Peter and Fevronia day in 2021: what date and date

Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom are revered by the faithful for their piety and charity. Until the end of their lives, they kept their love and loyalty to each other, shared trials and hardships. The day of Peter and Fevronia in 2021 will be celebrated twice: in July and September.

About memorial days

The American Orthodox Church celebrates the day of remembrance of the Holy Wonderworkers Peter and Fevronia of Murom twice a year. This is due to the events that occurred with their relics after death.

For the first time, the Church commemorates saints Peter and Fevronia on July 8 (June 25 according to the Church calendar), when, as the “Lives of the saints” narrate, they died on the same day. The circumstances of the couple’s death were remembered by Murom residents as miracles that occurred. For several centuries, the Church commemorated the Holy princely couple on the same day-June 25 (according to the pre-revolutionary calendar).

Peter and Fevronia day in 2021: what date and date

In 2008, the Church day of commemoration of saints Peter and Fevronia became a secular holiday. The state Duma established the day of family, love and fidelity.

The second day of Peter and Fevronia in 2021 will be celebrated on Sunday, September 19, and is dedicated to the transfer of relics that took place in 1992. This event is celebrated on the Sunday before September 19. But in 2021, this date coincided with Sunday.

Peter and Fevronia day in 2021: what date and date

The decision to establish another memorial day for Saints Peter and Fevronia was due to the desire of believers to marry on the day when pious spouses are commemorated. But July 8 falls on St. Peter’s Fast, when churches are not crowned, and it is impossible to perform marriages. The Sunday before September 19 turned out to be very successful for the wedding in all respects.

In the history of the Holy relics, there were two more transfers, when the relics of the pious Peter and Fevronia were moved from the Church to the Museum, which was accomplished during the years of atheistic disbelief and Soviet power in 1921, and their return to the bosom of the Church. This happened on January 20, 1989.

Who were Peter and Fevronia of Murom

According to the Murom Chronicles, this land was ruled by two married couples with similar names. In the XIII century, Prince David and his wife Euphrosyne ruled, and in their declining years they took monastic vows with the names of Peter and Fevronia. And this version has more rights to exist. In the XIV century, Peter and his wife Euphrosyne reigned in Murom. Some historians believe that it was this married couple who acquired the sanctity and veneration of believers. They were probably noticed by historians by the coincidence of names.

Murom residents loved the princely couple for the fact that they ruled according to their conscience, did not offend the people, did not demand too much. In addition, the Princess was a healer, helping ordinary people. Legends and fairy tales about the miraculous power began to take shape.

Peter and Fevronia day in 2021: what date and date

The Church decided to canonize the pious Peter and Fevronia at a Church Council in 1547. Commissioned by Metropolitan Macarius, the Lives of saints Peter and Fevronia were written by the priest Ermolai Pregreshny, who took monastic vows under the name of Erasmus. The content of the story was influenced by urban legends, legends about the princely couple, which were told by Murom residents, so the style and content of the story differs from the style inherent in the Lives of saints included in the chetyas-Minei.

About the life and love of Peter and Fevronia

If we set aside the fairy-tale elements about the treacherous Serpent and agric’s sword, then in short, the life of Peter and Fevronia looks like this.

At first, Murom was ruled by an older brother, Prince Pavel. The younger Peter at this time headed the Prince’s squad, defended the borders of the Prince. In one of the campaigns, the Prince contracted some kind of skin disease, for which local healers did not know the cure. One of the healers advised the Prince to go to the Ryazan lands. There, in the village, lived Affectionately a girl, the daughter of a bee hunter. Only she could heal the Prince. The girl was wise, clairvoyant. She realized that Prince Peter was her destiny, and only she could become his adviser and support. She gave the Prince a condition that she would cure him, and he would marry her in gratitude.

The Prince promised to marry, but did not keep his word. He didn’t want to throw in his lot with a commoner. Fevronia foresaw this outcome of events. She did not heal the Prince to the end, left one scab on the body. He again gave off sores all over his body, and the Prince had to go to Laskovo for a healing ointment. The young witch doctor again put a condition to marry her. This time the Prince kept his promise, brought Fevronia to Murom, and they were married.

Peter and Fevronia day in 2021: what date and date

They lived piously, keeping God’s commandments. And when the elder brother died, Peter sat on the princely throne. But the boyars began to plot against the Prince, trying to take his place. They demanded that the Prince marry a girl of equal rank. Prince Peter refused. He chose to keep God’s commandments and stay with his wife.

They boarded the ships, loaded them with food and everything necessary for life, and sailed away along the Oka river. The ships stopped in a certain uninhabited place. The Prince was worried about how they would live, Princess Fevronia consoled him, believed that God would not leave them.

Meanwhile, the boyars in Murom staged a massacre, everyone wanted to become a Prince. A riot broke out in the city, and Several citizens sent in pursuit of Prince Peter persuaded him to return to establish peace in the city.

Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia returned to Murom. They ruled with love and conscience, did not take too much, did not strive for wealth and luxury. And when the hour of their death came, they begged God to let them die in one day. They retired to the monasteries. Prince Peter was the David and Fevroniya took monastic vows under the name of Evfrosinia.

They bequeathed to bury them together, in the same tomb, but this was contrary to the monastic regulations. Therefore, the common coffin with a partition, which was made on behalf of the Prince in advance, remained in the Cathedral Church of the most pure Theotokos, and their bodies were placed in separate coffins.:

  • Prince Peter – in the Cathedral Church of the Holy virgin;
  • Princess Euphrosyne – in the country Church of the exaltation, belonging to the convent.

The next morning, people saw that the bodies of the Prince and Princess were lying in a common tomb, and individual coffins were empty. People separated the spouses, putting them in separate houses. The next morning, history repeated itself. The faithful couple lay together again in a common coffin. Then they did not separate them, but were buried together at the walls of the Cathedral Church of the Holy virgin.

Princess Fevronia healed people during her lifetime, so sick people who believed in her healing power came to the Prince’s tomb, fell to the Holy relics and received healing.

Now the Holy relics are located in the Trinity convent. Pilgrims come here to worship them, ask for healing in infertility. Girls who cannot get married pray for the future groom, for a happy married life.

About the life and love of Peter and Fevronia of Murom:video

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