Planting garlic in 2021: calendar

Ensuring optimal conditions for the growth and development of garlic requires an integrated approach based on different methods of farming and following natural rhythms. We need to start with choosing the most favorable time for planting culture in accordance with the phases of the moon. Therefore, to planting garlic in 2021 was carried out correctly, you need to carry it out according to the lunar calendar, respecting the rules of farming.

Planting dates

To correctly identify days when to plant garlic in 2021 in the ground, you need to understand that there are spring and winter crops. Spring are planted in early spring as soon as the snow melts and the ground dries up a bit (ground ball does not stick to hands). Meeting deadlines is an impact on the amount and quality of the crop. During this period, the teeth are saturated with moisture, which gives them full development. If late for 12-15 days, then head get much smaller.

Winter garlic planted considering the fact that before the winter cold remained at least 1.5 months. Better suited for this last week of September and beginning of October. For later planting teeth will not have time to take root and earlier will lead to premature growth and a significant decrease in winter hardiness.

In addition, the optimal dates to perform such work must be determined in consideration of the lunar calendar. Favorable days for planting or sowing of garlic in 2021 are indicated in the table below the calendar.

Planting garlic in 2021: calendar

010203040506070809TenSpring6, 72, 3, 301, 27, 28Winter22, 23Twenty one

If for any reason planting garlic in 2021 in these days impossible, it is possible (though not desirable) to move the event to another date. The important thing is to avoid the days when the lunar phase is full moon and new moon.

Banned for planting garlic in 2021 days and listed:

010203040506070809New moonElevenTenElevenTenTenEightEightSevenFiveFiveThe full moonTwenty sevenTwenty sixTwenty sevenTwenty fiveTwenty fiveTwenty threeTwenty twoTwenty oneNineteenNineteen

In addition, there are a number of recommendations as to when you can plant garlic in 2021. They relate to the signs of the Zodiac, which at the time of landing is the Moon:

  1. Considered fertile Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio. If you make a sowing of garlic in 2021 under one of these signs, it will provide fast growth and high yield of the crop.
  2. To neutral are Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra. When the moon is in these signs landing can be carried out, but the harvest will be average.
  3. Barren are considered to be Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Aries. During the stay of the moon in these constellations planting garlic in 2021 should take place.

Planting garlic in 2021: calendar

In any case, to plant the teeth in the earth at dawn or at noon. At growing moon it is recommended to make a sowing of mineral fertilizers, the decreasing – organic fertilizer.

Terms and conditions

Under teeth do not make fresh manure, not to increase the risk of fungal infections and the accumulation in the pulp of nitrates. Moreover, in such circumstances, they do not ripen and remain loose, so poorly stored.

Immediately prior to planting garlic is you can’t dig up the soil. Necessary to sustain 12-15 days, so that the teeth are not too zaglublenie in the ground, otherwise the lack of air will lead to the destruction of planting material. Also shrinkage of the soil will cause the bending of the root system, in which the teeth do not reach the desired effect.

Planting garlic is produced in the trench to a depth of 10 cm with row spacing of 25 cm and at a distance of 8-10 cm the teeth are fully pushed into the soil. For spring varieties the planting depth can be reduced by half.

Planting garlic in 2021: calendar

Growing seeds

Garlic cannot be planted teeth. To prevent degeneration and accumulation of diseases, every 4-5 years is necessary to conduct sowing of seeds. The following year they give you a little bullocki, and from them through the year grow a normal head.

To obtain bulboac a certain number of heads don’t dig, and leave in the ground and next spring all teeth to sprout thickly and give bullocki. They are harvested in the fall, and then use when landing.


Garlic Matures in an average of 100 days after emergence. Usually winter crops are dug in late July – early August, and spring from late August to mid-September. More precisely, the days when to dig up garlic, determined by the lunar calendar. Favourable dates to harvest in 2021 is given in the calendar:

VarietiesA month
Spring16-23, 25, 28, 295, 11, 15-27
Winter5-7, 15, 18, 19, 23, 24, 311-4, 11-13, 29, 30

The Mature head should be dense, and the teeth are easily separated from them. Additionally, the maturity confirms the presence of the following signs:

  • shell bulbeck crack;
  • lower leaves turn yellow;
  • the foliage dries and bends;
  • the husk is thinner;
  • grow up young roots.

Maturity Zubkov at the time of harvest is very important to ensure quality storage, perishable as immature and overripe will be expected to disintegrate.

How to plant garlic in the spring: video

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