Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

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Observe Orthodox traditions, thereby honor the memory of their ancestors and become a little closer to God, will help the Church calendar for 2021. It contains all the information about the dates of major holidays, days of remembrance of saints, and fasts. According to the old Orthodox traditions, in 2021 Christians expect four strict fasts and many bright holidays.

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Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

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Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays


The first days of the new year 2021 are marked in the Orthodox calendar as days of strict fasting. The Christmas fast traditionally begins on November 28 and lasts exactly 40 days, until January 6. On these days, the Ministers of the Orthodox Church recommend that believers observe not only physical abstinence, but also spiritual abstinence. Philippi fast is a time when you need to read the Bible, pray from the bottom of your heart, forgive the insults hidden in your soul, and be cleansed of sinful thoughts. In the first days of January, the Christmas fast is particularly strict, and on January 6, on Christmas Eve, before the first star appears on the heavenly slope, you should refuse to eat.

Cleansed and enlightened after abstinence, Christians will celebrate three great holidays in January 2021:

  • January 7 is Christmas day. The holiday is a non-transitory one. in 2021, it falls on a Thursday. The main winter celebration of Christians opens the Yuletide days, which will last until Epiphany.
  • January 14-Circumcision of the Lord. The Orthodox Church solemnly celebrates a holiday dedicated to the fact that the infant God was circumcised and at the same time he was named Jesus (Savior). On the same day, it is customary to honor the memory with the celebration and celebration of St. Basil the Great — a Church writer and theologian.
  • January 19-Epiphany of the Lord. The holiday date is dedicated to the gospel event – how the prophet John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan river. In 2021, the Holy Epiphany falls on a working day-Tuesday.


Candlemas-one of the most significant twelve-day holidays of the year is celebrated on February 15. It is non-transitory and annually falls on the 40th day after the birth of Christ. Believers on this day celebrate the meeting with God. In America, this holiday was especially loved also because usually by this time severe frosts receded. A popular proverb says: “Candlemas-winter and summer met.” Therefore, the last frosts and the first thaws were called Sretensky.

From the old Church language, “meeting” is translated as “meeting”.

The second week of March in the calendar of 2021 (from March 8 to March 14) begins with Maslenitsa. The Church name of the holiday is cheese week. The last day of this period is forgiveness Sunday (March 14). According to tradition, on this day it is customary to ask forgiveness from your loved ones in order to enter the fast with a pure soul.

On March 15, Lent begins, the purpose of which is to prepare for the celebration of Easter. The first month of spring falls on the first two weeks (two weeks) of the Central fast, they are considered one of the most strict.

Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

March 2021 will be the day of remembrance of the deceased:

  • March 6 — the first parents ‘ day (Universal myasopustnaya parental Saturday);
  • March 27-parents ‘ Saturday of the 2nd week of Great lent.

These days, prayers for the departed are read in churches.


According to the Church calendar, Orthodox Christians should spend the entire month of April 2021 in spiritual and physical abstinence. But, among the strict days of Great lent, there are also holidays:

  • April 7-Annunciation of the most Holy Theotokos;
  • April 24-Lazareva Saturday;
  • April 25 — palm Sunday (Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem).

April is marked by days of special commemoration of the deceased:

  • April 3-Saturday of the 3rd week of Great lent;
  • April 10-Saturday of the 4th week of Great lent.

Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

On the first of may, the strictest Central post of the year ends and three important days await the Orthodox ahead:

  • May 2 is the most important Christian holiday of 2021 — Easter of Christ;
  • May 9 — day of remembrance of the dead soldiers;
  • May 11-Radonitsa (the first memorial day after Easter).

Christians spend the entire month celebrating Easter. In this regard, the Church allows indulgences on Lenten days of the week (Wednesday and Friday).

