OGE on history in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

In 2021, 9th grade graduates are closely monitoring all changes related to the OGE in history, because for more than one year there have been calls to include this subject in the number of mandatory GIA-9 disciplines. But, in the coming season, students were lucky — exams in subjects to choose from were canceled! Instead of the OGE in history, 9th graders will take a written test paper.

Since it is not known whether this reference to be teachers, or will represent one of the options Kim from FIPI offered details to understand what was supposed to be exam 2021-2022 school year, are there any changes in Kymi and what to pay special attention in the preparation process.

Cancellation of the OGE in history in 2021

Important! In 2021, 9th graders will take only two OGE in compulsory subjects. All subjects of your choice will be replaced with regular test papers. The student will be able to choose 1 of the subjects from the standard list, which they will pass in the KR format.

Recall that in 2020, a large-scale reform of the knowledge quality control system was carried out, within the framework of which The CIM OGE was finalized and brought into line with the current educational standards in almost all subjects. At the same time, the exam itself in 2020 was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and the updated tickets did not pass the first approval. Therefore, it is safe to say that students graduating from the 9th grade in 2021 will be in some sense pioneers, because they will be the first to pass the OGE (both in history and in other subjects) with new task formats developed by FIPI.

Although earlier promises were made not to review the structure and content of CMMS for GIA-9 in 2021, there will still be changes. 9th grade graduates planning to take history classes should pay attention to the following innovations::

  • the number of questions in Kim increased from 21 to 24;
  • maximum primary score increased from 34 to 37.

The format of the OGE in history

The format of the OGE in history itself was not planned to be changed in 2021:

  • passing the test in the walls of your native school;
  • execution time-180 minutes (exactly 3 hours) has not changed;
  • no equipment or additional materials are provided.

OGE on history in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

When exactly in 2021, 9 grades will write a test instead of the OGE in history, is still unknown. The exact dates will be announced closer to the end of the school year.

Major changes

Start preparing for the OGE 2021 in history with official documents that indicate the structure of the exam, the volume of topics to be checked, and the assessment criteria. For the Mandatory State Exam, these are: the codifier and specifications published in the public domain on THE official fipi website.

  1. Codifierincludes a list of requirements to be checked in 2021 for the OGE in history.
  2. Specificationsthey contain information about documents, approaches to the selection of content and structure, distribution of tasks by difficulty levels, and criteria for evaluating different types of work.

OGE on history in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Among the main changes made to CMMS on history back in 2020, it is worth noting the introduction of new task formats:

  • to work with the historical map;
  • for processing information presented in graphical form;
  • to test graduates ‘ knowledge of cultural history;
  • to perform analysis of historical information.

At the same time, some tasks from the CMA 2019 will still be present, although it is possible that instead of choosing the correct one from several options, the examinee will be asked to give the correct answer independently. The demo version of the OGE on history allows you to assess how significant changes in CMMS will be in 2021. It is worth noting that there will be no significant difference between tickets for 2020 and 2021, since last season the GIA for 9th grades was canceled, which is why the updated tickets were never tested.

OGE on history in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

In Kim 2021, there will be 24 tasks with this distribution:

PartNumberSpecial feature
І17A brief response in the form No. 1
ІІ7Detailed responses in form # 2

At the same time, 14 questions will be of the basic level of difficulty, 7 – increased and only 3 – high.

Important! KIMS 2021 added 3 questions of the basic level of difficulty on the history of foreign countries.

Questions that may be encountered by 9th graders on the exam will cover a wide time period: Antiquity, the middle Ages and Modern times (the history of America from the end of the XVII-XVIII century to the beginning of the XX).

Evaluation of works

The first 17 answers that the examinee enters in form # 1 will be digitized and checked using an automated system. The second 7 responses from form No. 2 are subject to expert verification in “manual” mode. Each work will be reviewed by 2 independent experts. The algorithm for calculating primary points will be the same for all works – FIPI provides experts with a table according to which a certain number of points is awarded for completing an examinee’s task.

In 2021, the distribution of primary points for the First and SECOND parts of the work will be as follows::

QuestionsThe maximum score
№ 2, 3, 5, 6, 8–12, 14-171
№ 1, 4, 7, 13, 18-21, 232
№ 22, 233

Thus, the maximum number of primary points for completing 24 OGE tasks in history in 2021 will be 37.

OGE on history in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

After summing up the points scored during the First and SECOND parts of the work, the experts translate the result into a school grade.

In 2020, the transfer was carried out according to this table, but due to the increase in the primary score, the grading of grades should be revised in the near future. Obviously, the minimum score will increase by 2 and possibly 3 points.

Secrets of preparation

Of course, if you need a high result, preparation for the OGE in history should start not in 2021, but much earlier. If during the summer holidays you didn’t bother with lessons, then the beginning of the school year is the best time to start intensive and systematic training. Where should I start?

Stage # 1-theory.Work through all the main historical periods in turn, making a short summary in parallel. The periods themselves can be found in the codifier, but you should write them out in your notebook:

  • important dates;
  • key events;
  • brief information about people who have influenced the course of history;
  • facts that may be useful on the GIA.

It is worth noting that such a mini-summary will be incredibly useful in the course of subsequent preparation for the unified state exam in history.

Stage #2-practice.Decide your tickets as much as possible. So, FIPI 9th graders who pass the OGE in history in 2021 will be able to solve tests online. On the official website of the Institute of pedagogical measurements, there is an open task Bank, where questions are divided by topic for easy preparation.

It’s also worth trying your hand by deciding to start with the 2020 demo. You can check how well you completed the tasks by comparing them with the explanations provided by online Tutors.

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