Predictions of wolf messing 2021

The greatest psychic and prophet of his time the end of the letter left a lot of predictions for the coming 2021. In connection with the aggravated situation on the financial market and the world stage such information is interested not only politicians and businessmen who care about the financial well-being and career, but also ordinary people who dream of stability and prosperity of the country.

Clairvoyance of the film is a gift or a charlatan

For the first time amazing powers of wolf messing was manifested in early childhood. He could effortlessly memorize large texts from the Talmud. His father dreamed that the offspring became a Rabbi, but boy, this idea came to mind, and he secretly fled to Berlin. Future famous psychic was transported to Germany by train, where he first hypnotized person. He was a man checking tickets. Wolf gave him a simple piece of paper, which he took for a ticket.

In the German capital, the teenager was starving and once even fell into a lethargic sleep. This phenomenon has become interested in German Professor Abel. He helps the young man develop a special gift: to become impervious to pain, hypnotizing people to send them a mental command to read minds.

Predictions of wolf messing 2021

In Berlin the young seer met Freud and Einstein, which later he always helped and supported. For a time he worked in the circus, successfully proving their psychic abilities. The telepath noticed at the state level, when he predicted the death of the Führer in 1937. He was thrown into solitary confinement, where he was chosen with the help of his gift. For the head of a predictor in the Third Reich was the reward, and he had to flee to the Soviet Union. Prophecies of wolf Grigorievich was interested in not only Stalin and the representatives of the authorities, but also ordinary inhabitants of the Soviet Union. He spent a lot of time traveling around the country, gave lectures and helped the soldiers at the front.

What awaits Russia in 2021

Vision of the great fortune teller and mind reader is not spared the country, which became his Home. Predictions of wolf messing to 2021 for the USA indicate that the country will face many changes and challenges. It’s not only economic reforms but also natural disasters, such as fires and flooding. By the end of the year the situation should stabilize. Messing argued that the standard of living USAн will gradually improve. This applies to the field of education, armed forces, medicine, culture.

As for military conflicts, the soothsayer saw that USA will become a country-peacemaker. And so we see the example of Syria. She already is actively fighting against international terrorism and holds a leading position in the international arena. A psychic did a lot of statements about the propensity of USAн to the coup and the expansion of territorial boundaries. It is already possible to say exactly what happens, as the borders of the Russian Federation has expanded to most of the Crimea and the Black sea. Literally the prophecy of wolf messing 2021 talking about the fact that USA will have a new leader who will next lead the country on the right course.

Predictions of wolf messing 2021

At the beginning of the upcoming year, the economic situation in the country will not be easy. It will require new reforms and right decisions at the government level. The prophet believed that USA will be able to cope with the situation without too much loss. Great prospects await those who will invest in innovative technologies and modernization of production, and those who are guided by old approaches and principles, will fail. Messing saw that USA has “violent force” — the richest natural resources, but warned that only this fact can not be used. To prevent the crisis that should develop your own farming complex and the industry, taking the example of developed European countries.

In their predictions the end of the letter mentioned that we need to fear the US and China. The first country will be in an open conflict with Russia, the second secret. In the future China will rise to the level of a powerful superpower, will try to become the leader among other countries, to conduct policy with some aggressive color. According to seer, the United States will begin gradually to take positions, although the dislike of Americans to the Russian Federation and all Russian will never fade.

Not once from messing asked about the third world war. This topic is of concern to many, because on the world map, there are many hot spots. To terrible thoughts and panic sometimes and pushes economic crises, political conflicts, and the growing nationalism in the former Soviet Union, especially the Baltic region and Ukraine. In the predictions of the hypnotist wolf messing for 2021 for the USA and the world no nothing about large-scale military conflicts. He predicted that the creation of universal harmony and peace on earth to all the peoples to hear each other and unite to solve problems by force of arms, but by the power of diplomacy.

Predictions of wolf messing 2021

Predictions of the prophet for the whole world

The great seer wolf messing was indicated not only by certain isolated events in the future, but also left global prophecies to all mankind. He argued that the world expects 2 drops of dawn. Established in the XX century, the world order will not be eroded by a third world war, but in many countries expected the revolutionary movement. Dictators are overthrown and “fattened” policy. In their place will come the reformers of the new wing.

Mystic also pointed to the fact that in the XXI – the century of the several local military conflicts. They arise like flashes here and there due to national strife and the carve-up of the natural wealth of our planet. After a series of conflicts come at last, 100 years of peace and order. On change to it will come again, and international political unrest caused by discontent of the people towards the ruling class. In the end in many countries will be chosen by the real leaders of the patriots.

That has come true

Psychic, healer and hypnotist…spoke about wolf Messing contemporaries. He feared neither death nor loneliness, nor the authorities. Many of his prophecies already embodied in real life:

  1. The beginning of the Second world war. This turn of events at the time could not foresee one, as between Germany and the Soviet Union signed a well-known Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of non-aggression.
  2. The end of the Second world war. Messing saw this event and even predicted the date, may 8th. He argued that the Americans tanks will be included in the German capital and take it, although made a mistake on day 1. This error was notified and the Generalissimo of the Soviet Union, sent a telegram.
  3. The Death Of Stalin. According to the prophecy of, is not the leader of all peoples will die on a Jewish holiday, if not to stop persecuting the representatives of this nation. It just happened. Stalin died on March 5. A few days later all the Jews around the world celebrate Purim, the holiday that symbolizes the struggle of the nation for survival.

Predictions of wolf messing 2021

The great prophet saw and the date of his own death – November 8, 1974 and the date of death of the spouse of Aida Mikhailovna. It tried to save the doctors, but I already knew that the doctors did not succeed. During the great Patriotic war a crowd of people came to meetings with Messing, wanting to know about the fate of their husbands and sons, but he would not allow such inhumane prophecies.

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