Paronyms Exams 2021: list and significance

In Kymi on the Russian language, compiled by FIPI for the Exams 2021, there is a job on paronyms, to cope with which will help a special dictionary containing a full list of words used in the preparation of examination papers, as well as their values.

Important about paronyms

Paronyms are words similar in spelling, morphemic composition and pronunciation but different in meaning.

Paronyms Exams 2021: list and significance

There are three main groups of paronyms:

  • root (have a purely external similarity, but different roots);
  • affixal (have a common root and the United semanticheskii connection);
  • etymological (the same word, borrowed from other languages in different ways).

Important! Incorrect use of paronyms is considered a gross spelling mistake, so you need to know the meaning of words and peculiarities of their use in speech and writing.

Please note! In the text these words can be expressed by different parts of speech (noun, adjective, verb, adverb), and therefore can be used in different lexical structures.

Opening brief dictionary of paronyms prepared for Exams 2021, or publication, which contains a complete list of like-sounding words in Russian, you can meet:

  • paronomasia pair (ligament 2);
  • paronomasia ranks (bundles, which contain from 3 to 7 words).

The task №5

In a prospective model Kim in the Russian language, developed by FIPI for the Exams 2021, graduates will need to remember paronyms included in the list (and their value) while performing the task №5.

Paronyms Exams 2021: list and significance

Please note that the response must specify the correct word, the use of which would be appropriate in this lexical structure. Find the right pair will be easier if at the stage of preparation for Exams 2021 student will work for all paronyms included in the list FIPI.

So, in the proposed task of the demo picked up correctly paronym 4 offer. Instead of the word STATEMENT, you must write EFFICIENCY. Accordingly, in response to the write EFFICIENCY.


In the Russian language a lot of words that are similar in sound and spelling but different in meaning. To teach not have, because the Exams in 2021 will only need those paronyms that FIPI has made your short list.

Subscription – a subscriber

Artistic – artistic

Poor – plight

Former – former

Breath – breath

To fill to complete is to fill – to fill – overflow –

to fill up; filled – filled – full

Select – to choose; choosing – choosing

The results – output – transmission – distribution

Payment – payment – payment – payment

To pay – to pay – to pay – to pay – to pay

To grow – to increase – to grow

Growing – building – growing a

High – altitude

Warranty – guaranteed

Year – year-old – year

Humanistic – humanitarian – and humane

Binary – dual – dual – dual – dual –

Effective – valid – current

Busily – business – sensible – delachaise

Friendly – friendly – friendly

The unit is the only
Desirable – desirable

Housing and residential

Block – fence – fencing – to fence – to block the

To understate is to reduce – to reduce

Visual – spectator

Inventive – inventive

Source – outbound

Rocky stone

Chunky root root

Colorful – coloring – dyed

Lacquered – lacquer

Personal – personal

Microscopic – microscopic

Frozen – freezer – frosty

Wear – dress

Unbearable – impatient – intolerant

Unfortunate – unlucky

Accused – guilty

To limit – to delimit – delimit

Difference – the difference

Retentive – memorable

Purchasing – purchasing – purchase

Respectable – respectful – honorable

Fearful, frightening

Anger – irritability

Romantic – romantic

Secretive – hidden

Stage – show

Technical – technical
Successful – successful

Humiliated, humiliating

Actual – factual
Predatory – prey
Royal – Royal – Royal

A whole – solid – integral

Economic – economical – economical

Efficiency statement

The meaning of most words given in the plate, you know. But there are also pairs and rows, remembering which from year to year appeals students have difficulty. There may come to the aid of a dictionary, in which all paronyms are given with explanations. Knowing the lexical meaning of a word, you will not make mistakes in the preparation of proposals, and will easily find incorrect paronym in the task №5.

Find a dictionary in which not only the list of words for Exams 2021, and their value can be on the Internet. For example, the portal where all the pairs and rows of conveniently divided into the blocks in alphabetical order.

Download one of the dictionaries of Russian (Kolesnikov, Sedakova, presentation or other authors), which contains all paronyms, including those that will meet for Exams 2021.

Paronyms Exams 2021: list and significance

If you do in front of a monitor does not like, and to learn big dictionary you are ready, download the necessary paronyms in pdf format and prepare for Exams 2021 even without access to the Internet.

The secrets of memorization

For many, the memorization of paronyms is a real problem and even a nice Glossary with explanations cannot facilitate preparations for the Exams 2021 (particularly acute problem for those who Russian language is not a major in communication).

If synonymic pairs and rows are not fixed in memory, try one of the effective tips of experienced teachers. People with a developed visual perception will help the pictures showing the difference between the meaning of similar words. Those who are better perceived by the ear, Tutors are advised to memorize rhymes with paronyms.

Fed today grandfather

Too rich ate lunch.

The diploma of the diplomat to all guests introduced –

Work, worthy of all the awards that they gave.

Oh, believe me, in fact

We can’t take the test!

Great entertainment can become and draw up their lines of rhymed with paronyms.

Those who remembers better when listening to a teacher, is to study the subject on the video lessons, which Tutors Exams in detail tell about how to perform the task №5, and also on remembering which pairs of rows, you should pay special attention.

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