Olympics in 2021

In 2021 in Tokyo will host the Olympics for summer sports. The holding of the XXXII world games claimed three cities: Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. The capital of Japan gave 60 votes, which is twice exceeded the scores received in Istanbul.

Olympics in 2021

The choice of location and time of the summer Olympics 2021

Japan has not once met the Olympic in 1964 in Tokyo, in 1974 in Sapporo and 1998 in Nagano. Opponents of the rising sun, Spain and Turkey, and did not think that Japan will once again become the mistress of the games, but fate decreed otherwise. The choice of the Olympic Committee is quite understandable: a high level of security in this country outweighed the scales, which was also the country’s economic development. And even the fact of the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant did not become the obstacle of deciding where the Olympics will be held.

September 7, 2013, it was determined not only the place but also the time of the summer Olympics 2021. The opening will take place on July 24. Many resent this date, because July and August are the hottest months in Japan. The dates were agreed at the stage of submission of applications. The range was broad, from 15 July to 31 August. Adjustments conducted after determining the finalists.

The key role played by money. From broadcast, the international Olympic Committee (IOC) receives additional income, and in mid-summer schedule of sports broadcasting in Europe and the United States free. Athletes will have to compete in difficult conditions for the organism, and for adaptation they will need time. Particularly unlucky runners who will be forced to run not only under the scorching sun, but in conditions of high humidity.

The Japanese authorities understand the problem and consider the possibility in 2020-2021 years to transfer to summer time (two hours ahead), so that competitions can be carried out in cooler times of the day.

Olympics in 2021


Initially, the emblem of summer Olympic games of 2021 looked like a big letter “T”. Designer from Belgium, Olivier Debi saw her plagiarism of their work, the logo of the theater in liège. The organizing Committee decided to give the Belgian and announced a competition for a new logo.

The Commission included leading athletes, designers and artists, only 20 people. In the end, the new logo turned out in the form of a ring in the style of Edo, resembling a chessboard. The pattern consists of rectangles of different shapes, which symbolizes the unity of all countries and cultures, and the circle – uniting the world around the sport.

For the Paralympic games emblem changed: this is a wide open bowl consisting of the same checkerboard rectangles. Downstairs is the symbol of all Paralympic games: three color of the sickle, the United around the white point.

Olympics in 2021


The names of the heroes I have not yet, but it turned out strong, with a high sense of justice, moving, ready to move instantly in space creatures. The talismans will allow Japan to discover more of its features: plaid boy and girl will participate in the opening and closing games 2021, and in all events dedicated to this event.

Olympics in 2021

The total budget

Forecast for the Olympic games in Tokyo will be spent 16-17 billion. The IOC believes such spending is too large, although when compared with the games in Sochi (2014), this amount is quite modest. In the USA spent about $ 50 billion. But the owner of previous games in Brazil cost only 4 billion.

When Japan was applied, the government did not expect that the preparation for the Olympics will sabotage himself of the IOC. In recent years there has been a trend of pressure on the host countries of the games in the article reduce costs. This creates a burden on the state’s economy and breaks all the plans in preparation for major sports event. In particular, the IOC President Thomas Bach urged to reduce the overall budget of the games and divided it into two parts: investment and operating.

Olympic venues

All competitions within the capital of Japan. In addition to sports in a number of Olympic facilities will include places of leisure. It will be the Olympic stadium, Palais de Tokyo sports, Heritage, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Yoyogi Park, the area of the Imperial Palace, Nippon Budokan, the Imperial Palace gardens of Japan, Tokyo, Sumida, Olympic Park, Odaiba, Umanesimo, Ariake.

Bookmark the Olympic stadium took place in December 2016. Its construction was allocated 1.3 billion dollars. A stadium build by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, with the cooperation of specialists from Britain’s Zaha Hadid.

Olympics in 2021

The Seating capacity will be 68 thousand people, although it was initially planned a more ambitious rostrum. They were rejected because of the increased cost of the project. Part of seats will be temporary. Sliding roof also will not be.

To complete the construction plan by September 2020, and the new stadium will host the Rugby world Cup 2020. In the Olympics it will host competitions in football and athletics.

