Paid public holidays in January 2021

Paid public holidays in January 2021 is the new year holidays, which apply to all formally employed citizens of the Russian Federation. These days in January were approved as a full paid weekend on a legislative level since 2005. They are designed to create a small additional leave, during which citizens will be able to celebrate such warm holidays like New year and Christmas with family or friends. Or just a little break from everyday work.

Production calendar

For employees who work a five-day work schedule with days off on Saturday and Sunday, paid public holidays in January 2021 start from 01.01.2021 (Wednesday) and end 08.01.2021 (Wednesday). To work the citizens come 09.01.2021 on Thursday. Thus, the state provides eight full days of rest. This festive period applies to all employees who carry out labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation.

January is one of the months in which the greatest number of days in a year. To compare is only may. So, in 2021 and in January there are 14 days off (new year’s holiday and three weekends), and 17 days.

Paid public holidays in January 2021

Note. According to officially approved governmental Decree in 2021 will be a transfer 04 and 05 January (these days fall on approved weekends – Saturday and Sunday) on 04 and 5 may.

Abbreviated pre-holiday days in 2021, when the operating time decreases by 1 hour, is not provided. Reduction of working time will be implemented 31.12.2020, on the eve of 2021.

Paid public holidays in January 2021

Regulatory framework

Calculation of time is done in the accounting Department and human resource Department of each enterprise. Specialists make up a schedule based on the following main documents:

  • The labour code of the Russian Federation (in particular, articles 111-113 governing the accrual of benefits and the various nuances of working time on the weekend);
  • The order of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation dated 13.08.2009 N 588н about the order of calculation of norms of working time depending on weekly schedule;
  • The Government decree on "the Transfer of the holidays in 2021", which claims the Russian tripartite Commission (its publication is planned for fall 2020);
  • internal normative documents regulating the work of the enterprise and the production-time employees on the basis used by the principal legislative framework.

Payment of wages

If the employee has a schedule, he works in shifts or "day" can be implemented options for double payment or compensation festive time. So, an employee (e.g., doctor or fireman) continues to run on schedule, but the official holiday weekend he is paid at double the rate. Or holidays on which the employee brought to work may be offset by additional paid time off.

These points should be consistent with the guidance prescribed in regulatory document (e.g., in employment contract).

If the employee works the piece or his pay is dependent on hours worked or completed jobs, the user can provide his weekend in the specified period. However, in practice, it often means that these days are not paid out.

The payments depend on the terms of the employment contract. Most often, payment is 15 th (advance) and the last day of the month. However, there may be other options where the payment of earnings to the employee occurs, for example, in the first of the month, etc.

Paid public holidays in January 2021

If the payment of wages falls during the Christmas holidays, it must be made on the last working day before them. Relatively 2021 it will be the date, not later than 31.12.2020. Usually, accounting is trying to accrue funds in advance.

If the employee plans to take vacation in January 2021, then selling him needs to be assessed in December 2020.


The holidays (and other holidays) are not included in annual leave. This should be considered when scheduling their vacations. Due to the January weekend it is possible to extend their period of stay without compromising wages, and save vacation days.

  1. You can extend your vacation and take a vacation for two days: 09 and January 10, 2021. So, will spent only two days of annual leave and the weekend will be 12 days (from 01 to 12 inclusive, with return to work Monday 13.01.2021).
  2. You can take a vacation before the start of the Christmas holidays on 30 and 31 December 2020. Then, in fact, the rest will start 28.12.2020 (Saturday) and will end 08.01.2021 (Wednesday). In the end, spent only 2 days and the total period of vacation is 12 days.

Important! The vacation schedule prepared in advance, so all its decisions must be confirmed by the user.

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