Planting pepper seedlings in the greenhouse in 2021

Experienced gardeners know how important it is when working on the ground to adhere to the lunar calendar. The gravitational field of the natural satellite of our planet affects the processes occurring on Earth. Farmers have noticed that depending on the stage of the lunar month changes the action potential of plants. Usually planting pepper seedlings carried out in late February. Fortunately, in 2021 this month will be auspicious lunar days.

Calendar gardener

Lunar calendar followed by farmers, consists of 12 months with a duration of 29 or 30 days. For the convenience of its being adapted to the ordinary, the secular, so in one month you can observe a complete change of the phases of the satellite. The most difficult days in the lunar calendar, full moon, new moon and two days before and after them. The growing moon is favorable to the growth of the ground part of plants. In it is a good time to plant seedlings, to dive shoots. The waning moon like roots, this phase is well suited to tuber crops and cabbage; at this time, it is recommended to plant trees. To fertilize better in the third and fourth stage of the satellite.

Important! If you hold a planting pepper seedlings on the waning moon, you can get sturdy plants, but a large harvest from them will not.

In addition to the satellites of the Earth a great influence on plants have Zodiac signs. Planting pepper seedlings is recommended to do when in the sky ruled by Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. If planted in Virgo, Sagittarius or Aries, the seeds germinate completely. Adverse signs – Gemini, Leo, Aquarius and Libra, which will give a zero germination. In addition to planting days there are favorable periods for irrigation, picking, transplanting, and fertilizer. Water the peppers when the moon is in water signs in Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.

Planting pepper seedlings in the greenhouse in 2021

In February

The end of the last month of winter is the hottest time for farmers, because if you miss the timing of the sowing of the seed, it is possible to remain without a crop in the summer.

DatePhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
19-20WaningCapricornPreparation of soilPlanting seeds
26-27GrowingAriesPreparation of soil, sowing of seedsIrrigation, fertilizer

February 26-27 – young month. Seeds planted on these days will quickly go to growth. On 28-29 February, the days suitable for low-growing varieties. This contributes not only phase but also the sign of a patron.

Work in March

Only the first half of the first month of spring is suitable for sowing of seeds for seedlings. At this time, carry out planting peppers early and mid-season varieties. 2021 in early March, the Moon favors Solanaceae.

DatePhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
OneGrowingTaurusSeeding, tillageWatering
4-6GrowingCancerSowing, picks, wateringFertilizer, thinning, transplanting
25-26GrowingAriesSwordplay, fertilizerWatering

Calendar of activities in April

In early April, the grown seedlings are beginning to prepare for transplanting to the greenhouse. For open ground it’s still the wrong time, because the more our country on the soil frosts are still. If the seedlings reached a height of 25 cm, on a stalk at least 12 leaves and there were buds, so it’s time to transfer seedlings to the greenhouse.

DatePhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
1-2GrowingCancerHoeing, fertilizing, wateringSwordplay
FifteenThird quarterAquariusWatering, fertilizingTransplant
18-19WaningFishTransplanting, wateringSwordplay, fertilizer
23-24GrowingTaurusTransplantWatering, fertilizing

Work in may

In may, the continued care of pepper seedlings, and the seedlings grown for open ground, actively preparing to move to a new location.

DatePhaseConstellationRecommendedNot recommended
2-3GrowingVirginFertilizer, tillageWatering
11-12WaningCapricornLooseningTransplant, swordplay, watering
13-14WaningAquariusWateringTransplant, swordplay
18-19WaningAriesHoeing, feedingWatering, transplanting
25-26GrowingCancerWatering, hardeningFertilizing, transplanting
30-31GrowingVirginTransplant, swordplayWatering, fertilizing

Rules of planting pepper

Peppers, like tomatoes, belongs to the family Solanaceae. These crops can be planted by seed in open ground or grow seedlings. For most regions in our country the preferred method of growing seedlings in the greenhouse. Planting peppers usually start in February, to 50-70 days to transfer the grown shrubs into the ground. The average time to transplant is mid – April to early June depending on the variety and climatic conditions.

Before planting you need to prepare the soil and to calibrate the seeds. It is necessary to take into account the expiration dates of planting material. The older the seeds, the less strong will be plants. To calculate the approximate time it will take to farming culture, it is necessary to look at the recommendations of the manufacturer. If the seeds you got from a neighbor to testify, it is possible to be guided by the average period:

  • Germination – 10 days;
  • Adaptation after thinning and pricking – 12 days;
  • The onset of technical maturity of 90 days for early varieties, 125 to 140 for mid and late maturing.

How to prepare for the sowing of seeds

First stage – preparation of the soil. Ideal – ready mix, but you can prepare the ground alone. To do this, take a bucket of earth from the garden, add a bucket of compost and black peat, as well as a glass of ash. Capacity for seedlings filled to ¾ and tuck hand.

Separately, prepare the seeds. Cull shriveled and dry seeds, leaving only those that have a healthy appearance. Processing is an important stage, because protravel seeds can kill pests in the future to obtain a strong plant. The easiest way is to wrap seeds in cheesecloth and moistened with a solution of manganese. The next stage – soaking the seeds first for 20 minutes in water and then in wet gauze before crop emergence. Seeds are sown in the prepared cups with the land, deepening them for 1.5 cm Then follow the recommendations of the lunar calendar and expect germination in about 10-14 days.

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