Parent’s day (Radonitsa) in 2021

Parent days (Radonitsa), or days of remembrance of all the dead – the most important days for Christians, particularly for deeply religious people. At this time the Holy Orthodox Church urges to remember their departed in the world other relatives and friends. In one year these days several. Part of the holidays are passing, that is, their dates do not change. Others may fall on different numbers. Among them especially notable is the universal day of solemn remembrance – a day of rejoicing. Do not miss important dates will help the Church calendar for 2021.

Parent's day (Radonitsa) in 2021

Date of memorial holidays

Tradition to remember the dead came from the distant past. The ancient Slavs gathered at the burial sites of their ancestors. In the Church-the liturgical book “the Typicon of the great Church” established rules. Pray for the repose of a loved one at any time. In churches committed such prayers daily. But the Orthodox Church has eight special days (parent) of the year for the remembrance of the deceased. Each of them corresponds with one of the greatest Orthodox holidays. According to the Orthodox calendar 2021 parent days fall on the following dates:

Date in 2021NameFeatures
22 FebUniversal parent meat-fare Saturday

The commemoration of all the faithful Christians. Celebrated two days before Shrovetide week. With the ancient custom to remember the deceased on this day pancakes. The first baked pancake was supposed to leave on the grave of their ancestors. Others to give to young children or needy, with a request to commemorate the close.
14 MarSaturdays of lentDuring Great lent it is not customary to conduct a funeral dirge, so the Church has established special days for prayers for the repose of the dead. They have 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays of lent. These days the churches are taking donations for the poor in the form of meatless dishes and products.
21 Mar
28 Mar
May 9

Commemoration day of fallen soldiersInstalled to commemorate “all the celestial immortal regiment” – all the dead soldiers in the second world war and all the suffering of the victims. Annually since 1994 in a national holiday “victory Day” in the churches held a memorial service. The only memorial day with a fixed date.
6 Jun

Trinity (Ecumenical)SaturdayTakes place on the eve of the feast of the Holy Trinity. Another Saturday in the year in which it is customary to remember the deceased absolutely all – from Adam, the progenitor of our race to our days. This Saturday taken fervently to pray for who had not managed before his death to confess and take communion, and also for the departed to the heavenly Kingdom far from home.
7 NovDmitrievsky parental SaturdayThe Americans last among Orthodox memorial days in a calendar year. Falls on the last Saturday before the commemoration day of great Martyr Dmitry solunskogo. Dedicated to the fallen participants of the battle of Kulikovo.

Another ancient day, called to popular rumor, the “spring Wake”, occupies a special position in the annual cycle of feasts of the Holy Church is “Radonitsa”.

The main remembrance day

“Radonitsa”, “Radunitsa”, “Easter of the dead”, “Parent” – all names for one of the chief memorial of celebration for Orthodox Christians. The Radonitsa does not have a specific date, it changes every year and depends on what day will Easter. To know the exact day of the holiday, from Easter to count eight days. That is Tuesday, the ninth day after the Resurrection of Christ, and have borne the funeral day. In 2021, this date falls on April 28.

Interesting! “Radunitsa” is known since the times of paganism. The name was formed from the words “joy” and “kinship”. From time immemorial, this holiday was not made to dwell in despair and weep for the departed loved ones.

How to spend parent’s day

There is a belief: “this day we are the dead waiting at the gate of the churchyard languishing…”. Therefore, Orthodox try not to miss this date and to attend the temple and the grave of relatives. God’s servants remind us that “Radunitsa” no time for sorrow. When visiting a cemetery, the Christians put things in order and I want to share with departed loved ones the good news of the Resurrection of Christ. “Radonitsa” is Easter for the dead.

Parent's day (Radonitsa) in 2021

After visiting the temple with a Church candle it is possible to drive to the cemetery, where again to read prayers for the repose. Clergy are urged not to lay festive tables in the cemeteries, and to begin the memorial meal back home after visiting the graves.

On the table this holiday have to be Christmas pudding, jelly and desire all sorts of Easter treats.

Tip! For preparation of the main funeral meals in advance to soak rice or wheat. Of the well-washed beans need to cook crumbly porridge and season it with honey, raisins or other dried fruit. Finished kutyu should be attributed to the Church for sanctification.

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