Pensions in the Ministry of interior in 2021

MIA provides jobs to millions USAн, service in bodies attracts not only prestige, but the presence of a number of benefits. What will be the pension of the Ministry of interior in 2021, will increase if the length of service?

Raising the retirement age

Expected whether in 2021 the increase in the retirement age in the interior Ministry? In early August, 2020 signed a law according to which for 5 years increased the age limit of persons remaining in the service:

  • generals to 65 years;
  • Colonel – 60 years;
  • Lieutenant colonels – up to 55 years.

Annually should be subject to medical verdict on the continuation of the service.

For all others the age limit remains at 50 years. To 01.01.25 G. there remains the possibility of completion of the service on the terms in force prior to the entry of this law into force. New employees also increased the age limit to 35 years for Junior officers/enlisted men and 40 years for the highest echelon.

Pensions in the Ministry of interior in 2021

Raising the age limit has nothing to superannuation for retirement and receive payments (the figure has remained the same – 20 years). Changes of the pension legislation of the Russian security forces do not apply, because the money they get is not from PF USA.

Though in 2021 the years of service for pension of the Ministry of internal Affairs while remain the same in the future the situation may change. Already considered the necessity of increasing from 20 to 25 years. This is due to the growing problem of financing the Agency in connection with the possibility of up to 45 years earn a pension, the influx of new personnel has not dried up. Accordingly, the number of retirees is growing.

Whether cancelled pension in 2021?

About the possibility of the abolition of pensions of the interior Ministry and other law enforcement agencies say since the reforms, affecting the civilian population. The Finance Ministry discussed the issue of providing complete service to the security forces of a large severance pay instead of lifetime payments. The head of the research Institute of Finance believes this approach is justified – finishing service not old people. Severance pay will provide them with the opportunity to relax for 1-2 years, to undergo retraining and to continue work in the civil sphere. This solution promises significant economic benefits – will be able to save annually up to 700 billion rubles While it is under discussion, so in 2021 can expect changes not worth it. Besides, everyone who has retired, will remain at the same funding they have nothing to fear.

Pensions in the Ministry of interior in 2021

The increase in payments

The increase in the pension of the Ministry of interior in 2021 will be necessary, although in comparison with 2020 the increase is not very significant – the financing of pension security officers will increase by 122 billion In 2021 it is expected to raise the figure up to 240 billion rubles.

Growth factors

Pensions of the Ministry of interior in 2021 will increase by:

  • changes in a big way reduction factor;
  • indexation of money allowances.

The size of payments to pensioners directly depends on the cash allowance – the amount is multiplied by the reduction factor.

Until 2020 the reduction factor was kept at 0,7223, although initially it was assumed that it will increase annually by 2% from 54% to 100% inclusive. In 2015, the process has been temporarily suspended. In October 2018, a decision on the resumption of the program. The previously set schedule will be implemented – the annual growth factor of 2% will continue (in 2020 the level reached 0,7368 in 2021 is estimated at 0.7515).

For war veterans there are rules in may this year signed a law under which pensions equal to a monetary allowance in full size (reduction factor for this category of citizens are repealed).

Pensions in the Ministry of interior in 2021

It is expected increase pensions for disabled police officers in 2021 in connection with these three innovations:

  1. indexation of insurance pensions by 6.6% January 2021;
  2. included in the budget 2020-2021 increase in allowances for police officers in the amount of 4.3%;
  3. the possible increase in the reduction factor to 76% (this innovation is still under discussion).

So next year the pensions of the Ministry of interior will increase, but the size of the bonuses will not be the same as the fee depends on the size of the pension and in calculating pension benefits takes into account individual factors:

  • service life;
  • the amount of money allowances;
  • title.

About the payments received by working pensioners

If the employee of the MIA for the years of service got right into retirement and continued to work, he will be credited only with military pension, and a major insurance payment, he will begin to get only after reaching the statutory retirement age.

In accordance with the latest news, the pension of the Ministry of interior in 2021 will increase, and seniority will remain the same. The increase in the age limit of service will only affect officers.

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