Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021 | new year’s, recreation

Preparing For the new year is a responsible and serious matter. Choosing an outfit, preparing festive dishes, preparing gifts – all this is an integral part of the main winter holiday, especially if the meeting is planned at home. In the event that the feast is not for You, you can go outside. Residents of New-York and guests of the city will be happy to welcome Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021. How the event will be held, and what entertainment awaits there, we will tell you in this article.

Where does this name come from?

Poklonnaya Gora is a gentle hill in the Western district of New-York, first mentioned in 1368. The hill was located on Smolenskaya road, where important people were greeted with a bow. Hence the first version of the origin of its name is taken. Another opinion says that Poklonnaya Gora originated from a type of tax-a bow that had to be paid at the entrance to the area. At that time, it was really a mountain from which you could see the whole of New-York. Currently, it is only a small hill from which you can see the nearest area and Park.

Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021 | new year's, recreation

Victory Park

In 1942, the Soviet architect Chernikhov proposed to erect a monument to the soldiers who fought during the great Patriotic War. The protesters were against this, demanding to preserve Poklonnaya Gora. Work continued only in 1987, and 8 years later the memorial complex was opened, because of which the hill had to be leveled. After that, it is considered hidden. Victory Park has a considerable number of monuments, including::

  • St. George’s Cathedral;
  • Synagogue;
  • Mosque;
  • The Museum Of Victory;
  • A Memorial To The “Tragedy Of Peoples”.

In addition, the Park has 1418 fountains, this number is quite symbolic. It was 1418 days that the war lasted. In the dark, the fountains are illuminated in red, which is why they are called bloody.

Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021 | new year's, recreation

5 reasons to celebrate the New year 2021 on Poklonnaya Gora

  1. Beautiful landscape. Poklonnaya Gora offers a beautiful view of New-York, especially before the New year, when the city is decorated with colorful lights, and the trees are covered with snow.
  2. The decoration of the Park. Residents of the city believe that the most beautiful Christmas tree is being installed in Victory Park. There are also large glowing figures, and tree branches shimmer with garlands.
  3. Variety of leisure activities. A huge number of events are organized in the Park:
    • ice slide with sledge and ice rink rental;
    • a fair where many new year’s gifts and Souvenirs are presented;
    • sleigh drawn by three horses;
    • exhibition of ice figures;
    • athletes are invited to take part in training sessions, such as skiing.

Занятие для себя смогут найти и взрослые, и дети. Любителям шумных празднований придутся по душе народные гулянья и танцы до утра. Тем, кто хочет спокойно встретить Новый год будет комфортно пройтись по заснеженным тропинкам и посетить выставки.

Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021 | new year's, recreation

  1. Concert stage. In between activities, you can stop and enjoy the performances of famous singers. The repertoire includes everyone’s favorite Christmas songs.
  2. Festive salute. The Park has a fireworks display that will start immediately after the chimes strike.

New year’s Poklonnaya Gora in 2021 is ready to receive all comers. Unlike red square, admission is free and unlimited.

As a rule, the holiday begins on December 31 at 11 o’clock in the morning with children’s fun:

  • round dances with Santa Claus;
  • master classes;
  • dance and music shows;
  • mass games.

With the onset of the evening, a festive concert begins, which continues until the morning, interrupted only by a salute in the first minutes of The new year that has already come. The program ends at 03.00.

Poklonnaya Gora for the New year 2021 | new year's, recreation

How to prepare

In order to make the New year 2021 on Poklonnaya Gora as comfortable as possible, you should know a few nuances::

  1. Poklonnaya Gora is a hill, so even a small wind will be felt stronger there. Warm clothes and shoes will easily cope with this problem.
  2. Despite the fact that there are many food outlets in the Park, the queues for them will be long. A thermos of tea, sandwiches and fruit taken from home will be very useful.
  3. Drinking alcoholic beverages on the territory is strictly prohibited. This will be monitored by numerous security and police officers. Citizens who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access.
  4. The location of the Park is very convenient, very close to the metro, which on new Year’s eve will work until 2 am. It is recommended to use public transport, as traffic jams are guaranteed.
  5. Due to mobile network congestion, there may be no connection. You should know about this in advance and arrange a meeting place with friends and relatives.

The atmosphere that fills Poklonnaya Gora on new Year’s eve cannot be expressed in words. Thousands of cheering people, sparklers, jewelry-all this is worth seeing with your own eyes. And even if you don’t have a company, you won’t be bored here. You won’t be able to stay alone, and this holiday will come up in your memories for a long time.

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