Plan for the decade of childhood by 2021

In accordance with the presidential decree No. 240 dated 29 may 2017 the Ministry of labour has developed a “plan for the Decade of childhood by 2021”, highlighting in it 15 chapters, which, according to experts, should continue the National strategy of actions in interests of children on 2012-2017.

Main activities

President of the starting point of the implementation of the new program announced on January 1, 2018, but by that time the coordinating centre, which included specialists from different ministries, had prepared only a draft proposal for activities for 2018-2021 years. A limited period of time was chosen because count program for all ten years is difficult. Two years is a sufficient period of time to understand the correct first steps and time to adjust the budget allocated for this purpose.

Plan for the decade of childhood by 2021

The official text of decree was published on the Government website July 6, 2018. The plan consists of 15 sections, between which was divided the 131 position. Among the global campaign is to increase the well – being of families with children, and developmental infrastructure, the security of the younger generation, preservation of health, support of education and development of children’s culture, support children’s sport, leisure and tourism, support of children with disabilities, reform of the system of adoption, control over information space, providing quality children’s products.

According to the decree, each region must develop its plan for the implementation of the program “the Decade of childhood” covers the period until 2021. On the basis of existing problems and financial possibilities of overcoming them, officials have drafted proposals in the framework of the national action list.

To plan for the Decade of childhood with proposed programs were really implemented until 2021, has organized a special presidential Council for families and children. By order of Valentina Matvienko made the criteria for the evaluation of the results of the program to prevent filing fake report, as often occurs in practice.

The program

On paper it looks very nice, but people want to know what do they get from this program, which is allocated a lot of budget money.

Road map large

In 2011 was adopted the Federal law No. 138, which reglamentary obtaining large families of land for development. Unfortunate, but to date not all regions can implement this program fully, and the reason for this is simple lack of the land Fund. Particularly acute problem is in Metropolitan areas. Often offer large areas in remote regions and deprived of their utility infrastructure. In 2018-2020 in the framework of the “Decade for childhood” for these purposes, officials will be obliged to provide the coordinating Council a road map for allocation of plots, ready for construction. The government on the basis of these data, conduct the analysis and develop its programme of addressing this issue. Today an alternative – the allocation of apartments or cash as compensation for the land.

Plan for the decade of childhood by 2021

The opening of the centres for gifted children

Inclusive education

Support for children with disabilities one of the priorities set in the programme being implemented. To 2021 in the region should be able to open educational centres of professional orientation. At the Federal level, it is assumed the establishment of three resource and methodical centres that will fully support the education of persons with disabilities. Across the country will open 85 professional educational organizations, plus it 21, the University will be reoriented towards inclusive education. The importance of this task is to socialize children with disabilities and give them the opportunity on a par with “normal” children to realize their right to education and subsequent employment.

Plan for the decade of childhood by 2021

Cultural development and the love of travel

In front of the Ministry of culture is tasked to create 10 full-length cartoons and game programs, and also run 20 animated projects, which will contribute to involve the younger generation to Patriotic music, literature and artistic creativity. For this step especially, because today’s children are growing up in a digital world, sensitive to what you see on the screen.

If earlier children went on long walks, but today the younger generation does not pull from the computer. That is why the government have put before the regions the task of opening centers of youth tourism, to instill in the children a love of travel.

Plan for the Decade of childhood, developed up to 2021 is only the initial phase of the global program, which runs until 2027. The tasks were in fact the peak of the iceberg, but under the water lurks a huge block of problems that still need to be addressed to specialists.

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