The first summer month of 2021 is marked by the following dates:

  • June 10-Ascension of the Lord. On this date, the transition from the earthly life of the Savior to his Heavenly reign is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter.The holiday is transitional, but always falls on Thursday.
  • June 19-Trinity parents ‘ Saturday. On the eve of a big holiday, Christians remember their loved ones who have passed away.
  • June 20-the Church celebrates the day of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost). The holiday is followed by Trinity week (from 21 to 27 June) – days in the Church calendar without restrictions in food.
  • On June 30, the Apostolic fast begins. Another name is Peter’s fast, established in memory of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul.

Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

The Apostolic fast continues until July 11. It is crowned by the feast of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul-July 12. In addition, the following dates are celebrated in July::

  • July 7-the Nativity of John the Baptist. Coincides with the Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala.
  • July 8 is the feast day of saints Peter and Fevronia. The holiday has been included in the Church calendar since 2008. America celebrates the day of family, love and fidelity, dedicated to the memory of St. Peter and his wife Fevronia.
  • July 18-the Church celebrates the discovery of the venerable relics of hieromonk St. Sergius of Radonezh.
  • July 20-Trinity.


In August 2021, according to the Church calendar, from the 14th to the 27th day, Christians must keep the Dormition fast. It begins on August 14 with the amber honey Saviour. At the end of physical and mental restrictions, on August 28, the Church celebrates the feast of the Dormition of the most Holy Theotokos.

Another celebration awaits believers in the last month of summer — on August 19, the Church celebrates the Transfiguration of the Lord, or in another way Apple Savior.

Saint’s memorial days in August:

  • August 2-Christians remember the Holy prophet of God Elijah;
  • August 9-commemoration of the great Martyr Panteleimon the healer;
  • August 10 — day of the Smolensk icon of the mother of God.


In September, Orthodox Christians celebrate the following dates::

  • September 11-beheading of the head of St. John the Baptist. It is dedicated to the memory of the death in agony of John the Baptist, who was beheaded by the tetrarch of Galilee, Herod.
  • September 21 — the Nativity of the most Holy Theotokos. It refers to the twelve-day holidays. It is dedicated to the birth of the virgin Mary in the family of the righteous Joachim and Anna.
  • September 27-Exaltation of the Holy cross. Every year it falls on September 27. Dedicated to two events: the discovery of the Holy cross in Jerusalem in the fourth century and its return 300 years later from Persia.
  • September 30 is the day of saints Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sofia. On this day, the faithful remember the Holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sofia, who suffered for the Christian faith. In churches on this day, prayers are held in their honor. Believers on this day ask their icons for help and intercession. Sincere prayers help to create a strong marriage and find family happiness.


The non-transitory Church holiday of the Intercession of the most Holy Theotokos in 2021 falls on October 14. Since ancient times, it is commonly believed that on this day there are two seasons of the year-autumn and winter. On the eve of the celebration, Christians used to say-What the weather will be like tomorrow on Pokrov, this will be the winter.


In November, a long period of restriction and spiritual purification of Christians begins-the Christmas fast. Every year, the first day of lent falls on November 28. It will last until Christmas.

Orthodox (Church) calendar for 2021 | with public holidays

Beloved by Americans, the New year holiday falls on the days of the Christmas fast. The Ministers of the Church condescending to combine these two events.

“The Christmas fast is not so strict and complex, it is called fish fast. The secular tradition of fasting is easier than the monastic one” ” the Church representatives explain. The main thing, according to the clergy, is not to lose peace in the soul, peace, prudence, sobriety.


The entire December of the 2021 Church calendar is marked as the days of the Nativity fast.

There are also three significant dates this month:

  • December 4-introduction to the Church of the most Holy Theotokos;
  • December 13 is the date of commemoration of the Apostle Andrew the first-called, who is prayed for the defense of the Fatherland;
  • December 19 is the day of the patron Saint of sailors and travelers, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, one of the most revered saints among Christians.

Today, in the age of hustle and bustle and information technology, Orthodox Church officials urge Christians to look at the Church calendar more often. After all, having found out what holiday (event) is expected today or in the next few days, you can prepare for them prayerfully or not violate Orthodox canons.

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