Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

It seems that the stellar baby boom is not going to decline. Among the pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021, there are both established mothers and those who are waiting for their first child. As is customary in modern realities, Actresses and singers often report on the upcoming replenishment through their personal instagram accounts, but some choose other options, for example, publishing on the cover of glossy magazines.

Emma Roberts

Rumors about the pregnancy of the 29-year-old actress appeared back in June 2020. But Roberts hardly ever comments on his personal life. She decided to officially confirm the news only in August, posting a series of photos on instagram with her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

At the same timeEmma also revealed the gender of the unborn child, making the caption “Me and my two favorite guys”to the post.The couple’s romance became known more than a year ago, when shortly after the end of a 7-year relationship with Evan Peters, Emma was spotted on a date with Garrett.

Meryem Weatherly

The performer of the role of Hurrem Sultan in the TV series “Magnificent century” in January 2021 will become a mother for the second time. She already has a daughter, Lara, born in 2014, whose father abandoned Meryem in the fourth month of pregnancy, which caused a nervous breakdown and the termination of the contract with the producers of the series.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

Now the Turkish actress is in a new happy relationship and this time is also expecting a baby girl. At the same time, she does not disclose any information about her chosen one, but rumors spread in the media that this is an American living in Berlin.

Hilary Duff

Another pregnant star who will give birth in 2021 is 33 – year-old actress and singer Hilary Duff. Recently, the girl hid her figure in most photos, but then decided to post a boomerang video on instagram, in which her husband strokes a well-rounded stomach.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

This will be Hilary’s third child,but the second one is shared with her current husband, Matthew Koma, a musician from the band the Come Clean. The couple’s wedding took place only last year, and their daughter banks Violet Bair was born a year earlier, in 2018. Hilary also has an 8-year-old son, Luca, from her first marriage to canadian hockey player Michael Comrie.

Rose Leslie

The actress announced the expectation of a child in a rather unusual way. Rose starred in a photo shoot for the British magazine Make, where some of the pictures show a rounded stomach. Then, for a while, she “disappeared from the radar” and only eventually decided to share with the New York Post journalists her feelings during pregnancy and the exciting expectation of meeting a new family member.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

For 33-year-old rose and her husband Keith Harrington, this will be the first child.The couple met during the filming of the TV series “Game of thrones” in 2012, where their characters were a couple in love. But unlike the screen story with an unhappy ending, the real relationship turned out to be the exact opposite: in 2017, the actors announced their engagement, and a year later they got married.

Galina Bob

35-year-old star of “Deffchonok” for the news about his pregnancy chose a characteristic humorous manner. On her instagram page, she posted a video for the song “You’re pregnant” by the band “Fantasy” with the participation of her husband, Director Sergei Koryagin. Additionally, subscribers were amused by the caption to the post that the stomach, it turns out, does not grow from dumplings. The actress also shared that at first she confused the pregnancy with stomach problems and tried to treat it for three weeks, until the doctor offered to take a test for HCG.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

For Galina and Sergey, this will be their third child.They are already raising two sons, 2-year-old Andrey and 5-year-old Lev, but they have not yet admitted who the older children will have, a brother or sister.

Emily Ratajkowski

29-year-old American supermodel starred with a rounded belly for the digital cover and published a corresponding post on her instagram page. In her essay for the same publication, Emily wrote about the sensations during pregnancy and about her attitude to sex determination.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

It seeks to protect the future firstborn from gender stereotypes and discrimination.considers that it will be possible to confirm the gender only after the child’s 18th birthday,when he is about to tell you. With this approach, the child’s father, actor and producer Sebastian beer-Mcclard, with whom Emily legalized a relationship in February 2018, just a few months after meeting.

Princess Eugenie

Not exactly a star, but another famous person who is preparing to become a mom in 2021 is Princess Eugenie of York, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, who married Jack Brooksbank in October 2018. She posted a touching photo with baby booties on Instagram, accompanied by a caption that she and her husband will be very happy about the beginning of 2021.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021: who will give birth

A few years ago, Eugenie refused to officially represent the British Royal family and, accordingly, receive a salary from the Treasury,therefore, you can now report on any events in your life in this way, without waiting for official news from Buckingham Palace to be posted. Therefore, the news about the upcoming addition to the family of the Royal granddaughter appeared in the official Twitter account of the Palace later.

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