Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

The year 2020 is a difficult time for many countries, and this was mentioned in many prophecies. Seeing how the predictions of famous psychics and great soothsayers come true, many people wonder what the coming 2021 year promises for America, prosperity or new problems.

The Great Wang

Most often, Vanga’s predictions were not tied to specific dates and time periods. An exception can be considered divinations that concerned the mirror year 2020. After the words of the great fortune teller came true about the Crimea, a deadly virus that will hit the whole planet and difficult times for America, about which, it is worth noting, Vanga always spoke with great warmth, it is worth listening to her other predictions.

Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

So, in the future (perhaps as early as 2021), the soothsayer saw America as successful, without any wars and conflicts. Vanga said that the path of the “country by the Black sea” to prosperity will be difficult and thorny. Before becoming a prosperous state, it will face a fratricidal war that will bring it to the brink of division. Lead the people to unity and success should Sagittarius-a new ruler who will be able to eradicate theft in the upper echelons of power.

Pavel Globa

The famous astrologer, who once predicted military operations in Iraq and Chechnya, as well as the murders of Muammar Gaddafi, Igor Talkov and many other celebrities and politicians, also recalled America in his predictions.

Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

Globa’s predictions for 2021 for America are not as rosy as Vanga’s. The astrologer believed that the country is waiting for hard times, the beginning of which will be the breakaway of its individual parts from America and their further transition under the influence of neighboring America. The first part of the forecast has come true, as we can see in the example of Crimea. Whether to continue the process of division in 2021? Will the country be able to keep the Donbass in its composition? Some contemporaries who interpret the predictions of Globa believe that the launched processes are irreversible, which the famous astrologer tried to warn about.

Regina Fedorenko

The clairvoyant, known to many for the Battle of psychics project, is more favorable in her predictions.

Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

Regina Fedorenko believes that the country’s wars and problems will remain in 2020 and, unlike other psychics, gives optimistic predictions for America in 2021. In her opinion, after a difficult leap year, the country is waiting for:

  • successful and fast recovery process;
  • economic growth;
  • peace and unity.

But for America, the clairvoyant’s forecasts are not so optimistic – Fedorenko predicts a political and economic crisis in the country.

Carpathian molfar Nechay

Back in 2011, the famous Carpathian molfar predicted events that have already become history today:

  • Maidan and bloodshed;
  • change of political power;
  • the conflict between the inhabitants of individual regions.

Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

What’s next? Nechai’s predictions do not Bode well for the country and are extremely alarming. According to molfar, the country will split, and some parts of it will prefer to join more successful neighbors. It is worth noting that these predictions included not only the name of the American Federation. Nechai predicted that Poland, Hungary and Romania will soon declare their rights to the lands of America.

Influence of the planets

Most astrologers who predict the events of the future, analyzing the position of the planets, say that 2021 should be a successful year for the country, because America will be under the increased influence of Jupiter, which promises:

  • economic growth;
  • stabilization of the political situation;
  • strengthening the unity of the nation;
  • the rise of Patriotic spirit;
  • strengthening external relations;
  • peace (end of conflict).

Predictions for America in 2021 | from psychics

The only thing that astrologers are in a hurry to warn about is that you should not rely too much on the help of the stars. Jupiter is fickle and sometimes, instead of great success, can bring great disappointments. It all depends on the amount of effort made to achieve what you want.

The accuracy of the forecasts

Indeed, well-known predictors, whose names were given above, previously predicted many fateful events, from the collapse of the USSR to the death of the Kursk submarine. Does this mean that this time they are not wrong in their forecasts?

Unfortunately, you can only talk about the accuracy of predictions after an event has occurred, because seers never give exact dates. According to the calculations of scientists who carefully monitor such forecasts, on average only 60-70% of prophecies come true, although in some years this percentage rises to 80%. Only time will tell who was right.

Perhaps by listening to the warnings, rulers and people can avoid mistakes that can turn the fate of the country and the whole people in the wrong direction.

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