OGE in English in 2021 | structure, changes, preparation, date of holding

In 2021, the OGE returns, which means that after the 9th grade, graduates will have the opportunity to take the English language exam (the subject, as before, will be available as an elective discipline). If you are planning to continue your studies in a specialized Philology class or are considering entering a College, we suggest you find out in more detail what changes will take place in the CIM 2021, what will be the structure, format and date of the exam, as well as how to organize training to achieve the best result.

Changes from 25.12.20

Due to the spread OF the new covid-19 virus, important changes have been made to the format and schedule of the 2021 OGE:

  1. the final interview will be conducted online;
  2. the early stage of the OGE 2021 has been canceled;
  3. 9-graders will take only 2 subjects – American and mathematics (all OGE elective subjects, including English, are canceled).);
  4. the third exam (subject of choice) will be held in the format of a school test paper;
  5. the main session of the OGE 2021 is scheduled for may 24-28, 2021.

English as a compulsory

After a cross-section conducted in American schools in 2016, the issue of poor quality of education in subjects such as English and history was repeatedly raised in their speeches by both the Minister of education and the President himself. The management’s plans were to introduce a mandatory OGE in English from 2020, and the unified state exam from 2022, but the idea was never implemented. Moreover, in 2020, the OGE was canceled altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OGE in English in 2021 | structure, changes, preparation, date of holding

But even if GIA-9 were passed in the standard mode, English in 2020 would still remain an exam of choice, and there are a number of good reasons for this:

  1. Technical equipment of schools (not all educational institutions in the country can hold the OGE in English with oral and written parts even in 2021).
  2. Low level of teaching (many schools in the hinterland openly declare a lack of professional staff, which naturally affects the level of education).
  3. The need to develop new CIMS (tickets that exist today will be too difficult for most graduates of the 9th grade, so for the introduction of a mandatory exam, it will be necessary to develop a basic version based on the OGE principle in mathematics).

Important! In his speech, Deputy Minister of education Viktor Basyuk confirmed that after lengthy discussions, it was decided to abandon the idea of mandatory GIA in English.

Although, based on the above facts, it was initially obvious that in 2021 the OGE in English will be an elective subject, although the structure and content of the CIM Will change somewhat.

Dates of the event

In the draft OGE calendar for 2021, the foreign language exam is held on the following days::

September 17, 2021

September 21, 2021

September 22, 2021

OGE reform and innovations in KIMS

In 2021, students who entered the 1st grade in 2011-a year after the introduction of the Federal state educational standard – will take the OGE. Since the principles of teaching have changed somewhat since 2010, shifting the emphasis from dry memorization of theory to practical application of acquired knowledge, the control system also needed to adapt to new realities. A large-scale reform of the OGE was carried out in 2020, but due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, schoolchildren were not able to try out new KIMS, finishing the 2019-2020 academic year without passing the State Final Certification.

Although it is unclear whether the updated English language CMMS will be tested in 2021, we want to introduce you to their features and important changes.

Among the main innovations, it is worth highlighting:

  • changing task # 9 in the “reading” section (searching for the answer to a question in texts);
  • reducing the amount of reading material (in tasks for working with text);
  • reduced the number of tasks for determining whether the text and statements match (now there are only 7 of them).);
  • in task # 3 of the “speaking” block, a new aspect was added, which led to a change in the evaluation criteria and the maximum primary score.

In fact, the modernization of the unified state exam is increasingly bringing tasks for 9th graders closer to the standard of the Unified State Exam.

Important! Tasks developed for GIA-9 in English require language proficiency at the A2 level (pan-European specification).

OGE in English in 2021 | structure, changes, preparation, date of holding

At the same time, classrooms for the exam should be equipped with::

  • a device for high-quality audio playback;
  • computer equipment with pre-installed software and a headset (or full-fledged language cabinets).

Examinees ‘ oral responses should be recorded and saved in case of appeal.

CMM structure

At the OGE in English in 2021, graduates of grades 9 will have to complete a total of 38 tasks (in 2020 there were 35), 23 of which will relate to the basic level of difficulty, and 1K – to the increased one.

The quantitative distribution by section will be as follows:

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