Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Recent years is called the period of the baby boom among Russian and Hollywood celebrities and probably 2021 year will be no exception. Someone pregnant stars who will give birth next year, already in the early stages is shared with fans the news of the upcoming addition to the family, who, on the contrary ready to hide your position as long as possible.

Milla Jovovich

43-letnia Hollywood star will once again become a mother in 2021. Two years ago Milla Jovovich has passed an emergency abortion, and nightmares about this, according to the actress, her dream still. For the actress and her third husband Paul Anderson this will be the third child and first daughter was born in 2007, even before the official Declaration of the relationship of the couple, and the second in 2015. Now the pair is also waiting for the girl.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Hilary Baldwin

The wife of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin is also expecting a baby. After 7 years of marriage the couple already have four children, 6-year-old daughter and three sons, the youngest of whom was barely a year and a half. Alec also has a grown daughter from Kim Basinger.

For 35-year-old Hilary, the current pregnancy was the sixth in April 2020 hard she miscarried. A couple of very touching reported by children, and along with the fans, on the field of the future baby. Each child was handed a doll wrapped in a white diaper, and expanding them, they saw a pink dress, and did the job for Carmen Gabriella.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

UPD: sorry, in the fourth month of pregnancy, Hilary during a routine screening found out that the fetus stopped. She didn’t even find the strength to tell the sad news to her husband personally, so I wrote for him and all fans post on the personal page on instagram.

IDA Galich

Among the pregnant stars, who give birth in 2021, the year, IDA Galich, former anchorwoman of “heads and Tails” and the participant of the show “Comedy battle”, and today is a popular instablog and author of short humorous video about the relationship between boys and girls. In may of 2018, she married fashion photographer Alan Basieva, whom she had known for several months. To officially announce the upcoming addition to the family of IDA posted in his instagram account a video with a dance to the song by Svetlana Loboda “Superstar”.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Jenna Dewan (Duane)

Dancer and star of “Step up” and “Keep the rhythm” is expecting a child with American singer and actor Steve Qazi. Their relationship lasted about a year. To be Steve’s first. Jenna already has a daughter Everly actor Channing Tatum, with whom she can not agree on the schedule of finding girls from each parent. As for the future of the child, any details on box or date of birth, while the couple does not advertise.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Official confirmation about the pregnancy of Xenia are not yet available but intermittently flashing pictures on the Internet with a rounded belly ambiguous hint of a possible addition to the family of TV presenter and Director Konstantin Bogomolov is already in 2021. The couple already have children from previous marriages: Constantine – 9-year-old daughter Anna, Xenia – almost 3-year-old son Platon.

Wedding couples took place in September of 2020, but the fact of the marriage “shotgun” Ksenia previously denied. Additional public interest has caused a wedding gift of one of the guests, a well-known gynecologist Mark of Kucera. He gave the bride a certificate for the birth of the elite perinatal center of the capital.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Olga Ushakova

Leading the program that says USAнам “Good morning” on the First channel, next year will become a mother for the fourth time. 38-year-old star recently confirmed on the personal page on instagram its an interesting situation, although especially astute fans knew all informed. Olga already has three daughters: two from a previous relationship and the youngest from the current husband, the owner of the restaurant business Adam Karim. Second child pairs roughly will be born in February 2021.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Chanel Iman

28-year-old model, “angel” Victoria’s Secret, and her husband, 26-year-old American football player sterling Shepard awaiting second child. Their first child, a daughter who was named Kelly Glue, Chanel gave birth just over a year ago. In August 2020, the paparazzi managed to photograph the changing shape of the model, a little later, she made an official statement on his page on instagram, when told that their family will soon consist of four people.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Alexandra Bortech

Russian actress originally from Belarus for the first time will become a mother in 2021. Last spring the girl got married to Evgeniya Savelieva, the founder of the school of oratory, “King says.” The fact of the future replenishment in the family of Alexander is actually confirmed during the YouTube show the Comment out when it did not refute the guess host Vladimir Marconi about her pregnancy and just thanked him for the congratulations.

Pregnant stars who will give birth in 2021

Felicity Jones

About pregnancy stars “Universe Stephen Hawking” was exactly known at the premiere of “the Balloonists”, where Jones played a major role. 36-year-old actress appeared before the public in a long black dress that only emphasized rounded tummy. For felicity and her 43-year-old wife, filmmaker Charles Garda, the child will be born first.

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