Parking during the new year holidays in 2021 in

In connection with the celebration of the New 2021 Parking spaces on the streets will be free. This rule will be effective from 1 until 8 January 2021. Such a nice gift to residents on new year’s day several years satisfied the local authorities, softening for a short time introduced last year increased the fees for rental Parking spaces.

The city administration informs residents of the capital that the rule about free Parking applies to any Parking (including paid) that are within the territorial boundaries of the city . At 31 December, which this year falls on a Tuesday and will be working day to pay for the Parking service have to. The only relief will be that according to labor law working time on the eve of 2021 is reduced by 1 hour.

The background

The decision on the introduction of free street Parking during holidays 2021 was adopted by the Presidium of the Moscow government with a view to provide the citizens and guests of the capital walking distance to all leisure and entertainment activities, places of mass festivals and attractions of the city.

It should be noted that a “Parking holiday” began to be used in an experiment in 2015. The achieved positive effect of the introduction of innovations allowed the authorities to apply such exemptions on a regular basis. The abolition of fees for the hire of street Parking spaces in the new year of 2021, according to officials, it is not difficult travel situation , as these days the number of vehicles on the streets of the capital are traditionally reduced by about 25%. This, in turn, also extends the car owners.

Parking during the new year holidays in 2021 in

Changing the rules of Parking

December 15, 2018 in the tightened mode of use of street Parking spaces. Major changes were introduced, including tariff rates. Now for Parking on the main streets motorists lay from 80 to 380 rubles in 1 hour., depending on the specific highway and on-time delivery of services. So, for example, at the maximum price have to pay the owners of vehicles on Petrovka and Arbat, in the heart of the city, etc. the Period of refresh rate — from 08h.00min. to 21h.00min.

Under the new rules, the time interval, which is given on rent-free street Parking places was reduced. Since the beginning of 2020, it is 5 minutes instead of 15, earlier. At the same time the use of Parking is subject to auto-commit. If the owner of the vehicle left the Parking place before the expiration of the paid period, the funds are refundable.

Existed since 2015 the rule, according to which citizens could freely use all, without exception, the Parking lots at the weekend, also stopped the action. Street included in zones with higher rates on Sundays were paid. According to the conclusion of the Moscow Department of transport, innovations have freed up about 20% of the total Parking spaces of the capital. According to the Agency, the priority was not receiving income from the services of street Parking, and the regulation of the number of vehicles and reducing traffic in the capital.

Parking during the new year holidays in 2021 in

Free days

According to the norms of the Metropolitan Parking, there are special days during which the owners of motor vehicles not pay a fee for the lease of Parking lots. These include:

  • Dates of public holidays.
  • Saturday (if noted on the eve of a public holiday and, accordingly, the day fell on Saturday).
  • Sunday.

These rules apply to the Moscow street Parking spaces which are not fenced in barriers. However, authorities installed some exceptions. So, for Parking in places where there are higher tariff rates, to pay on Sundays is still necessary. It is worth Recalling that we are talking about more than 200 streets . As for slaboumnyh Parking, they will continue to operate normally and will require payment for the rental of Parking places. The collection of funds for these services are provided by approximately 80 urban planar Parking lots.

Preferential categories

The city administration has provided for certain categories of persons, full exemption from payment of fees for Parking . These include veterans of the great Patriotic war, invalids of all groups, motorcyclists, owners of electric vehicles, etc. in order to exercise their right to free Parking in certain cases it is necessary to have at itself the corresponding confirming document. However, if the disabled person will Park a personal vehicle with the identification sticker on the designated place, he may not have to pay for Parking service.

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