Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021

New 2021 on Poklonnaya hill in is a great opportunity to celebrate the main winter holiday among the best artists of the country, in an atmosphere of fun and goodwill. Every year in this capital of some thousands of holidaymakers who rhythms dance until the morning, participate in various competitions, photographed against the backdrop of fairytale characters. The festival kicks off on 31 December at 22:00 and last until 3:00 a.m. January 1.

A few facts from history

Without a doubt, the most popular place of new year’s celebrations in Red square. However, not all residents and guests of the capital prefer downtown for the New year, considering it too crowded, noisy, unsafe. In terms of tranquility, ideal Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021 and settled down next to her, Victory Park.

The first mention of the place dates back to the 14th century. Anciently it was used for events:

  • meet important guests;
  • folk festivals;
  • religious celebrations, etc.

Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021

From the word “bow” (of showing honor) and went for the name “Poklonnaya Gora”. After the great Patriotic war a monument to the heroes, and in 1961 was built by one of the most picturesque parks of Victory. Since the 1970s the Park began to install a Christmas tree, fill rollers, to lay tracks for cross-country skiing, to highlight the trees, bright illumination. The tradition of celebrating the New year in this place already more than half a century, and every year the number of celebrants is only growing. According to various estimates 2020 in Victory Park met 15 to 20 thousand people.

How to get there?

The question how to get to the Poklonnaya hill on the eve of 2021, relevant to many guests. The official address of the administration – Bratyev fonchenko str, 7. A visit to the Park and Poklonnaya hill free, the only exceptions are pre-planned concerts or performances. To get to the place by taxi, fortunately, almost every taxi driver knows this place, on public transport or subway. If you plan to go to the Poklonnaya hill by metro should get off at the station “Victory Park”, where the destination hand.

The climate

As Poklonnaya Gora is a hill, every breeze it felt all over the skin. Next, we present the main weather characteristics that are likely to be here for the New 2021:

  • air temperature – from -5 to -15 º C;
  • the humidity level of 70-90%;
  • the force of the wind of 5-10 m/s.

Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021

Unfortunately, to warm up in nearby cafes or bars would be impossible, as they are usually busy. In addition, not all places of entertainment work in a new year’s eve. The organizers promise to put tents with warm tea, but the queue they will stand kilometer. Keep warm can be, except that, in the metro, which will not close until 3:00 in the morning. Therefore, in order not to spoil the holiday by frostbite, you need to dress warmly and bring a thermos with a warm drink.

The program of events

Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021 will provide visitors with a full range of entertainment. On the evening of 31 December, the program of celebrations will begin with the concert, which will be attended by leading artists of the capital. At the moment the exact list of participants has not yet formed, but, for example, in 2020 at this stage were made by the winners of the musical contest “New wave”, “Golden gramophone”, “Voice” and “Voice. Children.” Traditionally the guests on Poklonnaya Gora expect:

  • fireworks;
  • the sets of the famous DJs;
  • congratulations to the mayor and the President of the country.

Bored audience will not give extravagant leader, who will hold a crowd with contests every half hour. Among the prizes there are Souvenirs, household appliances, themed toys.

Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021

Throughout the Christmas week in Victory Park you can ride a dog sled, participate in the procession of Santa clauses and fairy tale characters, to be photographed with huskies. For vacationers offers master classes from craftsmen, performances by street artists, concerts of music bands. To buy Souvenirs or enjoy dishes of Russian national cuisine, all visitors Poklonnaya hill will be able at a specially organized fair, which will run in the daytime.

Thus, Poklonnaya Gora to the New 2021 will enjoy unforgettable emotions, performances of famous artists, a rich entertainment program. After visiting this place, the memory will remain only pleasant emotions, because the city authorities pay attention to even the petty details, original decorating Victory Park and creating convenient infrastructure during the new year celebrations.

How decorate Poklonnaya hill for the New year, see the following video:

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