OGE in social studies in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

In 2021, ninth-graders will not take the OGE in social studies, because instead of “elective” exams, graduates are offered to pass a written test paper. Since it is possible that the control program will be close to the tasks of the OGE, we suggest that all future graduates find out what changes have taken place in the CIM in social studies in 2021, when the test date will be known, and how training should be organized to achieve maximum results.

Cancellation of the OGE for the company in 2021

On the last Friday of 2020 (December 25), Sergey Kravtsov announced the innovations that were adopted in connection with the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. For 9th graders who planned to take the OGE in social studies in 2021, the main news was that instead of the Mandatory State Exam, they will take a written test paper, the content and evaluation of which at the moment there are no clarifications.

Important! In the OGE format in 2021, graduates will take only American and mathematics.

Why do many people want to take social studies?

The popularity of the subject is due to the fact that for most 9th graders it seems to be the easiest of the wide list of available subjects, although in reality this is not entirely true. In 2021, 6 blocks will be submitted for the OGE for the company:

  • man and society;
  • spiritual culture;
  • economy;
  • social sphere;
  • politics and social management;
  • right.

Therefore, when choosing an exam in social studies in 2021, you should understand that even here you will need no less thorough preparation for the OGE than in other subjects.

OGE in social studies in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Who needs to take social studies?

When choosing elective subjects for GIA-9, teachers recommend starting from the preferred areas of further education and subjects that the graduate will have to take on the unified state exam in 2 years.

Social studies can open doors for graduates in various areas, including::

  • pedagogy;
  • sociology;
  • political science;
  • cultural studies;
  • psychology;
  • right.

If you add high scores in specialized mathematics to the company certificate, the list will expand to such areas as business Informatics, management and management.

The format of the OGE in society

There were no plans to change the format of the Mandatory State Exam in 2021:

  • number of tasks – 24;
  • completion time-180 minutes (exactly 3 hours);
  • the maximum raw score –37(it was 35);
  • there are no additional materials allowed for use.

OGE in social studies in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Changes in CMMS

In fact, there will be no changes in the 2021 tickets compared to the 2020 OGE CIM, but if you compare the tasks with the 2019 options, the differences will be significant. The reason is simple – in 2020, a large-scale reform of the knowledge quality control system for 9th grade graduates was implemented, because it was in the 2019-2020 academic season that the parallel of schoolchildren who started their studies in 2010 and from the 1st grade mastered the program compiled in accordance with the new Federal state educational standard came to graduation.

OGE in social studies in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

There are really a lot of innovations in social science CMMS:

  • completely changed the Kim structure;
  • significantly reduced the number of questions (in 2019 there were 31, now — 24).);
  • added tasks for working with tabular data and 3 new questions with a detailed answer;
  • reduced the number of tasks for working with text to 4;
  • many tasks with ready-made answer options have been removed, and the analytical part of the work has been strengthened.

Important! In 2021, the number of tasks in part I and II changed.

In the new Kim, the division of tasks will be as follows::

PartNumber of questionsThe type of response
І16 (it was 17)brief description
ІІ8 (there were 7)expanded

At the same time, 13 tasks will be assigned to the basic level of difficulty, 9 – to the advanced level, and only 2 – to the high level.

Along with the usual and familiar GIA-9 subjects, examinees will meet new types of tasks:

  • multiple choice of correct answers (more than one from the list);
  • choose a term for the description given in the Kim and explain its meaning;
  • to reveal the author’s idea, based on the knowledge of the subject;
  • based on the above image, make a list of behavioral rules.

OGE in social studies in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

When working with the text, the examinee will only need to complete 4 tasks:

  • make a short plan;
  • give an answer to the question and select examples from the text;
  • explain the author’s position;
  • write a short essay based on the text given in the task, personal experience and social science knowledge.

Evaluate the performance of

The first 17 responses entered in form # 1 will be digitized and checked using automated systems. Tasks #18-24, the answers to which will be entered by the examinee in form #2, will be subject to expert review.

Important! In 2021, the maximum score that can be scored on the OGE in society is 37 points (it was 35).

The evaluation criteria developed by FIPI specifically for the OGE in social studies in 2021 prescribe the following maximum points for the correct completion of tasks::

QuestionThe maximum score
№ 2-4, 7-11, 13-14, 16-201
№ 1, 6, 15, 21-22, 242
№5, 233

Questions with a maximum score of more than 1 can be evaluated depending on the completeness of the answer. So, for task No. 12, the examinee can be awarded from 0 to 4 points:

  • 0 – if the task was completed incorrectly;
  • 1 – there is only 1 output;
  • 2 – 2 conclusions are formulated;
  • 3 – there are 2 conclusions, but only on one of them the examinee made the necessary assumption;
  • 4 – there are 2 conclusions and 2 assumptions.

After completing the CMA check, the experts sum up the points awarded for completing the 1st and 2nd parts of the work, and translate the result into a school assessment according to the compliance scale developed by the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements.

Thus, to obtain documents, a ninth-grader only needs to overcome the minimum threshold of 14 points, but to enter or continue studying in a specialized class, you should focus on the result much higher. In 2020, the entry threshold was set at 28 primary points; in 2021, this value may increase to 30, taking into account the fact that the maximum score in the subject has increased.

Secrets of preparation

At the preparation stage, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the content of the specifications and codifier, which can be found on the FIPI website, as well as:

  • repeat the theoretical material using textbooks or specially designed collections of OGE 2020 and 2021;
  • analyze demo versions of the OGE in social studies in 2021 and 2020;
  • solve tasks from the open FIPI Bank (posted in the corresponding section on the official website);
  • watch video lessons from experienced Tutors.

Important! The materials and tasks developed for the 2019 OGE are no longer relevant.

For more information about the changes made to the CMMS of last season, which will also be present in the tickets of the GIA-9 2021, as well as an analysis of the demo version of 2021, see the video:

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