whereas in 2020 was 15).
  3. The maximum test score is reduced to 33.
  4. Refined evaluation criteria (the examinee can get +10 points for literacy according to the verification of the whole work)

Otherwise the format of the test remained the same. So, to get the job done in 2021 will take 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes), the number of permitted assistants only spelling dictionary (provided by organizers), and the responses must be entered in the appropriate forms, strictly following the rules of their filling.

The dates of the Exams 2021 FIPI will announce at the beginning of November 2020, and today we will focus on the important points of preparation and to begin with, how to write a statement and what to look for when job No. 1.

Task №1 demo, 2021

FIPI presented a promising model KIM for GIA-9 2020-2021 school year. Of course, this is not the final version and tickets, which will be formally approved, can still occur some changes. But the experts are unanimous that they will not be very significant, and therefore currently available options KIMS may well be taken as base in the preparation.

So, task №1 Exams on the Russian language 2021 is a brief statement.

Presentation Exams in 2021

The essence of the job is that the examinee must convert the audio material, a volume of 200 words, in text of 70-100 words, without losing the main idea and important facts.

The first task is no less important for achieving a high score than an essay, because the distribution of scores for all of the work will be as follows:

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