Many sports venues are lagging behind in the preparation of the plan, and it affects the constant pressure the IOC expenditure. For example, a test event in sailing was to take place in Tokyo in 2018, but the infrastructure for them is not fully ready. Experts have expressed concern that the water at the upcoming Olympic games will be as unprepared as in Rio.


Without volunteers not do any major sporting event. Registration of volunteers for the Olympic games 2021 was opened in the summer of 2018, and personal interviews will be held in February 2020. It is planned to take 110000 people, 80% of which will be used in sports facilities, others as guides and escorts through the city.

Olympics in 2021

A volunteer can become a citizen of the Country of the rising sun, and an alien over 18 years of age. Preference to volunteers from Tokyo, Hokkaido, Fukuoka and Osaka. One of the conditions – fluency in languages, and the availability of free time during the competition. An extra plus – work experience with the elderly and people with disabilities.

Japanese organizers are planning to surprise guests by volunteers, robots, and cars and buses without drivers.


  • 800, 1500 meters freestyle and mixed relay 4×100 in swimming;
  • mixed relay 4×400 athletics;
  • competitions in the format of three-on-three basketball. To participate will be both men’s and women’s teams;
  • The track Cycling is a discipline of “Madison”;
  • Fencing – mixed competition men/women;

Mixed team competition will be held in archery, table tennis, triathlon and judo. It turns out that the number of mixed competitions will increase to 18 in contrast to 9, as it was previously.

In some disciplines, which previously involved only men, and now I can act and women: rowing, rowing and Canoeing, Boxing, sailing and shooting. As a result of these changes, the Olympics will be more young and democratic.

Olympics in 2021


Rewards that athletes will receive at the games, made from recycled materials. Every resident of the Country of the rising sun will be able to contribute to preparing for sports competition. The course will old mobile phones and other equipment. To do this in April, 2017 across the country opened points of reception of gadgets. This will save the budget and save the environment. All you need to do 5 thousand medals that need 2 tons of gold, silver and bronze.

Latest news

June 1, 2020 became a well-known route of the Olympic torch relay Olympics-2021 in Tokyo. It will be the following:

  • March 26, 2021 — old race in the Fukushima district;
  • The flame will be carried through the village Okuma;
  • Near the sculpture “miracle Pine” in Rikuzentakata;
  • The flame will be carried to the West of Tokyo to the Pacific coast;
  • The island of Okinawa in the South;
  • The movement continued East along the coast of the sea of Japan;
  • Ostrov Hokkaido, Iwate and Miyagi;
  • Shizuoka, Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa;
  • 24 July 2021 — completion of the torch relay carrying the torch in Tokyo.

Torch with the flame will also be carried past the sacred mount Fuji.

The relay participants may be individuals with a birth date before April 1, 2008 living in those prefectures which will carried the Olympic flame.

Olympics in 2021

Because of the possibility of non-admission to the Olympics-2021 Russian athletes Vladimir Putin has instructed the Olympic Committee to close this question, affecting the restoration of the rights of all-Russian athletics Federation.

The fact that Russian athletes are not eligible to compete under the flag of their country in international competitions. Color for a neutral flag are allowed, and in case of victory plays the anthem of the International Olympic Committee. In other words, all the achievements of athletes from the USA does not equate to the victories of the national team and only go in his personal file.

It should be noted that participation in the Olympics athletes need to fill out a special application and permission is granted is not everything.

The reason for such stricter measures was the doping scandal in 2015, erupted over a documentary film “Top secret Doping: How Russia makes its Winners” (“Secret doping: how USA victorious”), in which the Russian runner Yulia Stepanova and her husband Vitaly told that in the Russian sports doping and bribery is a common thing, and controlled all at the state level.

Which will host the next Olympics

Preparing for the games in 2021 is still in full swing, and already known to the host city XXXIII summer competitions. It was the Paris, which was published on 31 July 2017. The French capital competed with the Los Angeles. Only two countries have nominated their candidacies for the right to host the summer games in 2024. In the result the IOC decided not to vote, and negotiated persuaded Los Angeles to withdraw his candidacy for 2024, and to host the Olympic games in 2028.

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