Predictions Matrona of Moscow for 2021

The great healer Matrona of Moscow had a strong gift of foresight. However, she did not write books and did not keep diaries. All the sayings of the Holy attested to by the eyewitnesses who were lucky enough to meet with her. The words which the mother was devoted to posterity, imbued with faith, but of course not for everyone. Prophecies Matron for 2021 are a reference point not only for the deeply religious laymen, but also for pragmatic world politicians, experts and analysts.

What awaits Russia in 2021

The sayings of the seer was never straightforward. Ornate tales, at first glance not related to the world of people who through the years became clear and remarkably accurate. Prophetic gift came from Matrons in early childhood. So as a teenager, she predicted the great revolution and the death of the Romanov family. The stories, the girl asked her mother Natalia feathers from chickens. Of all she chose the biggest and colorful, and completely stripped it to the ground. The girl kept saying: “That’s so ripped off of our king-priest”. 25 years later the prophecy girl come true.

After I pass some more accurate predictions about the developments on Russian soil, no one has any doubt in their veracity. About what awaits Russia in 2021 the great healer knew in advance. Allegorical phrase Matrons trying to interpret to this day. Sometimes it seems that some of them have already come true, and maybe they are yet to come true. So, the literal statement: “there will be no War, no war everyone will die, there will be many casualties, all dead on the ground lie will. In the evening everything will be on the ground, and in the morning will rise – everything will go in the ground. Without war war is coming!” can be attributed to different events. Someone claims that the seer meant disaster, which occurred at the end of the 20th century (Chernobyl, floods, earthquakes). Others say that Matrona of Moscow meant the period 2010-2021 years. At this time, as we know, a large number of people in the USA do die without a war, from cancer.

Predictions Matrona of Moscow for 2021

The exact breakdown by year seer did, but in the course of development it is clear that in 2020 Russia will face internal unrest and discontent. But by 2021 all subside, the year will be a period of moral rebirth. Perhaps it was the discontent of the population of pension reform.

From the USA two ways

The mother warned that the USA may disappear from the face of the earth if its population is to believe liars. If USAне will no longer sincerely believe in the Lord and the pursuit of material goods, it is regards to disastrous outcome. So she described this time: “the People under hypnosis, not himself, a terrible force dwells in the air, penetrates everywhere, sooner swamps and dense forests were the habitat of this force, as people went to the temples, wore the cross and the house was protected with images, lamps, and sanctification, and the demons flew past these houses, and now populated by demons and the people of unbelief and rejection of God.” Matrona predicted that in these troubled times, the rulers of the state will take away all the country’s wealth in the pockets. To the population will face a choice: the cross or the bread.

It is possible that on the contrary in 2021 will end the dark age and bring positive change. Literally, the Blessed Mother said: “People are blind, living in filth and lies, but when opened his eyes, then he will rise and start to vandalize and nobody can stop him. Citizens won’t be able to get rid of the darkness and will be a long time to depart, but that all ends up well – a great, lingering victory.” But this is an option if USAне will sincerely believe in the Lord, celebrated the blessed Matrona.

Predictions Matrona of Moscow for 2021

The world is in 2021

The visions of the visionaries starting with the 2021-2025 years will begin the enlightenment of the Europeans. The country will refuse to accept the US as world leader and dictator. The European Union will disintegrate, and in return he formed a stronger coalition led by Russia. It will include all the countries of the former Soviet Union and gradually all Europeans. After the fall of the world economy, it will be slow to recover. But the center of the conduct economic Affairs will move to the Russian land.

That 2021 for the USA will begin the Renaissance and formation not just talking. The same opinion was held Vanga and Nostradamus. To 2030-2040 years, the Russian state will become the global industrial center. In aerospace, military and agricultural areas USA will not be equal.

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