Pepper planting for seedlings and greenhouses 2021 | sowing, calendar

In order to get viable, strong seedlings with high potential, it is necessary to take into account the timing of planting pepper on seedlings and in the greenhouse. Every year, gardeners who grow this crop for their own needs or for sale, check with the recommendations of the lunar calendar. To highlight the most successful days, you should read the 2021 lunar calendar in advance.

Agronomic terms

Pepper is a heat-loving crop that needs optimal temperature, sufficient lighting, and a long day of light. In addition to these factors, when determining the timing of planting, the following should be taken into account: where they plan to plant, what variety, and whether seed preparation was carried out.

Agronomic terms of pepper seedling planting:

  • in open ground the middle of may-beginning of June;
  • in the greenhouse – the middle-end of April.

Since only developed bushes in the active vegetation stage, which is typical for 60-70-day-old specimens, are suitable for transplanting, it is possible to calculate the time of sowing seeds by the reverse method. The time of germination of the first seedlings, which is 10-12 days, should also be deducted from the terms.

Thus, it is easy to calculate that to get greenhouse plants, you need to start planting in early or mid-February, and for open ground – in March.

Pepper planting for seedlings and greenhouses 2021 | sowing, calendar

Lunar calendar

The principle is based on the fact that in different phases of the lunar cycle, plants react differently to the manipulations that gardeners carry out. During the waxing moon, growth processes are activated, and in the waning phase, the root system builds up and the stems thicken.

For simplicity, there are signs that indicate the most suitable, neutral and unfavorable sowing days.

February 2021

Favorable4, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 23, 24
Neutral2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 16, 20, 21, 22
Unfavorable10, 11, 15, 26, 27

March 2021

Favorable4, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 30
Neutral2, 3, 7, 26, 27, 28, 31
Unfavorable9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 24, 25, 29

Pepper planting for seedlings and greenhouses 2021 | sowing, calendar

Stages of seedling growing and transplanting

Planting pepper on seedlings does not require special knowledge, even novice gardeners can do it. In order to get viable plants and harvest a good crop, you need to know a few key requirements.


Pepper gets a lot of stress during transplanting, so when growing seedlings, it is best to do without picking. Another factor against picking is a long-term slowdown in growth due to root damage.

To avoid this, it is recommended to plant directly in individual containers. Ideally, you can take peat pots, then damage to the root system when transplanting into the ground will not occur, and flowering will begin earlier. This will allow you to get fruits earlier than expected. Peat will not only completely dissolve in the ground, but also provide nutrients, as well as improve the structure of the soil.

If it is not possible to use peat pots, you can take disposable cups or cassettes for sowing. The main thing is that the seedlings can be easily removed from there, without destroying the earthen lump. The roots of this culture do not form an extensive system, so a container with a diameter of 10 cm is sufficient.

Pepper planting for seedlings and greenhouses 2021 | sowing, calendar

Preparation of seed

The highest germination rates are observed in pepper seeds up to 2 years, then up to 4 years this indicator decreases, and planting material collected more than 4 years ago is not used. For friendly and fast germination, the seeds are soaked in water for a day. In order for the growing season to come earlier, it is recommended to treat it in growth stimulators. You can choose one of these medications:

  • “The IAA»;
  • “Zircon»;
  • “Ovary”.

With pre-sowing germination, the germination rate of pepper reaches 85-90%. To do this, the seed material is placed on wet cotton wool and placed in a warm place. As soon as the first sharp roots appear, they are disembarked.


Pepper is sown not in groups, but individually in a container with moistened soil for growing seedlings. In the event that the soil is prepared independently, it must be calcined: this will protect the seeds and seedlings from the development of fungal diseases.

Planting material is embedded to a depth of about 0.5 cm in the ground. You do not need to press them in, so as not to damage the seedlings.

The conditions in which seedlings of this crop develop greatly affect future fruiting. Even if you then provide the pepper with everything you need, but in the initial stages it will not receive enough light or the desired temperature, then you will not be able to harvest a good crop.

Pepper planting for seedlings and greenhouses 2021 | sowing, calendar

Main parameters to pay attention to:

  • Temperature range. The temperature range at which seedlings grow normally is 25-27°C. At lower values, growth slows down significantly, normal leaves do not develop, and subsequently budding is delayed, and the number of buds is sharply reduced. The root system, which is attacked by fungal diseases, also suffers. Rot developing in young roots leads to the rapid death of peppers. At temperatures above 27°C, the tips of the leaves can dry out, and parasites often appear on the vegetative part.
  • Lighting. Light day for growing seedlings should last at least 8-10 hours. At the same time, seedlings should not be placed on the Northern or Western windowsills, they are placed on Windows oriented to the South. If it is not possible to provide normal natural light, add phytolamps or fluorescent lamps. A sign of lack of lighting is enlarged internodes and an elongated Central shoot.
  • Watering.To moisten after planting, use softened water a couple of degrees warmer than the temperature in the room. It is important not to waterlog the ground and avoid stagnation of water in the cups.
  • Top dressing.If you use purchased soil for seedlings, there is no need for top dressing, but the use of ordinary land should be accompanied by fertilization. The first time this measure is used, when the pepper is 2 weeks old. The dose is reduced by two times from the one indicated in the instructions. Then watering with top dressing is repeated every two weeks.

Adjusting the time of disembarkation

When planting peppers in greenhouses or open ground, the following problem may occur: the ground is not warmed up to the desired temperature. A heat-loving crop needs land with a temperature of 15-16°. Placement in cold ground leads to a long suspension of growth, diseases, and sometimes plant death.

Even if the seedlings stop growing, but the conditions are not suitable, it is recommended to wait. It is also not necessary to delay the landing too much, as the moment of the easiest survival in the new conditions will be missed. Experts say that a delay of one to two weeks in transferring to a permanent place can be considered normal.

One of the best ways to plant peppers for seedlings:video

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