Old New 2021

It is difficult to find a man who would not know when it will be Old New year in 2021. This holiday is so popular in USA that knows about it and small, young and old. The tradition to celebrate the New year twice appeared a century ago, but now has not lost its relevance.

When will

Traditionally, the Old New year will mark exactly 2 weeks after new year’s eve. In 2021 this will not change, and therefore, Banquet tables will be covered in the night from 13 to 14 January.

With the official holidays does not apply. As the celebration date falls Monday and Tuesday, to prepare the Goodies, the hosts will be coming from work, and after a feast will have to get up early.

Old New 2021

The history of the emergence

The name of the holiday is unusual. At the beginning of the last century in the Russian Empire decided to switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. At that time most European countries were already living under the new type of chronology.

The transition decided to make in December, staging a so-called short day because we had to bridge the gap of 13 days. That would translate immediately after 18 December there was 1 January. Then USAне for the first time celebrated the New year together with other countries. But people forgot about the old date, and why after 2 weeks gave the celebration according to the customs. Over time, the tradition to celebrate twice new year’s eve entrenched, and even successfully survived to the present day.

New year, old style celebrated in most post-Soviet States – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova etc.

Interesting! Such holiday exists in other countries, only has another name. For example, in Switzerland, celebrating the Day of St. Sylvester. People dress up in special costumes and call ourselves Sylvester-clauses, go to each other’s homes and give gifts.


Now the Old New year can be called the shadow of the main festival. If someone does not have time to make a wish or fun from the heart, you have the option to try again. In the evening people companies gather for the festive tables. As in new year’s eve, sound toasts and congratulations, ringing of glasses filled with champagne. Arrange a holiday house or go to a cafe, restaurant.

Often complement different meal entertainment:

If January 14 coincides with the day, people spend the festive night with the family, and then travel to visit relatives, godfathers and friends, where a big company continue the festivities.

Old New 2021

The Old New year must be in a good mood, so jokes and cheerful music would be appropriate. According to popular belief, if you spend the holiday on the positive, the year will be successful, will bring many positive aspects.

Important! January 13, also celebrated a Generous or Vasiliev evening. In this regard, in many cities and villages organize folk festivals. People change, “lead goat”, singing carols and songs, theatrical performances. In some villages preserved the tradition in the end of the evening to burn Didukh, made of straw, the harvest was good.


Today, the majority of modest families celebrate the New year according the old style, rather than the Gregorian calendar, but the tradition to set up the tables preserved. The hostess usually serves:

  • salads, including “Olivier”;
  • various meat dishes – cabbage rolls, meatballs, rolls, baked meat, etc.;
  • cakes and pastries;
  • cold appetizers;
  • sweets etc.

Previously, the main New year was celebrated modestly because of advent, but January 13-14, arranged a feast. The tables were Laden with meat dishes and other delicacies. Housewives definitely prepared dumplings with a surprise. Folk belief said: “the richer the table, the richer will be the year”, so women are struggling to prepare Goodies.

Old New 2021

There was even a few customs. On the table was supposed to be:

  • suckling pig that will bring wealth and family well-being;
  • stuffed rooster for success on the job;
  • rabbit stewed in sour cream, for good luck.

Omens and divination

In 2021 on the Old New year pay attention to the signs. It is believed that they come true. Here are some basic signs:

  • Do not take a loan for a holiday or the day before that the whole year will be spent in debt.
  • Do not give money to other people, and that will accompany poverty.
  • Be sure to wear new clothes to the whole year were in abundance.

Old New 2021

With an unusual holiday involves a lot of traditions and signs. And while some people do not remember his origins, happy to arrange a feast with friends.

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