Planting days in March 2021 | planting calendar, for seedlings, in the ground

In the first days of March, summer residents open a hot sowing season. The calendar of landing days in the form of a table will help you plan the list of works correctly. In March 2021, the Earth’s satellite favors vegetable growers: there are many favorable days in the calendar for working with land and plants.

Lunar phases and their impact

Two planets of the solar system actively affect not only the life of people, but also the development of plants. Ancient farmers, not knowing all the modern tricks of growing plants, knew how to get a rich harvest if you strictly adhere to the lunar calendar.

Already at the beginning of the last century, scientists noted that during the new moon, the consumption of moisture by plants is noticeably reduced. Therefore, you should not be too zealous with watering these days. The gravitational forces of the Sun and moon reunite during the new moon and depress the root system. Weeding, loosening, transplanting, pruning, and harvesting are not recommended during this phase.

On a growing moon, energy moves from the roots to the top of the plants. The plant actively absorbs water, gives shoots. On these days, it is good to sow seeds of leafy crops, apply fertilizers. Not abundant watering, surface loosening is allowed.

On the waning moon, the reverse processes occur. Therefore, it is recommended to weed out weeds, cut off stepchildren, harvest crops, plant root crops, propagate perennial flowers, and carry out preventive treatments.

During the full moon, all the energy is collected in the upper part of the plant (stems, flowers, fruits). The following works will be useful: watering, fertilizing, and removing weeds. Remove side shoots is not recommended, swordplay, nipping, transplant.

Planting days in March 2021 | planting calendar, for seedlings, in the ground

You can determine the phase of the lunar cycle by looking at the sky. The waning Moon is similar to the letter C, growing in a semicircle from the letter P, at full moon-a full disk is visible, and at new moon — the satellite of the Earth is hidden from view.

Moon phases in March 2021

Date/day of the weekThe moonPhasezodiac signEnergy of the day
01/MondayDecreasing valueThirdScalesAlmost good
03 / WednesdayScorpioNeutral
04 / ThursdayScorpioAlmost good
05/FridayScorpio/SagittariusA good one
06/SaturdayDecreasing valueThe fourthSagittariusAlmost good
07/SundaySagittarius/CapricornAlmost good
10 / WednesdayAquarius / PiscesA good one
11 / ThursdayFishA good one
13/SaturdayNew moonFishBad
14/SundayGrowingFirstPisces/AriesVery bad
16/TuesdayAries / TaurusVery bad
17 / WednesdayTaurusAlmost good
20/SaturdayTwinsAlmost good
21/SundayGrowingFirst quarterGemini/CancerAlmost good
22/MondayGrowingThe second oneCancerAlmost good
24 / WednesdayCancerA good one
25/ThursdayLeoAlmost good
27/SaturdayMaidAlmost good
28/SundayThe full moonVirgo / LibraAlmost good
29/MondayDecreasing valueThirdScalesNeutral
30/TuesdayScales/ScorpioAlmost good
31 / WednesdayScorpioNeutral

Planting days in March 2021 | planting calendar, for seedlings, in the ground

Favorable days for work

The lunar calendar of landings and other activities for March 2021 is based not only on lunar phases. The location of the moon relative to the Zodiac signs and their fertility is important. The table shows recommendations based on a combination of all “lunar” factors.

DateRecommended worksNot recommended
01.03.Sowing and planting of flowers, climbing plants, herbs and medicinal plants and crops that have an edible underground partTillage, manipulation of the roots
2.03-3.03Watering, top dressing of seedlings, thinning of seedlingsWork with garden tools
04.03.Soaking of seeds, planting of eggplant, peppers, tomatoesTransplanting, abundant irrigation
05.03.Thinning of seedlings, sowing and planting of root vegetables, potatoes, bulbs, legumesTransfer, dive
06.03.Any work with the aboveground part of plants is favorableAbundant irrigation
07.03.Sowing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. Top dressing, fertilization, grafting of treesManipulations with the root system
08.03.Soaking any seeds, sowing long-term storage crops
09.03-11.03Sow seeds for the sake of experiment, flowers and fruits will be of unusual shape and color. Thinning of seedlings is possible. It is good to do landscaping of the garden plotAbundant watering
17.03-18.03Sowing of Solanaceae, grasses, and annual flowersTransplanting, pruning, remove side shoots
20.03.Irrigation and root fertilization, fertilization of the soilPlanting, transplanting, and shaping shrubs and trees
21.03.Sowing, weed removal, irrigation, top dressing
22.03-25.03There are no work bans, it’s a good day, and the planting of fruit trees will be especially successful
26.03-27.03Sowing of annual flowers, lianas, loaches. It is allowed to sow spicy herbs, cucumbers, bitter pepper. Irrigation and top dressingPruning of trees and shrubs
28.03.The fit of all the bulbous flowers, shrubs and roses. Loosening, top dressingGrafting, remove side shoots
29.03.It is better to postpone working with plants. Pest control, weeding, and loosening are allowed
30.03.A good day for any work
31.03.Any work that does not concern the root system is favorable.Working with roots

Planting days in March 2021 | planting calendar, for seedlings, in the ground

Unfavorable days in March

A few days in March 2021 are considered extremely unfavorable. Work with plants and seeds can not be scheduled from March 12 to March 16 and 19. On Saturday, March 13, there is a new Moon, and for the next four days (14,15,16,19), the Moon will be in non-fertile zodiac signs. Plants planted on these days will be weak, sickly and will not produce a good harvest.

“Bad ” days can be devoted to preparing containers for sowing seeds: disinfect last year’s pots, make drainage holes. In March, it’s time to sort out the stocks of planting material, prepare stickers with the names of varieties, and draw up a map of the location of crops on the site.

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