Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

The new Year is a time of miracles and magic, the most favorite holiday of children and adults. Enjoy your baby, giving him in 2021 exclusive personalized greetings from Santa Claus in the format of a letter, a phone call or a short video.

Meeting with a good magician who knows what dreams the kid and thanked him for the picture and congratulation sent to him by mail is an amazing and truly fabulous event that will be long remembered by the child and will make Christmas celebration special.

Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

So, we are ready to offer you three affordable ideas on how to give a kid a Christmas tale.

Option # 1 – Video greeting

Santa Claus was not the first to congratulate your baby? Child dreams of a visit to the wizard, but this year, such a journey is not planned? Then the ideal solution in 2021 will be no ordinary letter that anyone can do for free, and unique personalized video greeting from Santa Claus, in which:

  • a small tale of how and where he lives a good wizard;
  • The snow maiden and other helpers of Santa Claus;
  • the letter sent to the child (it will read Santa Claus);
  • photos of the baby.

Offer right now to see an example of this unusual new year greetings that you can create in just a few minutes:

So, to create a personalized new year greetings in video format you will need to prepare in advance. You’ll need: photo of the letter you send to Santa Claus in anticipation of 2021, as well as the most beautiful photo of the crumbs.

In 2021, the algorithm for creating personalized greetings from Santa Claus in the video format of the video will be as simple as possible:

  1. Go to the portal
  2. View the examples.
  3. Click the button “Create video”.
  4. Fill in the details of the baby.
  5. Choose a theme clip taking into account children’s preferences.
  6. Upload pre-prepared photos and enter comments on behalf of Santa Claus that will delight baby.
  7. Upload a photo of the drawing that the child is invested in his congratulations.
  8. List the progress of your baby, which the wizard in his praise.
  9. Enter the e-mail to forward the finished video.

Please note that the trial creating video absolutely free, but to get the full version in perfect quality need to pay a small fee.

Option # 2 – Phone call

To order the original service as service calls online or on specialized sites. The greetings 3d-galleru allows you to choose various formats of congratulations (for girls and boys from the Santa Claus and snow Maiden, or other well-known characters of children’s fairy tales).

Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

Please note that the free greetings are often the monologue, which is generated by the computer. But, for a small fee your child call Santa Claus, with whom you can really talk to. He will ask the child about his achievements, Hobbies and desires, to thank for sending me the drawing and writing as well as beautifully happy to 2021!

Option # 3 – Classic letter

If the baby for the first time wrote a letter to Santa Claus, and the answer of the good magician in the traditional format of a letter that officially come through the post office is a great option.

It is worth noting that such a greeting would be the most inexpensive, but sure to delight baby.

Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

To implement the idea in different ways. The easiest is to order the service at the nearest post office by selecting any format of a letter and filling it with his own hand.

Of the downsides of such a gift is worth to note the high probability that someone from the friends will receive a very similar message, that can dampen the joy to some kids.

Option # 4 – email

Today, many guys are actively using various gadgets from the first years of life. For parents it is no secret that to send a picture and greeting from a child to a good magician is also possible via e-mail, but if a personal congratulation from father Frost will come to e-mail, this will be baby number 1 event of the coming 2021.

Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

Create a beautiful personalized letter from Santa Claus for kid or even adult on the site by navigating to the “New Year” and selecting “Letter from Santa”.

Algorithm as simple as possible:

  1. Choose the design.
  2. To choose the text based on the age and preferences of the baby.
  3. To enter personal data, which will generate the text.

Ready personalized greetings to 2021 from Santa Claus you can download (save as picture), send mail or print.

Personalized greetings from Santa Claus in 2021

You have pleased the little one in such an unusual and incredibly interesting gift? Share in the comments, what was the reaction of the crumbs for an exclusive video greeting from Santa Claus.

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