Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

The transport situation is one of the main problems that affects almost every resident and the suburbs. Overground in the suburbs must address the issues of movement of citizens of the capital region, as relieving the road, and Russian Railways. Diagram 2021 plans to merge several large settlements, with further expansion of branches and coverage of other suburbs. In the result, the surface metro will greatly facilitate the task of moving from the field to the capital and back.

Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

Why do I need a ground station in the suburbs

Currently to get from the suburbs to the capital in several types of transport:

All the roads that go from Moscow, cross the MKAD. The result is many hours and many kilometers of traffic jams that create a lot of inconvenience. A new kind of transport, the Skytrain (or light rail), will allow to unload roads and railway lines, providing transport about 60 million passengers a year.

Features Skytrain

For Skytrain are new compounds with the capacity of approximately 700 people. The carriages are equipped with comfortable armchairs, air conditioning and Wi-Fi. For additional security in cars and at the stations will install surveillance cameras.

The train can reach the speed of 100 km/h, the headway during peak hours is 5-7 minutes. It will allow passengers to spend up to half an hour of time on the road, instead of the previous 1.5-2 hours.

Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

The estimated price of one trip is 50 rubles.

Scheme of transport development 2021

The project is implemented in stages. Original works will be carried out in the southern part of the region, because that is where the greatest passenger traffic.

Overground in the suburbs will gradually connect the large settlements of different areas:

  1. Belarusian (Odintsovo, Nemchinovka).
  2. Riga (Nakhabino, Pavshino).
  3. Leningrad (Povarovo, Khimki).
  4. Savelovsky (Sheremetyevo, Novodachne).
  5. Yaroslavl (Pushkino, Perl).
  6. Gorky (Balashikha, Reutov).
  7. Kazan (Lyubertsy).
  8. Paveletskaya (Domodedovo).
  9. Kursk (Podolsk).

Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

It is also planned connection of the cities of the Moscow region without a visit to the capital along chords:

Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

Metro lines cross with a Small ring of the railway. Several areas pass through the Central station. Therefore, it can be directly, or without a lot of direct links to get to the station of Russian Railways.

Skytrain will reach normal at certain stations (Nekrasovka view of Macinino, etc.). In connection with these innovations, the start-up of trains, which was planned for 2020, is deposited. In 2021, work is continuing on the development and adoption of new concepts, and planning expansion of the network messages for the future.


Among the investors are domestic and foreign companies who are willing to pay about 20% of the planned costs. Investments will be recovered through the sale of tickets and concessions for the construction of environmental infrastructure (shopping and entertainment centers, business centers, Parking lots, etc.).

The most well known companies that have expressed a desire to participate in the financing of Skytrain are:

  • Sberbank;
  • VTB Bank;
  • construction firm Morton (who works in real estate in the Visible);
  • Alstom;
  • The Russian direct investment Fund;
  • Siemens.

Adjacent to the road land will be repurchased by the state, and construction on them will start companies from China, France and Germany.

Overground in the suburbs in 2021: scheme

The time frame of the project

On the construction of this facility saying since 2013. It was originally planned to launch the first line until 2016, but the terms are constantly shifting. Such an object is unique in its essence and requires serious design taking into account the future development of transport communications.

Project documentation is overground in the suburbs need to be ready in 2021. The first phase, which will connect the Podolsk and Domodedovo airports will be completed by 2022. Until 2028, it is planned the construction of 50 new stations with a total length of 246 km. of lines the Bulk of the paths will pass through the territory of the Moscow region (192 km), and the rest – on . In the future, the construction of such transport schemes across Moscow region.

Projects of such magnitude it is natural to face many obstacles. Now it is necessary to establish well-coordinated work of private and public services, investors, contractors. New rail lines should competently fit in the existing urban landscape. It is also important to minimize the discomfort of the citizens from increased noise levels.

Under favorable circumstances, already after 4-5 years will significantly improve transport communication between the capital and the region.

Now to get from the suburbs will be faster: video

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