Palm Sunday in 2021

In 2021 traditionally, palm Sunday will be celebrated the week before Easter. In the Orthodox Church it is called the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem. Throughout the centuries the holiday has generated many traditions and customs that are passed down from generation to generation and now.

The date for the celebration

Because palm Sunday does not have a fixed date of celebration, the question arises about what the number will be a holiday in the USA in 2021 is quite natural. The Lord’s entry into Jerusalem is included in the list of feasts of the Paschal. Their dates change every year and are calculated according to the canons of the Church, though the ordinary person to know them is not necessarily.

Palm Sunday in 2021

Important! Celebrate palm Sunday a week before Easter, in 2021 − April 12.

To calculate the date yourself just. Need to know when Easter is. In addition, the festival falls on 6-th Sunday of lent. Then follows Holy week is the most strict period of fasting, during which honored the last days of the life of Jesus Christ on earth before the crucifixion.

The history of the holiday

The events that were the basis for the emergence of an Orthodox feast, has taken place in the life of Jesus Christ. He preached the faith to His Father and showed the people His power and capabilities. The resurrection of the Infirmary became one of the most significant events in the life of the son of God. His fame and his actions with great speed flew on the Eastern towns and villages.

When Jesus Christ decided to come to Jerusalem, locals greeted him with honors. Almost all the inhabitants of the city gathered at the main gate. To show respect to an important guest and to show their piety, they carpeted the road with their garments and palm branches. After the death of Jesus, believers have made this day to the list of holidays.

In Russia the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem appeared only in the tenth century, but was little changed. In the East the main symbol of the holiday are palm branches that spread under the feet of the Son of God, but in our area do not grow palm trees due to the climate, so began to use willow twigs. This tree was not chosen randomly. The fact that the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem was associated with the revival of life, and Verba first awakens in the spring after a winter sleep. And even if a holiday in early April, the buds on the branches will bloom.

Palm Sunday in 2021

Willow – main attribute

Sunday morning believers go to Church for the service with bouquet Werbowy branches. Although the holiday begins the night before. The priests wear green vestments, which symbolize eternal life, and hold vigil. In small towns usually have only the evening service.

The main tradition of the holiday is to sanctification Werbowy branches. In big cities you can buy them near the temple, but better in the evening to prepare yourself. It is important to know a few simple rules:

  1. Breaking branches is possible only with a healthy and young tree. It should not be dry branches or signs of disease.
  2. Not worth breaking a willow growing on a river or a pond, since it can sit mermaids and other evil spirits.
  3. The number of branches must match the number of people in the family.

Home willow put behind the icons or on all corners and keep the whole year. She protects the living from evil spirits, disease and misery. Change branches only on the following palm Sunday. Just throw them in the river or burn, but separately from garbage, and if there were sprouts, hatch in the ground. In addition, people eat willow buds, to get protection from evil spirits for the whole year. It is recommended that they use women who cannot get pregnant. From the buds of the willow make amulets that are worn in a pocket or on clothing.

Palm Sunday in 2021

A festive meal

On returning home from Church the family gathers for the holiday table. Since the feast of palm Sunday in 2021 falls on lent, Housewives have to cook only meatless meals. On the table are allowed to submit:

  • dumplings with potatoes and cabbage;
  • vegetable stew;
  • the dishes of beans, peas and beans;
  • marinated mushrooms;
  • the first or second dishes prepared with fresh or dried mushrooms.

Household members and guests are treated to a Lenten sweets halva, jam, marmalade, chocolate. This day allowed to eat fish and drink a little red wine. Informed the hostess cooked vegetable cookies verbovyy kidneys who ate all the family members.

Important! In the Orthodox Church palm Sunday is considered a big holiday, therefore doing any physical work is forbidden. In this regard, women should prepare meals for the meal.

Palm Sunday in 2021

The old customs now added a new tradition of celebration. In the big cities on palm Sunday fairs and festivities. Most likely, this tradition to continue in 2021. Usually the program includes songs, dances, entertainment for kids etc. go to such celebrations with the whole family.

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