Omens for the New 2021

To study the omens for the New 2021 people in a hurry with one goal – to improve your life in the coming year. It is believed that new year’s eve are made of magic and most secret dreams come true, and the fate talks about the future, but with special signs.

Hard to say, true signs or not. There is a theory that they “work” only those people who believe in them. The reason is simple – a man is configured to something good, positive thought, and therefore attracts positive energy. Similarly, there are signs about the bad.

How to attract money and good fortune in the New year

People say: “As the New year meet, so spend it!”. Some people take these words literally, although it is not so. It is believed that any actions will appear in the future. If you celebrate the holiday with good mood and positive, and things will be easy and relaxed.

Omens for the New 2021

To 2021 New year bring good luck and financial well-being, pay attention to the following signs:

  1. In the pouch of red color fold over coins, and then place it on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator, to attract money into the house.
  2. To money no problem, pocket be sure to put unmarked bills (or several), preferably a big denomination.
  3. Carefully pre-wash the coin. Under the chiming clock drop it into a glass of champagne. Drink drink and put the coin in his pocket. After the celebration, put it in the purse, but do not waste, and carry as a talisman for good luck in financial Affairs.
  4. New year’s eve burn the house has 7 green candles. Green attracts money energy.
  5. Before the New year and January 1 don’t let money into debt, not to become poor. Existing debt should be returned before 31 December.
  6. After the battle of chimes for a few minutes to open the door of a house or apartment to let luck and prosperity.
  7. The money was always kept in the house for the table setting at the corners under the tablecloth, put on the coin.

Some signs you should pay attention when preparing for the holiday. For example, to a house filled with positive energy, and the home side came luck, need to do spring cleaning and be sure to throw out all old, broken and unwanted things. You cannot throw garbage on 31 December and 1 January, so you can clean the house better.

Omens for the New 2021

Signs for the year of the Metal ox

Because 2021 will be the year of the Metal ox, should pay attention to the following Christmas signs:

  1. To celebrate the New year should be in a large company, because mistress loves company. You can have a party with friends in the apartment or in the country. Well suited and rented a country house or cottage, but from an expensive restaurant should be abandoned. the bull always rational use of its resources.
  2. On the table have to be treats with products favorite Rat – cheese, seeds, nuts. Appropriate will cookies, pies, cakes, and pastries.
  3. So the next year was full and rich, the table should be a variety of dishes. It is desirable to have at least 7 different dishes, but to spend money on expensive and fine products are not worth it, because mistress does not like excessive spending.
  4. Make sure you cover your table with white cloth, so that the New year brings happiness and success in different endeavors.
  5. For the New year, you need to pick an outfit in white or silver colors. It is also allowed to combine the primary colors with black or gray shades. In the same tones should be selected and accessories.
  6. For new year’s eve, it is desirable to prepare a new outfit. If this is not possible, buy at least a certain thing, for example, a blouse or jacket. In any case, do not wear other people’s things, in order not to bring trouble on yourself.
  7. To curry favor with the White bull, for home decoration use metal products – candle holders, stars, etc. If there are no such decorations, improvise, use foil and other similar materials.

Omens for the New 2021

Important! So in the coming year, a dream come true, you need to write it on a leaf, set on fire, and the ashes to pour out in a glass of champagne. After all to drink. It is desirable to do everything under the chiming clock.

Other signs

The New 2021 is closely linked with other signs, which were formed over many years. Please note the following:

  1. Fight of the year. Otherwise the whole year will be messed up.
  2. To all the troubles and sadness left your home in the last seconds of the year peel the Mandarin and put his pelt under the tree. After the holidays, discard it together with the almond tree, that misfortune did not come back.
  3. To family relationships have become stronger, and relatives often gathered together, the legs of the festive table should be tied with tape or rope.
  4. It is advisable not to wash 1 January the dishes, not to wash away all the happiness.
  5. If firecracker will shoot under the chiming clock next year will be lucky.
  6. Don’t serve lobster, crayfish and shrimp, as the case may be greatly diminished.
  7. The one who got the last alcohol from the bottle, have to make a wish. It will come true within a year.
  8. To attract success and prosperity, you must sincerely try to help new year’s eve to people in need.
  9. Twist a few large denomination bills tube. Tie red thread and hang on the tree, but so that they could not be seen. You can cover up rain or other decorations.
  10. You can’t serve festive meals in a bat container. Plates and bowls should not be chips, cracks or other damage.

Omens for the New 2021

Interesting! According to one will, the greatest happiness and success awaits those people who will sleep through the arrival of the New year.

Christmas signs are available in every country in the world. In China to scare away evil spirits, fireworks, arrange celebrations and loud parties. In Japan laugh out loud in the first minute coming years to attract good luck into the house, and the Italians must wear red underwear and throw out from the Windows of old things.

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