Plan roads for 2021

By 2021, in a plan to build a new road. Only for 2018 was laid 127 km of roads, built 55 stout bridges, tunnels and overpasses, and a 19 pedestrian crossings. Over the past years have been implemented large-scale projects such as the construction of the largest urban thoroughfares – the North-East Expressway (work done on 1/3), the commissioning of the forward stroke of the North-West Expressway, construction of more than 100 pedestrian crossings.

The current situation

The total length of roads in Moscow is more than 3.6 thousand km, but the security of the capital of the USA road network is approximately 2 times less than in other cities of the world. Roads occupy only 8% of the capital and on the periphery (in Zelenograd, Khimki, Korolev, etc.), this figure is only 2-3%, despite the fact that the European standard should be 15-20 %. After joining the New capital in 2011-2012 and, consequently, increasing the territory of the metropolis in 2.4 times, one of the priorities in the framework of realization of strategy of socio-economic development is the construction and reconstruction of roads and improving transport service, namely:

  • the development of the road network;
  • the construction of new metro stations and development of Moscow metro;
  • the development of the railway node;
  • the organization of Parking lots.

Plan roads for 2021

Among the already existing achievements in the field of improvement of the road infrastructure of the capital should be noted:

  • the reconstruction of highway from Kiev highway to Borowski (passing through Rasskazovka etc.);
  • reconstruction of the connection of the Kiev and Kaluga highway.
  • completion 80% construction of the North-West Expressway (just have to finish building 1 section of highway in the district of the canal. );
  • active construction of the North-East Expressway (the section from businovskaya junction to Dmitrov highway, the space from Kosinski junction to the Open highway, etc.);
  • implementation of such a large project as the construction of part of the route of Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoye, connecting the Kiev and Kaluga highway and, in fact, duplicate the ring road;
  • and many others.

At the request of the Deputy mayor for urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin, for some 8 years, the length of roads increased by 19%. Was put into operation 820 km of roads (by length which corresponds to 8 McAdam), 254 flyovers, bridges and tunnels, 218 pedestrian crossings.

Plans for 2021

Figure 1 shows a rough plan of roads for 2021.

Plan roads for 2021

The development of the road network until 2021

Plan roads for 2021

Metro map including construction of new stations by 2021

Special attention is paid to development of infrastructure of roads in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas. Road construction is funded from budget allocations in the framework of AIP – targeted investment programme for 2018-2021 years. On the website of urban policy and construction, the city placed two documents directly related to the AIP:

In accordance with Annex 1 to these decisions of the Government at the expense of the capital budget only for the development of the transport system are highlighted:

  • 360 884 billion rubles – in 2020;
  • 359068 RUB billion – in 2021.

Thus, for the construction of roads and development of transport accounts for more than 70% of the volume of funds.

According to the Annex 2 to PP from 10.10.2017, No. 748-PP final results of the implementation of the AIP will be:

  • 66,3 km of additional roads by the end of 2020;
  • 86,4 km of additional roads by the end of 2021.

During the period 2018-2021 years it is planned to achieve the following results:

  • to build 300 km of roads (of which about 37% are New );
  • 80 artificial structures (21 New );
  • 40 pedestrian crossings.

Plan roads for 2021

Modern city infrastructure includes transport hubs, which must be located within walking distance. By 2021 the ninth year of such nodes is approximately 56 units.

Under the AIP is planned to complete the laying of new tram routes from the metro station “Prague” to R-on the East Biryulyovo. In addition, the program takes into consideration the construction of key facilities, such as:

  • South Rokada;
  • The North-East and North-West chord;
  • Southern and Northern stand-in Kutuzovsky PR-TA;
  • UDS ZIL;
  • New transport infrastructure (including roads “Solntsevo-Butovo-Prominent”, UDS Troitsk, ADC “Kommunarka”, etc.).

Today is the reconstruction of sections of the embankment of the river , namely:

  • Karamyshevskaya Naberezhnaya;
  • Simonovskaya embankment;
  • Krutitskaya embankment.

A key project for the coming years will be the development of an alternative ring, which will consist of 4 chordates have backbones (307 km in length) and include 158 artificial structures (bridges, overpasses, and tunnels). For 2021, the following is planned amount of works included the construction of roads for 2021:

  • The completion of the reconstruction of Vnukovo highway until may 2021 Construction began at the end of 2017 Road for 8.7 km will be held from Minsk to Borovsky highway. On it are 4 bands from 3.5 to 4 m is designed for traffic, pedestrian sidewalk width of 2.3 m. the adjacent area will be lawns and planted 7 thousand shrubs and trees. The road will allow to increase the capacity of the Kiev direction of the railway and the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line.

Plan roads for 2021

  • Continue construction of the Southeast Expressway, scheduled for the summer of 2020, the Road will pass from the Big ring (station “Nizhny Novgorod”) to Third transport ring, and in the future will run until the New (will cover 10 districts, and will cross at least 5 roads). The length of the South-East Expressway is estimated at 36 km. Approximately 50% of the total length of the main stroke of the highway will be overpasses.
  • For 2021, the planned launch of the southern understudy Kutuzovskiy Prospekt. It will also continue the construction of the Northern alternate route to Kutuzovsky Prospekt (11.5 km, 8 overpasses, 2 adjustable trestle and 4 bridges), which will be held from DTS “city” to Moscow. It is planned to make the Congress on the Molodogvardeyskaya interchange. North and South doubles are designed to reduce the traffic in the Western part of the capital and to improve the overall accessibility of DC “city”.
  • Will be the construction of rings, including a 3 chord line (the North-East, North-West and South-East) and the southern belt. The new ring road will include about 300 km of roads and 127 bridges, tunnels, bridges and more than 50 pedestrian crossings. In order to improve the efficiency of construction in 2021, the project operator appointed organization “Mosinzhproekt”. By the acceleration of the pace of construction work can be completed until mid-2022.

In General, according to the head of the Department of development of new territories Vladimir Zhidkin in 2020-2021. the New one will be built about 300 km of new roads.

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