Pension in 2021 to working pensioners

Working pensioners do not lose hope for the resumption of indexation of pensions in 2021. A proposal to abolish the "freeze" payments to working citizens of retirement age regularly receives from the State Duma, but not yet resonated with the government.

Reform, but not for all

The latest pension reform have revolutionized the procedure of retirement and size of payments to pensioners. However, the changes touched not all categories of older USAн. The new law bypassed working pensioners, constituting a special category. Citizens who have the right to a well-deserved rest, but continue to work while receiving payments from the Pension Fund by the same rules.

The new pension legislation does not negate established in 2016, the ban on increase of pensions. Originally it was an emergency, due to the difficult economic situation in the country. For the indexation of pensions to working pensioners annually would have to allocate about 300 billion rubles. This amount would be a burden for the state Treasury. Therefore, documented the expiry of the moratorium was installed at the end of 2021.

So far, the only on that can count working pensioner — the annual bezzavetno adjustment to pension insurance from 1 August. This should be taken into account the amounts of all insurance premiums received by the PF from the employer, and the amount of accumulated points. It turns out that the size of the index depends on the precise size of the salary for the last year, but rather by the amount of contributions.

Pension in 2021 to working pensioners

If the legislation does not make changes, with August 1, 2021 all pensioners who continue working, the pension will add to the value of the points accumulated for the year 2020. At the moment the cost of one score is 87, 24 rubles. But the recalculation take into account a maximum of three such points. This means that the maximum increase will be 261,72 RUB If the allowance has not changed, it could be for the following reasons:

  • the employer violated the law and pay "gray" wages, that is not paid insurance contributions to the Pension Fund;
  • the amount listed by the employer contributions to the pension Fund, was insufficient to re — work a few months or a small salary.

To find out the exact cause of failure in the allocation need to contact the Pension Fund with a written statement.

The cost of the pension factor (points) approved annually at the Federal level. The government takes it to all pensions are the same, regardless of the place of residence or other circumstances.

What will change in 2021

What kind of changes to expect in the new year is of concern to all working pensioners. The Government has not yet discussed the possibility of annual indexation of benefits to inflation for the working people of retirement age. But to extend the moratorium of speech too does not go. In any case, the leadership of the country will have to make a decision before the end of 2021. Most economists believe that the validity of the act of "freezing" of payments will be extended.

In the light of recent news about the indexation of pensions 30 million USAн, retired, rumors about the abolition of indexation of working pensioners. We are talking about indexing, accumulated over the years. Representatives of the pension Fund denied this information. According to one of the leaders of the RF pension Fund, while any changes in the indexation of pensions after retirement is expected. Under the current pension law before the time of dismissal such pensioners receive the payment without indexing, but it accumulates at their expense.

Pension in 2021 to working pensioners

Pension, the amount of which will be determined in light of the indexation commences from the month following dismissal. But in fact, the payment of pensions will be made only 3 months after termination of employment. This is due to the time-consuming technical process assessment, which takes several months. However, the amount of indexing for the missed period will be fully compensated. To confirm the fact of layoffs, retirees are not required to apply to the Pension Fund. The termination will be reflected in the reporting of employer provided monthly to the pension Fund.

However, experts of the Pension Fund may require additional help and information, then the citizen must provide the missing documents. In case the citizen may decide to get a job, then a revision of the size of the increased pensions in the direction of reduction to be made will be gone.

When payment is pererabotannoy pension after 3 months will be charge for the entire period since the dismissal. But this rule is only fired after 1 January 2018. For those who have paid to work earlier, doindeksatsii was held on 1 April 2018. Thus the allocation for a few months was lost.

It is important to understand that the allocation will be made for the entire period of the person’s work (including any indexation), but be paid increased pension will only leave from work. Expect to pay indexation over all the years, in hindsight not worth it — it will not.

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