Palace square on New 2021

Palace square into the New 2021 will be the center of festivities in E. According to tradition it was here that install and ignite the main tree of the city. The organizers of the Christmas festivities try to surprise the citizens and guests of the Northern capital, coming up with colourful shows and unusual surprises. It is not surprising that the New year’s eve on Palace square crowded – that is, Apple nowhere to fall.


The celebrations officially opened the week before New year on December 22-23. They start with a meeting of father Frost arriving in from their residence. In 2020 he appeared on the stage of the Palace square on the balloon. This time organizers will come up with something original.

To see old and meet New 2021 at the Palace will begin, as usual, in 20 hours – it has become a tradition. By this time there are going to people, took seats closer to the stage.

After an hour, Nevsky Prospekt and the area will become a pedestrian zone – the movement of cars and public transport will be closed. Access to places of mass festivities on the car will have in advance or take the subway from 31 December to 1 January, it is open all night.

Palace square on New 2021


The main tree and each year happy stylish illumination, lots of light effects. The Christmas symbols and decorations can be photographed for memory.

The atmosphere of magic, tales of citizens and tourists create Santa Claus and snow maiden, heroes favorite fairy tales. They all willingly photographed with children and adults.

The organizing Committee every year contemplating how to celebrate the holiday, so the script was equally interesting to young people, adults and the elderly, so that children do not get bored on Christmas night. Is not the first concept of festive events is based on the unification of the Russian culture and national traditions with modern technical aspects (illumination, light and laser show and other special effects).

The program of celebration

Just what will happen at the Palace square, the organizing Committee will not disclose, but there are mandatory events repeated from year to year:

  • congratulations from the first persons;
  • concert and disco;
  • light performance;
  • fireworks.

Palace square on New 2021

The main events unfolding on stage – last year she was in an ice castle. Here are the folk and pop groups, there are greetings, there are team competitions with the participation of the audience. Another tradition – light installations, they are projected onto the General staff building every 30 minutes under the dynamic and mixes of familiar songs. Next to the stage set screens for the video-conference with other cities in USA. Event “Country wishes” takes place in an open format. This means that any person has the right to congratulate his compatriots on the occasion through video link.


Two hours before New year on the stage rise the first person to congratulate people on the holiday. Then begins the concert. It involves dancers, acrobats, singers, bands and pop stars. The main part of the disco, songs and contests lasts until 3am January 1. After this sensational show is over, but the racks still have fun participating in contests and other events.


What a New year without fireworks? The sky over Palace square and the sounds of fireworks illuminates every year – colorful extravaganza starts at midnight or 3 am. The exact time will be known within 7-10 days. Fireworks spectacle on a Grand scale, it takes about 10 minutes. The launch of the fireworks is from 35 sites at the same time – the lights are painted in bright colors of the Neva. Multicolored placers can be seen from many areas but in the center the best.

Palace square on New 2021

Where to eat

Near the main Christmas tree will be a market town – it opens on the eve of Christmas events. In the shopping halls will present its products to manufacturers from different areas of USA. Souvenirs, glassware, woodwork, boots and other articles in the Russian style at the fair represented in abundance. Here brisk sellers offer treats for every taste: pancakes with different fillings, hot tea, mince pies, mulled wine, coffee and many other dishes.

Security measures

On New year’s e accepted unprecedented security measures. To get to the Palace square, passing the electromagnetic frame, it will not work. The police patrolling the city centre, also have hand-held metal detectors. Present at the celebrations, it is desirable to have with itself the document proving the identity, the police have the right to check if the person’s actions seem suspicious. Persons without documents, the police are obliged to deliver to the nearest branch of the Ministry of internal Affairs for identification.

It is forbidden to bring and drink alcoholic drinks – violators face administrative liability.

Done all of the above for the safety of people gathered on the occasion, and prevent terrorist threats.

Palace square on New 2021

Christmas weather in e

In North Palmyra’s reign of rain and wind – it is necessary to consider, choosing clothes for night activities. Even if at the end of December is zero temperature on the street will be cold and uncomfortable due to strong winds and frost. Beautiful hairstyle, elegant evening dress and light shoes – clothing not for street festivals. Waterproof jacket, hat and scarf, jacket and warm shoes – a more practical option, which will not freeze and will not spoil future winter break colds. As they say residents of the city on the Neva, there is no bad weather – there are improper clothing.

The lack of snow will not spoil the holiday – many simply do not notice the luminous fountains, shop Windows, decorated with garlands, thousands of lights shining illumination and other installations, which were so generously welcomes you to the Palace square and its surroundings.

How was the New year on the Palace area in 2020: video

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