Pesach (Passover) in 2021

What date is Passover in 2021, we need to consider and look at calendars because this Jewish holiday as the Christian Easter, always falls on different dates. And it depends on the spring full moon. Actually, Pesah is somewhat reminiscent of the Passover, even the consonance of the names. And these holidays still have a few Parallels, although it’s 2 completely different religions.

Pesach (Passover) in 2021

The exact date of Passover in 2021

To determine the day when will be celebrated the Jewish Passover, you need to refer to the lunar calendar. Astronomically, in 2021, the vernal equinox will fall on March 20 and the first spring full moon is on April 8. And the preparation for the Passover will begin on April 9 (this Thursday). A great festival will start on Sunday 12 April. The Christian Easter is near “left”: it will be celebrated the second Sunday on April 19.

In the Jewish culture has its own calendar. And it is the Passover begins on the 14th day of the spring month of Nisan, which in the Gregorian calendar captures the second half of March and the first half of April. For residents of Israel, the festival lasts for 7 days. Jews living in other countries, celebrate Passover a day longer.

The Story Of Passover

According to the Bible, Jacob with his family moved to Egypt. Many years later, local residents began to oppress the Jews and made them his slaves. The Lord decided to save the Jewish people from oppression and gave the Egyptians 10 plagues, the worst of which was the last, the tenth – God passed through Egypt and slew all of the firstborn in every family. Previously the Jews were warned that they had to slaughter a lamb and smear its blood on their doorposts. By these marks the Lord knew that this is the home of the Jews, and passed.

“Passed” is the translation of the word “Pesach”. Therefore, one of the main promises of this holiday – the rescue of Jewish children. Jews around the world pray and praise the Lord for it. But there are 3 interpretations of the holiday with different names.

  1. Hug and Mazot. Named after the traditional Jewish bread matzah. This fresh dish fed the Jews during slavery in Egypt.
  2. Khag of a-Aviv. Nisan – the first month of spring from the Jews. Therefore, during Passover, they are parallel to meet the spring.
  3. Hug and Herut. Another reason to celebrate the Passover, to pray for the liberation from the Egyptian yoke. The Jews on this day celebrating freedom.

Pesach (Passover) in 2021

The traditional features of the celebrations

Jews celebrate the very Orthodox, trying to follow all the traditions and commandments.

The prohibition of chametz

Very important is the preparation for Passover, during which family planning General cleaning to destroy all leavened products in the house (bread, pasta, alcohol). They are called by one term – chametz (“leaven”). This is the food, which the Jews did not have time to stock up, when they fled from Egypt. Chametz on Pesach is not there: it is forbidden even to keep at home such products. Therefore, adults and children trying to find all the hidden corners in cupboards and lockers, so there was not a crumb of bread.


Of the meat dishes on Pesach, eat chicken soup, fish and lamb. The meals are accompanied by prayer. Wine for a holiday only drink kosher – ie, allowed Jewish religious laws. It ferments and is made by special technology. The children drink grape juice.

Also on the table lay another 3 meals that don’t eat:

  • piece of lamb on the bone (a symbol of sacrifice);
  • egg, hard-boiled (symbol of worship);
  • any vegetable that grow in the spring (symbol of freedom).

The Jews, during Passover, there is no purpose delicious and satisfying to eat. It is a religious holiday, and celebrate it, first of all, spiritually.

Pesach (Passover) in 2021

How is the whole holiday

Days start and end of Pesach – holidays. The rest are holiday weekdays, during which the Jews are working, but nights in joy and worship. People are trying to relax with family and friends. Lonely relatives and neighbors be sure to invite to itself or come to him. Many people prefer to travel with the whole family.

In the week of Passover it is forbidden to:

  • to wash clothes;
  • to get a haircut and shave;
  • write something;
  • to work with the earth;
  • to use electrical appliances;
  • to build a fire.

But these rules are observed only Orthodox Jews and older people. The youth adheres only to the basic canons.

Passover is dedicated to all the Jews, so during his celebration of it is unacceptable to wish something to a specific person or to think for themselves. All the eulogies are pronounced in honor of the glory of the Jewish people and gratitude to the Lord, who hath delivered the people from Egyptian oppression.

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