OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Graduates of the 9th grades who plan to link their future life with Philology, when forming the list of GIA subjects in 2021, should consider as one of the options for choosing the OGE in literature, and if you take into account the latest news, then not a Mandatory Exam, but a test paper in this discipline.

The OGE in literature has been canceled in 2021, but no one knows yet what the promised test paper should be like as an alternative to the exam. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the features of the OGE 2021, the changes that have recently been made to the CIM, as well as the advice of experienced Tutors on how to organize preparation for the exam.

Cancellation of the OGE in literature in 2021

Important! In 2021, all elective OGE will be canceled. Instead, 9th graders will write 1 test paper on a subject from the list of elective subjects.

In 2021, graduates of the 9th grades will take only American and mathematics in the OGE format. It is difficult to say what the literature test will be, so we recommend that you focus on the level of CIM presented on the FIPI website.

The dates of control work have not yet been announced. they will be announced in early spring 2021.

The format and details of the exam

According to statistics, only slightly more than 3% of graduates pass literature at the end of the 9th grade, because this is one of the few subjects where there are no questions with a choice of one of the proposed answers. Instead, the examinees need to analyze the tests and the author’s position, Express their own opinion and justify their judgments.

Throughout the history of the OGE, the literature exam is the least popular of the GIA-9 disciplines, and in 2021, the picture is likely not to change for the better. To pass the subject, serious preparation is required, and in the 9th grade, many graduates have not yet decided on their future professions and want to bet on the subjects that are as easy to pass as possible.

OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

In 2021, the format of the OGE in literature will not change and its features such as::

  • the duration of 235 minutes (3 hours 55 minutes) is really the longest exam;
  • the number of questions in Kim is only 5 tasks (in 2020 there were 4 tasks).);
  • variability of CMMS (examinees are given the right to choose);
  • during the exam, 9th graders will be able to use the collections of lyrics and complete texts of literary works provided by the organizers (it is forbidden to bring books with them)

But the most important fact that sometimes alarms and scares off graduates is that in the OGE 2021 in literature there are no tasks with a short answer in the form of a number, letter or sequence of characters, as well as tests with ready-made answers.

Kim Features

The 2021 exam ticket includes only 5 tasks and consists of 2 parts:

When completing the tasks Of the first part of the OGE in literature in 2021, examinees will not meet the usual tests for other subjects. All questions will need to be answered in detail.

TaskResponse format
№13-5 sentences with the argument
№23-5 sentences with the argument
№35-8 sentences with the argument
№4comparison of 5-8 sentences
№5An essay of at least 200 words

In the First part of the paper, examinees will be asked to choose one of 2 tasks. Writing both options is pointless, since experts will only check one anyway. In the comments to questions, the requirements for answers are clearly spelled out, which must be observed:

  1. neat legible handwriting;
  2. literacy and compliance with speech standards;
  3. the lack of factual and logical errors;
  4. no distortion of the author’s position;
  5. attraction of literary material for argumentation.

OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

FIPI experts recommend correctly distributing the time allotted for the entire exam between tasks:

TaskTime to complete
№130 min.
№230 min.
№330 min.
№430 min.
№4115 min.

In part II, the examinee will be offered a choice of 5 essay topics. The 2021 demo version lists the following topics::

OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

As you can see, 2 topics clearly describe the works that the essay should be based on, and 3 topics allow graduates to make their own choice, which in some ways makes the task easier for those who have prepared well for the exam.

Of course, the topics of 2021 are not disclosed in advance. There is also no open access sample list of topics from which to choose tasks for KIMS in literature. The only official document that can guide teachers and students at the stage of preparation for the OGE in literature 2021 is the list of references compiled by FIPI.

OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

From the period of the 2nd half of the XX century-the beginning of the XX century, FIPI recommends prose works by such writers:

  • F. A. Abramov;
  • CH. T. Aitmatov;
  • V. P. Astafyev;
  • V. I. Belov;
  • V. V. Bykov;
  • F. A. Iskander;
  • Yu. P. Kazakov;
  • V. L. Kondratiev;
  • E. I. Nosov;
  • V. G. Rasputin;
  • A. N. and B. N. Strugatsky;
  • V. F. Tendryakov;
  • V. T. Shalamov.

From the poetry of the 2nd half of the XX century-the beginning of the XX century, it is worth taking the works of such authors:

  • I. A. Brodsky;
  • A. A. Voznesensky;
  • V. S. Vysotsky;
  • E. A. Yevtushenko;
  • B. S. Okudzhava;
  • N. M. Rubtsov.

As you can see, the list of works that you need to know thoroughly for the OGE in literature in 2021 is quite large and it is quite a difficult task to work through all its texts for the 9th grade, if the preparation was not started in advance.

Rating process

For perfectly completing all 5 tasks in literature in 2021, you can get the maximum45 primary points(in 2020, it was 39).

In this case, the maximum number of points will be as follows::

TaskThe maximum score
#1 (basic)6
#2 (basic)6
#3 (basic)6
#4 (advanced)8
No. 5 (high)13

Important! Task # 5 will be rated 0 points if the topic of the essay is not disclosed or the text volume is less than 150 words (with service words).

You should also keep in mind that task # 5 requires the involvement of at least 2 literary works. If the examinee relies on only one piece of reasoning, they will not be given the maximum score, even if there are no factual errors.

After checking all tasks, the primary scores are summed up and converted into a school grade using a matching table. Due to the increase in the primary score from 39 to 45, the 2020 table is no longer relevant.

Also see a detailed analysis of the new Kim for the OGE 2021 in the literature:

If a 9th grader can’t pass the minimum threshold even with a few attempts, there are several possible paths:

  1. the student re-passes the 9th grade program and passes the OGE in the early period of 2022, gaining the right to continue studying at the College;
  2. instead of a certificate, the graduate receives a certificate of completion of 9 classes and receives a working specialty.

Of course, the list of such specialties is quite limited, and after completing the courses, the graduate will not be able to continue studying at the University, but the acquired profession will provide the prospect of official employment.

Secrets of preparation

In 2021, as before, students who plan to go to specialized philological educational institutions after finishing the 9th grade will take the OGE in literature. Naturally, they will be people who like to read, know the subject and have diligently practiced writing essays and analyzing literary works throughout the entire period of study. For this category of students, passing the OGE with a good result will not be a difficult task, but you should not neglect the preparation.

OGE in literature in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

When reading works from the FIPI list presented above, keep a diary in which you write down important facts, problems raised by the author, the author’s attitude to the characters, and conclusions that you can personally draw after reading.

Tutors have compiled a short list of questions for the most popular works to help graduates, focusing on which you can quickly perform literature analysis.

The second stage, of course, is the practice of writing essays and essays. Learn to Express your thoughts concisely and clearly, avoiding “stop words” and keeping within the recommended text volumes.

For more information on how to learn how to quickly write an essay on the OGE in literature in 2021, see the video lesson:

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