Petrov post 2021 | what date is Petrovsky post, date

In 2021, the Petrovsky post is short. It will last only two weeks: from Monday, June 28 to July 11. The following day, the Church celebrates the day of commemoration of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul.

When to observe the fast of the apostles in 2021?

All Mas holidays and linked to the retreat are counted from Easter. In 2021, Easter will be late, and will start on may 2. Trinity is celebrated on the 50th day, June 20. A week later, on June 27, All Saints ‘ Week ends, and the Apostolic fast begins on Monday. The beginning of Peter’s retreat is tied to Easter and the Trinity is always completed in a single day – July 12. Depending on what is beginning on Easter, the fast of the apostles lasts from six to one week.

In 2021, the Petrovsky post is short. It will last only two weeks: from Monday, June 28 to July 11. The following day, the Church celebrates the day of commemoration of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul.

Petrov post 2021 | what date is Petrovsky post, date

What is the essence of Petrov’s post

True Christianity presupposes service to God and people, moderation in the needs of the body. Days of intense prayerful appeal to God, restrictions in spiritual and carnal pleasures are an integral part of the Christian life. Christians observe several fasts throughout the year. Petrov post is one of them. It is also called Petrovka, Apostolic. The days are closely connected with the celebration of Easter, or rather with the Trinity, which is celebrated 7 weeks after the Resurrection of Christ, and is a passing holiday.

Peter’s fast is not accidentally celebrated after Trinity day. According to the gospel, on the 50th day after Easter, the Holy Spirit descended on the 12 apostles in the form of tongues of flame, and they began to speak in different languages. Thus, the Lord entrusted the Apostles with the great mission of worldwide preaching the Good news of the salvation of mankind and the coming of the Kingdom of God. This event is described in the Acts of the Holy Apostles. Observing the Apostolic fast, Christians remember Peter and Paul, their lives and deeds.

When and how did Petrov post come about

Christians began to observe the Apostolic fast from the first centuries of the Church’s creation. The Apostolic decree calls on Christians to celebrate one week (as the week was called in ancient times), and then fast. The tradition of fasting took root when a Church dedicated to Peter and Paul was erected. The consecration of the Church took place on July 12, so the day became a holiday, and in the Orthodox world it is customary to prepare for it with prayer and prayer.

Petrov post 2021 | what date is Petrovsky post, date

For the first time, the fast of Pentecost is mentioned in the work of St. Hippolytus, who lived in Rome in the third century. The work is known as the “Apostolic tradition”. This post was recommended to those who for some reason missed the post before Easter. At first it was called the fast of Pentecost, but later it became Apostolic, dedicated to Peter and Paul – the apostles who, by bodily abstinence and prayer, prepared their spirit for the upcoming Ministry, preaching the gospel around the world.

It is more correct to call the fast Apostolic. He became Peter’s simply because the name of Peter was at the front, and the people, out of simplicity of heart, shortened the name of Paul.

The canons of Peter’s post

Those who think that fasting consists only in giving up certain foods are deeply mistaken. On those days when a believer seeks to get closer to God, refusing physical pleasures, it is recommended to pray, read the gospel, the lives of Saints, other Church literature, and participate in Church services. Secular literature, magazines, television, and the Internet are forbidden for a true Christian.

It is difficult for a modern person living in a secular society to abandon such a rapid means of transmitting information and communication as the Internet. Many people work in it. Churches create their own websites, and life on them does not stop even during the days of Great lent. You can read religious literature online. Without giving up the Internet, you need to protect yourself from online games, limit communication to business and necessary, give up music, entertainment films, and everything that consumes time on the Internet.

Petrov post 2021 | what date is Petrovsky post, date

But this does not mean that if you can’t watch TV, hang out on the Internet, then you can go to a neighbor and have tea with lean cookies (which modern confectioners offer a lot), wash the bones of your neighbors. Or take a bottle of vodka and eat a radish, empty it for three. It’s not Christian. It is necessary to refrain from alcohol on the days of fasting. Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria wrote: “Prayer is true when it is combined not with drunkenness, but with fasting.”

In everyday life, you should limit empty and meaningless communication with neighbors, but everyone can help a lonely old lady around the house, or in cooking. Love your neighbor-these are not empty words, they contain the essence of Christianity. Everyone should help their neighbor to the best of their ability. The Church is proud of those who gave their wealth to the poor, and went to serve people, but does not call for this. The rich can do more for people than the poor. Everyone who considers himself a Christian should help those who need help.During this period, you should also restrain your negative emotions. You can not swear, Express anger, you should avoid discouragement, envy. You should also refrain from intimacy, as a source of lust, carnal pleasures.

How to eat on fast days

Petrovka is not overly strict. Strictness is observed only on Wednesday and Friday. It is important to know that all animal products are excluded from the menu during cooking: livestock and poultry meat, lard and other animal fats, milk, cheeses. The body receives protein from plant products: cereals, legumes, mushrooms.

Petrov post 2021 | what date is Petrovsky post, date

Here is a table from which believers will learn how to eat a Christian during the Apostolic fast.

MondayIt is allowed to prepare hot dishes without oil, animal products. These are porridges with fruits, vegetables, bean soups, fruit drinks, compotes, etc.
TuesdayFish and mushrooms are added to the menu. You can cook food with vegetable oil.
WednesdayDry eating. This means that you can’t cook or eat hot food. The menu includes bread, water, salt, honey, vegetables (raw or sauerkraut), fruits, juices from them, dried fruits, nuts.
ThursdayIn the diet of the day-fish, seafood, mushrooms.
FridayOn this day, the diet is strict, as on Wednesday.
SaturdayFood with oil obtained from plants, fish, mushrooms, cooked soups, porridges are allowed. Vegetable oils are called lean for the fact that these types of fats are added to the diet of lean days.

The fast of the apostles helping Christians spiritually to approach the Holy Apostles. Any Christian can easily calculate the date of the beginning of Peter’s fast in 2021, knowing the days of the beginning of Easter and Trinity.

Folk traditions

Entertainment events are prohibited on the days of the Petrovsky govenment. However, the ban did not prevent the peasants from organizing fun festivities in the week before lent, on the days of the Holy Trinity. A characteristic feature was meadow festivities with round dance games, in which images of utushka Lugovaya and her ducklings were created. The peasants sincerely believed that those who observed Petrovka could count on God’s help in their labors.

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