Pension MIA in 2021

Pension in the Ministry of internal Affairs in 2021 will grow again. Against the background of raising the retirement age and length of employment, many law enforcement officers were anticipating a surge in terms of years of service. However, in the coming years, according to the head of legal Department A. Avdeiko this will not happen.

Changes in 2021

According to the latest decisions of the President, January 1, will begin a global reform of the interior Ministry. It will affect not only the size of salaries and pensions. In short, the changes will be:

  • The merging of departments. A significant part of the functions of the Ministry of Regardie goes. This will not only lead to the consolidation of departments within the Ministry, but also reductions among staff. Basically "cleaning" not much impact on real people. Jobs will be cut and interdepartmental transfers.
  • Accountants, psychologists and personnel officers will be civil. Forensic experts will come from the Ministry of interior. The departments involved in issuing passports will be transferred under the control of the Ministry of Justice.
  • The MVD will no longer be able to receive medical care in departmental medical institutions. Instead, they will be treated in the OMS.

Pension MIA in 2021

  • Re-certification. In the years 2021-2024 will test theoretical knowledge, health and physical training of employees at all levels, including among senior management. Employees who fail the exam will be under threat of dismissal.
  • Raise the maximum age. From one side to the interior Ministry in 2021 can do up to 35 staff and up to 40 years, leaders at all levels. But the age of retirement will be increased by 5 years.

In General these changes are aimed at cutting costs from the budget for the maintenance of the Ministry. According to experts, the planned economy of the budget in 200 billion in 2021. In addition, there will be an additional approximately 630 billion rubles to increase salaries and pensions of the remaining staff of the Ministry. They were divided into 3 parts:

  • 122,4 billion in 2021;
  • in 240,4 billion in 2021 or 2022.

This is directly from the Treasury for this increase will be spent only an additional 52 billion rubles for three years.

Pension MIA in 2021

Pension benefits

The security of the employees of the interior Ministry of pensions is regulated FZ from 12.02.1993 № 4468-1. According to him, the allowance is equal to 54% of the monetary allowance, which form the corresponding category of employees. Every year, it should theoretically increase by 2% up to 100%. However, in 2014 due to the economic crisis, the growth of pensions was frozen.

The original deadline for the suspension of growth of pensions was appointed in 2017. Subsequently, it was extended until 2021. But because of the pension reform in 2020, the ratio still increased to 72,23% and in the same year to 73,68%.

The government developed the draft amendments to the budget of the FIU, according to which the pension factor law enforcement officials can improve to 76%. However, according to the latest news, this initiative is still only at the stage of development.

As for indexing, this issue is not expected to change. In 2021-2021 years the planned increase of salaries of employees of the interior Ministry 4.3% with a corresponding increase in pensions. As for pensioners receiving more and disbursements in civil lines, they will increase by 6.6%. This does not apply to people who continue working after retirement.

Pension MIA in 2021


Despite the official raising the age of retirement, directly on the service life of the employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs it is almost not affected. The reason is that this process is regulated in the same FZ, dated 12.02.1993 № 4468-1. In paragraph 5 of the law provides that the right to a pension at the security forces appears in:

  1. Years of service in MVD of 20 years. If total work experience is 25 years, then it is sufficient to 12.5 years of service in law enforcement.
  2. Disability acquired in the service or within 3 months after the dismissal.
  3. Death of employee in service. In this case, the payoffs go to the family of the deceased.

Given that the terms of years of service does not change, innovations from January 1, 2021 relating to pensions of the interior Ministry, will only allow you to delay the moment of retirement.

The increase to pension in 2021

Directly determining the amount of benefits to former employees of the Ministry of interior is performed in accordance with Government Decree N 941 22.09.1993 (ed. by 12.12.2020). According to this document, in addition to the standard percentage of salary disbursements increased by:

  • 50%. For this experience the Ministry of interior should be 20 years. Each additional year increases increase by 3% up to 85%.
  • 85%. Charged for disability.
  • 32%. The increase is laid for each dependent, which is in the care of the pensioner.
  • 64%. For age. It charged after the pensioner 80 years. If a former law enforcement officer has a status of disabled, then the surcharge increases to 100%.

Pension MIA in 2021

Given the budget savings, officials of the interior Ministry promised to achieve in 2021 recalculation of percent. For example, it is planned to increase to 50% of allowance for seniority up to 64%.

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