Planting beets in 2021: calendar

Gardeners USA are already preparing for planting beets in 2021, studying the lunar calendar and the list of favourable days for beginning of planting, purchase quality seeds. This valuable root has great nutritional value and yields a copious harvest with the right care. It is planted not only in spring but a winter. It is the latter method of cultivation, usually raises many questions.

Growing beets in the late fall

Fall planting of beets – the best option for those regions where the weather forecast in 2021 will be a short summer. Seed during the cold months hardens naturally, it becomes resistant to spring frosts, lack of irrigation, disease and pests. In wintering seeds with a thick shell gradually swell and germinate in the spring, more actively, in March-early April, the first dig succulent roots. Agronomists recommend to choose for the autumn works of the following kinds of beet, resistant to frost and not prone to expansion shooter:

  • Inwinter-474;
  • Cold-resistant-19;
  • Gaspadynya;
  • Detroit;
  • Red ball;
  • Polar flat K-249.

Planting beets in 2021: calendar

Sown in the autumn cold-resistant beet has excellent taste, but for a long time after digging it is not stored. She immediately allowed for seaming. It is desirable to cultivate the crop after onions, cucumbers, beans, potatoes, tomatoes.

When to plant beets for the winter

To start planting beets and other root crops in 2021, choose auspicious days in the sowing calendar, when the Moon is waning:

A monthAuspicious daysNeutral daysSowing unwanted
October15-20, 22-275, 14, 21, 281-4, 6-13, 29-31
November13-19, 21-254, 12, 20, 261-3, 5-11, 27-30

To spring the beet seedlings were actively growing, from the land remove all remnants of the roots of other plants, large rocks and weeds. During the digging of the soil to fertilize it with ash and humus or organic phosphorus-potassium mixtures. To plant vegetable better on a well-lit area. Ultraviolet rays make the root larger, bright and juicy. It is not recommended to choose a bed with clay and overly acidic soil. Beet seedlings loves a good neutral opening stage. To reduce acidity, loosen it with lime, chalk, dolomite flour, wood ashes.

Within a few days of beet seed is germinated on the windowsill in a wet cloth. On the day they are soaked in a solution of superphosphate. Then plant in dry soil, preparing the furrow 3-4 inches deep. It is important to observe the distance between the seedlings of 8-10 cm and between furrows – 15-20 cm They sleep with loose garden soil mixed with compost and sand, and in the end, well watered.

The temperature of the outside air should not be below 0 degrees (day and night). Rush is also impossible, as early fall often thaw, during which the beets will actively germinate and then die from the sudden frost. To protect plantings from frost for the whole cold season cover a bed with plastic or sprinkle sawdust, pine needles, leaves, loose snow. In the spring this cover is removed and loosen the top layer of soil. To avoid crowding in the garden and grow big and not small roots, less vigorous sprouts to throw up.

Planting beets in 2021: calendar

When to start growing in the spring

Seeds of red root vegetable is often planted in open ground after planting carrots on the waning moon:

A monthAuspicious daysNeutral daysSowing unwanted
April1-4, 20-26, 28-305, 12, 19, 276-11, 13-18
May1-4, 20-25, 27-315, 12, 19, 266-11, 13-18

In regions with unfavorable climatic conditions and a short summer planting beets in 2021 it is better to postpone for the end of may, when to plant seeds in the ground already will be as safely as possible.

During the digging of the earth, it receives organic and mineral fertilizers. Seeds pre-soaked in a solution of superphosphate, and then germinated for several days in moist gauze. The beds make indentations in 4-5 cm deep. Between them must be a distance of 15-20 cm and between seedlings of 5-7 cm, although after the appearance of the first sprouts, most likely, will require additional thinning. Occasionally the beds and loosen as drying the top layer of soil is watered.

Planting a root crop seedlings

To make the beet thinning bushes in the spring, root is pre-germinated in a separate pill or cups, and if possible, in the greenhouse. Some gardeners take the boxes, pots or boxes filled with earth and make them small grooves. Seeds are spread on a distance of 3-4 cm from each other.

Planting beets in 2021: calendar

Work begins a month before the planned move seedlings outdoors in March – early April. Pots with sprouts of the first cover film, and then periodically removed. In the greenhouse or the greenhouse conduct daily ventilation. Before planting the germinated seedling it abundantly watered, the roots are dipped in a clay solution and added dropwise to the prepared bed. By this point every Bush should already have 3-4 big leaves.

Proper care of the root

A serious threat to vegetable crops are of weed. It has a long enough growing season, so young sprouts beet sometimes die quickly because of its proximity with other plants with a strong root system. To reduce weeds, they are not just ripped from the earth by hand, and poured sodium nitrate the whole bed. The time necessary to carry out loosening the soil to a depth of 4-6 cm, in order to prevent the formation of dense land cover.

Experienced gardeners know that it is important to monitor the thinning of crops-root. The procedure is carried out twice per season. In the end, between the sprouts should be a clear space of 8-9 cm best to pull the extra bushes after a heavy rain or a recent irrigation. Their root system, as neighbors, have minimal damage and can be torn heel in the seedlings of beet in the free space.

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