OGE in geography in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

If you plan to take the OGE in geography as an elective exam in 2021, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how teachers recommend organizing training taking into account the changes that have occurred in KIMS, as well as find out what the date of the test will be.

Changes from December 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has also made its own adjustments to the 2021 GIA. On December 25, 2020, Sergey Kravtsov announced the following important innovations in his interview::

  • OGE of the early period in 2021 is cancelled;
  • the interview is planned to be conducted in an online format;
  • dates of the main stage of the OGE are from may 24 to may 28, 2021;
  • 9th graders will only take American and math classes;
  • 1 subject of your choice will be offered to pass in may in the format of a written test paper.

Should I take geography?

Taking into account the announced innovations, graduates of the 9th grades in 2021 will be given the opportunity to pass a test paper instead of the OGE in geography. However, there is no exact information about what tasks will be included in the CMMS and who will compose them. It is possible that for drawing up control tasks, it will be recommended to use tasks from the open Bank of the OGE in 2021.

OGE in geography in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

The OGE in geography was not particularly popular among graduates of the 9th grade until 2021, because very few colleges consider this particular discipline when applying. According to Rosstat data, in 2020, graduate applications were distributed among elective subjects as follows::

Previously, as a rule, geography was chosen in conjunction with social studies, but it is still difficult to say what the choice of subjects for graduates of 2021 will be. Previously, the “geography” + “society” bundle allowed you to submit documents in such areas as:

  • cartography;
  • geodesy;
  • landscape design and landscape art;
  • hotel services;
  • pre-school education;
  • ads.

Dates and format of the OGE 2021

Important! In the 2021-2022 academic year, the OGE will be held from 24 to 28 may.

Within the framework of the OGE, only 2 main subjects will be taken. It is not yet known when the control work will be carried out and how the subject selection will take place. Keep an eye out for our updates so that you don’t miss out on important information regarding the final exams for grade 9 in 2021.

OGE in geography in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Important! If the geography test paper is as close as possible to the OGE format, it is useful to get acquainted with what the 2021 exam was supposed to be.

The format of the OGE in geography, previously planned for holding in 2021, assumed the following basic facts::

  • venue – on the basis of the native school;
  • duration – 150 min. (2.5 hours);
  • the number of jobs – 30;
  • maximum score-in ;
  • allowed: atlases (for grade 7, 8, and 9), a ruler, and a non-programmable calculator.

It is thanks to the fact that graduates are allowed to bring atlases to the exam that many consider geography to be one of the simplest subjects of the Mandatory State Exam.

Changes in CMMS

In 2020, almost all KIMS of the Mandatory State Exam were revised. During the reform, the format and structure of tickets, as well as the wording and criteria for evaluating individual tasks, were brought into line with the Federal state educational standard.

In order for the preparation for the OGE in geography in 2021 to be effective, take into account the following innovations::

  • the total number of tasks has been reduced to 30 (previously there were 32 of them).);
  • new types of tasks have been added to Yandex. Kim;
  • questions with ready-made answer options are kept to a minimum.

The distribution of tasks by parts will be as follows::

The form of answersQuestionsThe type of response
№1№1-11, 13-27, 30brief description
№2№12, 28, 29expanded

OGE in geography in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

The exam will cover 5 main educational blocks:

  1. Sources of geographical information – 7 tasks in Kim.
  2. Nature of the Earth and man – 6 tasks.
  3. Continents, oceans, peoples and countries – 2 questions.
  4. Environmental management and Geoecology – 2 questions.
  5. Geography of America – 13 tasks.

As you can see, all versions of the 2021 OGE in geography will contain the largest number of questions (43%) devoted specifically to the geography of the American Federation. At the same time, the ticket will contain 15 questions of basic difficulty, 13 of advanced difficulty, and only 2 of high difficulty.

Evaluation of works

Important! After completing the work without mistakes, a 9th grader can get a maximum of 32 primary points.

Points will be awarded according to the following rules::

TasksThe maximum score
№1–11, 13–27, 301
№12, 28-292

The first part of the paper will be checked by an automated computer system, and the second part, which contains detailed answers, will be checked by experts.

After checking all the answers, the results of the two forms are summed up and translated into a 5-point score according to the table developed by FIPI:

I didn’t pass it0-11

As you can see, it will be enough to get 12 primary points for the certificate, but those who want to continue their studies in College should focus on the threshold recommended by the FIPI-23 points.

Secrets of preparation

Important! In 2021, at the OGE in geography, you will have an official cheat sheet – these are geographical atlases.

If at the stage of preparation for the OGE 2021 you learn how to quickly find various data using the geography Atlas, the exam will not have any problems at all.

What do you need to know about Atlas?

  1. You can safely choose the Atlas of any author (from the recommended ones).
  2. You should prepare using the same Atlas that you will use for the exam.
  3. You can’t make any notes in atlases! All pages must be clean.

OGE in geography in 2021 | changes, preparation, date of holding

Having selected an Atlas that will be as convenient and easy to work with as possible, you can proceed to the main stage of preparation – repeating the theory and practice of solving exam tickets. The FIPI website will help you with this, where you can find:

  • open task Bank with convenient division of all questions by topic;
  • demos for 2020 and 2021;
  • regulatory documents.

If it is difficult to get a classic preparation with a textbook or special edition developed for the OGE in geography 2021, watch video lessons that explain individual topics in detail or analyze demo versions.

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