Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

All-Russian school Olympiad (VOSH) in 2020-2021 school year will be held on the 24 disciplines. The list of items agreed upon and approved by the Ministry of education. It includes:

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

  • astronomy;
  • biology;
  • geography;
  • computer science;
  • art;
  • 6 foreign languages;
  • literature;
  • mathematics;
  • Life safety;
  • social studies;
  • right;
  • Russian language;
  • technology;
  • physics;
  • exercise;
  • chemistry;
  • ecology;
  • economy.

Every year in the Olympics involved 5-6 million schoolchildren. In 2020-2021 years of participants will be less high interest to the testing of knowledge is due to the rewards for the winners. They will be able to enter a prestigious University out of the competition and learn from the budget Department.

Four stages LICE

All-Russian school Olympiad will be held from September 1, 2020 April 30, 2021. It traditionally includes four stages:

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

1st. School

In the first stage participants: students of 5-11 grades on their own. The Olympiad of the Russian language and mathematics pupils are admitted from grade 4.

The dates – September-October.

2nd. Municipal

At the municipal level students in grades 7-11 who won the school stage, the winners of last year’s Olympics.

The municipal championship will be held in November-December.

3rd. Regional

At the regional stage competing students in grades 9-11 – the winners of the municipal intellectual superiority.

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

The regional selection process includes two stages: theoretical and practical. At the time of January-February.

4th. Russian

The final stage takes place in . It is designed for a few days and require the personal presence of the contestants. To participate in the all-Russian Olympic games of school students are allowed the winners of the regional Championships from grades 9-11.

The final round, as well as regional, includes several tasks for the theory and practice. After each test students will be able to relax: to go on excursions, explore the sights and cultural places of the capital.

In 2020-2021 school year, the final stage of the LICE will be held in March-April. The names of the winners, the jury will be announced on 30 April or in early may.

Video information about all-Russian Olympic games of school students:

Features jobs LICE

Jobs for LICE select members of the Central subject-methodical Commission at the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation. They are tasks for the regional rounds is different for the regions. For this reason a lot of discussion: some of the contestants and teachers agree with this approach, who thinks that job for all the subjects of the Russian Federation should be the same.

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

Each discipline has its own specifics, which need to be considered.

  1. Math. The jobs will require finding unconventional solutions, logical approach. The problems go beyond the standard curriculum, often the condition lies the catch.
  2. Russian language. The Commission is not limited to competitive tests. Students often suggest creative work – write a slogan, anthem or to argue their point of view on a particular issue.
  3. Informatics. It is important to maximize the capabilities of your computer and its own work. Was that during the Olympics the contestants were tested renowned programmers for an online connection.
  4. Chemistry. Theoretical knowledge of the subject matter, but the jury pay more attention to the practical part – preparation and conduct of experiments.
  5. Foreign languages. Students must show a high level of knowledge of written and spoken foreign language, good pronunciation, fluent to answer the questions of the members of the Commission.
  6. Geography. The ability to read topographic maps is a significant advantage. Sometimes in the practical examination for students organize quiz. The wider horizons, the higher the chances of winning.
  7. Ecology. One of the most difficult subjects, because pupils have to prepare a relevant environmental project, and the arguments to defend it.

Prizes LICE

A serious struggle is due to the main prize for the winner and the privileges for the winners. The winner of the LICE becomes the student with the highest number of points on the subject. The winners – students who scored a passing grade. The pass mark establishes the Ministry of education USA.

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

Winners and prize-winners of all-Russian Olympiad will receive diplomas and the right to enter any Russian University out of competition. The specialty must match the Olympiad of the discipline in which the student was the best.

Preferential Olympics

Right out-of-competition admission to the University and gives victory in the so-called “soft” competitions. Organized for pupils, universities or training centers. In 2020-2021 years the list included 78 such events, among them:

  1. “Lomonosov” is an annual multidisciplinary test, which is organized by Moscow state University.
  2. “Higher test” – includes a profile of disciplines.
  3. “The mission is possible. Your calling – the financier.”
  4. “Nanotechnology – breakthrough to the future”.
  5. Sechenovskiy – biology for students of educational institutions.
  6. Tolstoy – on the history of native Philology and social studies.
  7. Economic Olympiad named Kondratiev.
  8. “Graphic arts” – the event is in the international format.
  9. MGIMO of the MFA of the Russian Federation – history and social studies.
  10. “Robofest”.
  11. “Phystech”.
  12. “Hope of energy”.
  13. “Step into the future”.
  14. Plekhanov Olympics.

Olympiad for schoolchildren in 2021

In the list of programs, there are directions which go beyond the curriculum – it is international relations, journalism, psychology, aerospace engineering and other Sciences.

To participate the candidate must select the event and register on the official website. The next step is sectionals. Many organizers spend it on a remotely competent jury evaluates the participants score. The winners advance to the next round and the final.

The date of the preferential competitions, conditions for participation, passing scores and other details of the tender Commission will publish at the beginning of the school year.

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