Passover in 2021: what is the Jewish Passover date?

Passover in 2021 will fall on the period from March 27 to April 4. The holiday symbolizes the liberation of the Jewish people from spiritual and physical slavery, namely their Exodus from Egypt. The start and end dates of this solemn annual event are floating and are determined according to the Jewish calendar. To find out what Passover is in 2021, you need to compare the numbers of the Jewish calendar (the 14th day of the spring month of Nissan) with the Gregorian one.

The history and essence of Passover

During the time of Jacob, who lived in Egypt, there was a gradual consolidation of the power and wealth of the pharaohs, while simultaneously impoverishing and imprisoning the Jews. According to the legendary story of Passover, at this time God made some attempts to save his unfortunate people (the Jews are shown in this story as God’s chosen people), after the failure of which he sent ten terrible punishments on the Egyptians.

In order to protect all Jewish children from being slaughtered, a RAM was to be slaughtered in every family of the chosen people on God’s advice. With the blood of this animal being sacrificed, the front door had to be marked. And so it happened: on the fateful night, the Almighty passed by every such door. That is why the Passover holiday is so called: in Hebrew, it means “pass by”. After completing the blood reckoning in the morning, Moses led all his people into the wilderness.

Passover (Passover is an analog) symbolizes the miraculous deliverance from the unjust oppression of some peoples by others. Also, the celebration marks the merging of the holiday of pastoralists and farmers, because ordinary poor Jews ate matzo (Jewish flat bread), and for the night rite they slaughtered a lamb, that is, a lamb.

As the memory of eating matzah, the second name of Passover was “the feast of matzah” or “Haha_Matsot”. Another name of the holiday sounds like “Hag_a_aviv”, which can be interpreted as a “spring festival” or a symbol of the awakening of nature. The fourth title described the celebration is “Hagahot”, meaning “celebration of freedom”.

Passover in 2021: what is the Jewish Passover date?

The search for chametz and preparation of matzah

To properly meet Passover, you must first do a high-quality cleaning in the house, getting rid of dust, dirt, and also from the wrong food – Hamzah. This name defines drinks and food that have been fermented.

The head of the family, going around with a candle, spoon and pen all his “home possessions”, performs the rite of searching for bread and other products prohibited during this period. For food, only fresh bread should be used, which is made without fermentation. At the same time, after adding flour to the dough of the future matzo, bake it no later than in eighteen minutes.

The described tradition of using matzo represents the rapid, rapid Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, as a result of which the usual sourdough dough did not have time to approach. For this reason, people had to quickly eat a hastily prepared flat bread.

Festive dinner

The food consumed on Passover, namely during the evening meal, that is, the first festive dinner, is called Seder. Translated into American, this word can be interpreted as “order”. The date of this event depends on the date of the Jewish Passover in 2021. It is customary to hold a Seder on the first day of the festivities, that is, on March 27, 2021.

By tradition, after sunset, close relatives from the same family should gather at a set table, as well as those unfortunate people who are left alone and do not have the opportunity to celebrate this important holiday. When eating the permitted dishes, prayers, the book of Haggadah should be recited, and only the best dishes, silver forks and spoons should be used.

Passover in 2021: what is the Jewish Passover date?

Meals and drinks are served at the buffet:

  • matzah (as the fulfillment of a commandment from the Torah);
  • maror, that is, greens with a bright taste (lettuce, green parts of horseradish, Basil grass, as a symbol of the former bitter slave status of Jews);
  • haroset or salad of grated apples, nuts, kosher wine and sweet dates (reminiscent of the color of the clay used by Jewish slaves to build buildings for their former enslavers);
  • khazeret – various grated greens;
  • kosher wine (four glasses of wine placed on the table represent the Lord’s promises that he will lead the Jews out from under the yoke, save them, deliver them from troubles and accept them);
  • salt water (before eating, you need to dip greens in it, as in the tears shed by former slaves).

Food is laid out on a special dish used only for Passover, which is called keara. In addition to the dishes used at the celebration, this special plate should contain in particular those that can not be eaten. It symbolizes a sacrifice (a piece of fried mutton on the bone, or zroa), a hard-boiled egg (beitsa recalls the services of the Egyptians) and a vegetable called Karpas (for example, potatoes).

Passover in 2021: what is the Jewish Passover date?

Making a friend on Passover

The Passover holiday in 2021 is celebrated in Jewish communities in compliance with centuries-old traditions. In addition, at the so-called Jerusalem Wailing Wall, everyone who wishes receives a blessing from the priests. The last day of the celebration (April 4, 2021) should be joyful: everyone is dancing and having fun.

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